Hollywood Babble-On 27

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Kevin's away again, but Ralph babbles on with his old roommate, Adam Carolla."
Runtime: 1:31:28
Recorded Fri, 25th Mar. 2011
Released Mon, 28th Mar. 2011

Guest Host: Adam Carolla
0:00 SModCast ads.
2:15 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

3:00 Batmobile chat.
3:42 Quote: "Uncle Ralph in the Bat-Cave."
5:30 Shout-Outs: Ed and Natasha come from Fresno, for Ed's birthday.
6:45 Hector and Erica celebrate their 6th anniversary.
7:30 Josh, Anthony and Vince  from Fresno. Josh would go gay for Adam.
8:30 Jessie arrives. Caitlin couldn't make it.
8:55 Angie celebrates her birthday.
9:13 Krista, Rachel and Kelly are there. Adam discusses indifferent friends.
10:00 Email bag: Someone saw Adam on the Brawny Towel Guy. Old Brawny Guy. Towel-chat. Ginsu-chat. Glue.
14:00 Jason in New Jersey on the McDonalds Fries Girl. McDonalds-chat. Greeters. Jason autotuned Ralph to the music of Friday (18:40)
15:25 Quote: "One of those ..."
17:33 Ralph replays Friday by Rebecca Black for 17 seconds (If you would like to forward). Adam's McDonalds history.
18:00 Quote: "Their needs: A slinky and a hockey mask!"
21:45 Tinseltown Stiffs: Elizabeth Taylor. Adam is angry with her. White Diamonds-chat. Pic.
27:20 Westboro Baptist Church plan to picket her funeral.
29:40 Hot mess news: Charlie Sheen has 3m followers on twitter. New girlfriend. Possible return to CBS. Adam did a test chat show for Earvin "Magic" Johnson.
35:20 Michael Lohan arrested for domestic violence. Dina Lohan announces Lindsay to drop Lohan.
37:15 Daughter of Whitney Houston has a cocaine problem. Getting a reality show.
40:10 Dancing With The Stars chatter. George Lopez and Kirstie Alley twitter fight
45:55 Lovitz is in the house!
46:20 Victoria Jackson in the news against Glee. Adam makes anti-gay talk, which would later go on to draw some complaints. Past Victoria Jackson-isms.
53:11 Reese Witherspoon gets married.
54:10 Crystal Harris allegedly seeing another dude.
56:15 Selena Gomez receiving death threats.
58:00 Tiger Woods' ex buys new house, and Tiger Woods has new girlfriend.
59:40 Last 10 Dr. Drew rehab patients Vs. Last 10 Nic Cage movies.
1:01:34 Casting News: Obama 2008 movie in the works.
1:02:00 Fran Drescher has a pilot in the works. Christina Applegate in new series. New Alex Cross movie.
1:03:15 Dots on face, by Adam, and critique of Tyler Perry.
1:06:40 Megan Fox in the news. Due to be in thisArmani pic.
1:08:30 Snoop chat. Blast.
1:12:00 Quote: "You call it a stereotype, but those folks don't disappoint."
1:16:50 Natalie Portman in Your Highness. Trailer digitally altered.
1:18:40 Geek News: Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play a bad guy in Dark Knight Rises. (haha)
1:21:45 Adam wonders why all superheroes are being shipped out to the brits.
1:23:10 SpiderMan: Turn Off The Dark news and image.
1:25:10 Sammy Hagar abducted by aliens. Fontana takes a reaming.
1:27:25 Jenna Rose's My Jeans.

Hollywood Babble-On 26

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin learn all the days of the week from a teenage girl."
Runtime: 1:21:56
Recorded Fri, 18th Mar. 2011
Released Mon, 21st Mar. 2011

0:00 SModCast ads.

5:54 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

7:30 Ralph is not feeling good tonight.
8:30 Shout-outs: John Loaf from Boulder, CO celebrating 21st birthday.
9:20 Roger trained his daughter to immitate Ralph Pacino.
9:55 Quote: "Oh, that's young!"
10:25 Alex De La Rosa visits for the first time.
11:05 Kevin, Willy, Nick, James and Tony have been laid off.
11:45 Gillian and Karen ask Ralph to blast their friend, Chris. And it's Karen's birthday.
12:55 Angela and Lyle celebrate 18 years together. Kevin's math is really bad.
13:40 **first appearance** Ed Wynn.
15:30 Debbie and Eric are celebrating ... something.
15:50 Anthony brought his mother, Annette. Ed Wynn as Barbara Streissand.
16:45 Email bag: Kevin takes offense with the email theme. Kevin bought Anne Heche's Butthole from iTunes. 
18:40 Victor from Hungary made this.
19:23 Shane would like Ralph and Kevin to use "Anhechiously."
20:00 Malc from Scotland made this.
21:00 David Lester will throw a Gar Mitzvah for his child.
21:30 Michael made a new Garmy Logo.
21:50 Mike asks about SIR, and old time radio plays.
24.04 John Tavern made a FaceBook page to get Kevin to host Saturday Night Live.
24:50 Leon saw this.
25:40 Bethany writes "Does Kevin Still Want My Balls?"
29:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: Ronnie Hammond. Kevin has never heard the Atlanta Rhythm Section.
30:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Michael Gough.
31:15 Quote: "Big bucket of age."
32:20 Tinseltown Stiff: Nate Dogg.
33:45 Quote: "I am the whitest fucker alive!"
33:50 Hollywood Helper: Jack Black sends 68 kids to Disneyland. Kevin met with him to discuss Ranger Danger.
36:50 New releases: Win WinLimitlessThe Lincoln LawyerPaul and Sharktopus
38:00 Kevin speaks about "Flowers for Algernon."
40:25 Someone yells "Boothe!"
40:45 Quote: "It's not funny, man ... I worry about that every week!"
41:30 Kevin praises Rogen. 
42:25 Ralph hands out plush Sharktopi. Kevin digs.
44:04 Charlie Sheen news: selling out his tour; stands to make $7m in the next month. Lawsuit in the shitcan. Will not be in Hangover 2.
47:45 This feels like Network to Kevin.
50:15 Lindsay Lohan is turning to God.
51:10 There is an arrest warrant out for Michael Madsen. Owed money to Pierce Brosnan and QT.
52:30 Gilbert Godfried fired from Affleck. Will be on Carolla's podcast this week.
53:55 Quote: "I was a duck, now I'm fucked!"
54:50 Courtney Love returned to Twitter.
56:25 Ralph denies Courtney's Garmy application.
56:40 Jeff made a newsreel of Chelsea Handler in Australia.
58:08 Two fans enter Justin Bieber's hotel room. Ralph describes what he would do if he were Justin Bieber.
1:00:00 Geek News: DareDevil has a new director, and casting news.
1:02:05 Darren Aronofsky out of the next Wolverine movie. Radiation Public Service.
1:04:47 Kevin Costner will be Jonathan Kent.
1:05:20 Yale and Princeton battle it out for who owns Bruce Wayne.
1:08:40 New WonderWoman photos.
1:09:50 American Pie 4 in the works. Sarah Jessica Parker wants another Sex in the City movie.
1:10:45 Steven Soderberg is retiring from film. Ralph calls Matt Damon gay. Kevin defends.
1:11:40 Ralph will be filming Ted in June. Kevin promises to bring Chelsea Handler to replace Ralph.
1:12:45 Friday by Rebecca Black is discussed.
1:16:40 **first asppearance** McDonalds Fries Girl.

Hollywood Babble-On 25

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Kevin is on the road, so Ralph welcomes special guest host Jon Lovitz to babble on."
Runtime: 1:29:21
Recorded Sat, 12th Mar. 2011
Released Mon, 14th Mar. 2011

Guest Host: John Lovitz
0:00 Red State USA Tour commercial.

4:34 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

5:24 **first appearance** Jon Lovitz.
6:13 Listener wrote a song to welcome Jon to HBO ... 
7:00 Chris and Christina enjoy their fist live show. 
7:50 Vincent is a fan of The Critic. 
8:15 Hollywood Babble-On Drinking Game: Everytime Jay Sherman says "It stinks!" take/buy a drink.
8:37 Quote: "It stinks!"
8:45 Frank and Arriana celebrate Arriana's birthday. Jon gets her a glass of water on the rocks.
9:55 Michael and Ariel would like to see Ralph's impression of Jon. It's discussed.
10:55 Quote: "It stinks!"
11:20 Quote: "It stinks!"
11:45 Email bag: **first appearance** Email bag theme, by Doug Smith.
12:20 Shane sent in Garmy Propaganda.
12:50 PooDog from Australia, comments on Diggers and Gaggers,
13:25 Dan Louisell put Anne Heche's Butthole on iTunes.
14:19 Quote: "It stinks!"
15:24 Nate from Alaska sent in a photo, of celebrity ass.
16:35 Quote: "It looks like it's smiling!"
16:40 Dave asks Ralph to read some rap lyrics as Chuck Heston. Ralph and Jon briefly mention Phil Hartman.
18:35 Tinseltown Stiffs: Don Adams and daughter.
18:50 Tinseltown Stiff: Mike Starr.
19:50 New Releases: Battle Los AngelesMars Needs Moms and Red Riding Hood
20:30 Quote: "It stinks!"
21:20 **first appearance** Jon plays Who I Know.
21:25 Who I Know: Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Seth Green, Alyson Hannigan, Joan Cussack, Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman, Billy Burke, Charlie Sheen, Marty Singer, Les Moonves, Gary Busey, Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan, Al Pacino, Julie Taymore, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian.
21:40 **first appearance** "Did you fuck her?!" "No, she wanted to ... she's only human."
24:10 Showbiz News: Charlie Sheen meltdown. Gregory Brothers track is frigging amazing. John Cryer discussed.
26:15 Did you fuck him?
27:10 Rappin' Jonny Lovitz.
28:04 Jon would like some chips. Charlie files suit against Chuck Lorre and Warners.
29:50 Quote: "CRUNCH!"
31:20 Gary Busey is worried about Charlie Sheen.
32:50 Jon is amazed to know Ralph dated Ginger Lynne. She is selling this.
34:00 Ginger's sexual history, and history of Ralph and Ginger. Jon won't let up.
38:00 Quote: "That's the ticket!"
38:20 Quote: "How the Garmy deserts you when you're under fire ..."
41:45 Charlie Sheen Live tour has begun.
43:00 Charlie Sheen on Funny Or Die. Jon continues on about Ralph and Ginger.
46:00 Quote: "What has he won, James?!"
47:00 No-one paid Mel Gibson attention at court.
48:00 Lindsay Lohan due in court. The store sold the security footage
49:25 Quote: "No-one has seen your show ..."
51:40 Jon rails against TMZ and Harvey Levin, after he sees Ralph with thisJon at TMZ
56:50 Jon tells an Anderson Cooper joke.
57:40 Pete Rose divorcing. He is now dating again. Pete Rose discussed.
1:00:00 Jon sings a baseball song about Ralph and Harvey Levin.
1:01:00 Kelly Osbourne would like to have kids.
1:01:50 Jon tells how he saved Sharon Osbourne's life.
1:04:00 **first appearance** Quote: "Too tsunami!" Ralph promotes the Red Cross in Japan.
1:05:10 A Chilean man has 82 tattoos of Julia Roberts. Tattoo's discussed.
1:10:15 Casting News: Rihanna not in The Bodyguard. 
1:11:10 Martin Scorsese owes $3m in taxes. Jon on Mexicans.
1:14:00 **first appearance** SpiderMan Turn Of the Dark theme. Julie Taymore fired and replaced.
1:15:45 **first appearance** Jon and his birthday cake.
1:19:20 The people demand more.
1:19:40 Captain Australia.
1:20:00 Britney Spears gives an interview. Seriously, fuck her. This music sucks, I'm not even gonna link it.
1:24:25 Kim Kardashian's new song. Ugh. Ralph rails against her, Jon defends, and Master Thespian.

Hollywood Babble-On 24

Episode: Link.
Comments: "With Sheen gone, Ralph and Kevin are the new Two and A Half Men."
Runtime: 1:31:45
Recorded Fri, 25th Feb. 2011
Released Mon, 28th Feb. 2011

0:00 Red State USA Tour commercial.

2:04 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

2:40 Heavy rain in Los Angeles. A few brave the weather.
3:35 Mr. Penis is in the crowd tonight. (HBO 17).
4:15 Zack Wilson celebrating Valentines Day tonight. Ralph, at first, refuses the shout-out. Kevin does Pacino.
6:33 Rod from St. Louis, MO, is there.
7:05 Jason gets a Chuck Heston shout-out.
7:55 Eric and Sam from NJ with a plethora of friends. 1920's Ralph gives a shout-out.
9:00 Adam asks for Jon Lovitz to guest when Kevin is away, (March 12th). No show next week. Adam Carolla on 26th March. Adam also asks if this looks like Ralph.
11:20 Al in Canada defends his homeland. Suggests Emma Stone as stand-in.
13:10 Tyler from Milwaukee mentions the bronze Fonz.
14:25 Kevin sounds like someone eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches wrong.
15:10 Opus writes in: Anne Heche on google.
16:00 Yuri made: this.
17:00 Joey has a Dream Team Project.
18:20 Tinseltown Stiffs: Nicholas Courtney.
19:10 Tinseltown Stiff: Dwayne McDuffie.
20:20 New Releases: Hall Pass and Drive Angry. Kevin likes the idea. Ralph, not so much. (Me; I dug it.)
22:30 Ralph explains where he got his Nic Cage impression from.
23:55 Charlie Sheen news: Kacey Jordan had an abortion.
27:40 Quote: "It won't be missed!"
28:00 Martin Sheen describes his suffering.
29:20 New girlfriend is here.
30:15 Charlie appears on Alex Jones radio show; full audio here
31:25 **first appearance** "Winning."
33:50 Charlie then talks about Chuck Lorre. Calls Thomas Jefferson was a pussy. 
39:00 Pat O'Brien audio. Warners cancelling Men. Jon Cryer discussed. 
41:40 HBO has offered a show to Charlie at $5m an episode. HBO denies.
42:55 Lindsay Lohan in the news: may go to jail. Michael Lohan said Dina used to snort coke with Lindsay.
44:40 Justin Bieber cut his hair.
45:30 Hugh Hefner announces wedding date. Playboy mansion experiences discussed.
49:50 Kelsey Grammar got married this evening in a Broadway Theatre. Paid $50m to ex wife. Cheers humor.
52:20 Alyssa Milano pregnant.
53:20 Owen Wilson now a father. Some dubiousness as to who the father is.
55:30 Catherine Zeta Jones hurt by paparazzi, Michael Douglas pissed.
58:00 SpiderMan death toll: 0. Bono and The Edge nervous. Paul Bogaev hired to fix the music.
1:00:00 Quote: "Thwip! Thwip, thwip!"
1:01:00 George Clooney won't be a politician.
1:02:00 Ginger Lynne discussed. 
1:03:10 Quote: (from audience) "Retreeeeat!"
1:04:25 In Manchester, The Statesman is a new superhero. Ralph and Kevin imagine themselves as superheroes.
1:08:00 Kevin Costner may be in the new Superman movie, as Jonathan Kent. His brit accent discussed.
1:11:50 Minnie Driver to star in Hail Mary.
1:12:30 Talentless Cunt Update: TV series news.
1:13:55 Gotti movie news: Kardashian in the movie. John Travolta is bald.
1:15:30 Kobe Bryant had prints outside Graumands Chinese Theatre. Kevin pissed.
1:17:25 **first appearance** Ralph has been trying to get Adam West a star on the Hollywood Hall of Fame. Support the cause here.
1:21:00 Bodyguard remake discussed.
1:23:15 Ralph ponders betting on the Oscars.
1:25:00 Staten Island Alfred.
1:26:00 The location for The Kings Speech has been used for a gay porn movie, Snookered. Stills here, here and here.

Hollywood Babble-On 23

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Let's all go inside!"
Runtime: 1:32:38
Recorded Sat, 19th Feb. 2011
Released Mon, 21st Feb. 2011

0:00 Red State USA Tour commercial.

2:04 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

2:30 **first appearance** Garmy Strong.
3:10 James Moore from Manchester pops in, with a story about divorce.
5:25 Jamie Marsh and Chris Ruckser pop in, with a cast on his foot.
6:00 Josh and Steve Millon pop in for a nice, bromantic evening.
7:52 Mason from Australia is in the hizz. Ralph apologizes for prison joke.
8:10 Damon and Nicole are at The Lovitz on a double-date.
10:15 Maritza had crazy dreams about Ralph and Kevin.
11:50 Colleen and Tommy drove in from Vegas.
12:25 Susannah and Kara mention Kara has the hots for Ralph, and for anyone else, apparently.
13:25 Sean, Ralph and Justin. Sean has 25th birthday.
14:00 Quote: "Airtight!"
14:00 Gary tries to get him some ass.
14:40 Tom St. Jacques gets an Adam West shout-out.
15:10 Neil Tyner and Mistletoe celebrate their two-year anniversary. Neil created the HBO Drinking Game.
16:25 Email Bag. Crystal corrects Ralph on the quadriplegic story from last week.
18:00 Quote: "Dude! Paras and Quads are like crips and bloods, yo!"
18:40 Matt Harbudd (?) recreates the HBO theme.
19:30 The Canadians are pissed off with Ralph; Stoner-Talk with Kevin Smith.
20:55 Matthew apologizes to the world for Bieber, and reminds us of the good Canada has provided.
22:55 Charlton Heston doing Neil Peart. 
23:55 Mark Mills has had enough of Anne Heche's Butthole. Ralph promises Kevin will never see his asshole.
25:10 Segment Proposal: Cameltoes in Movies: Jacqueline Bissett in The DeepCameltoe. (Close-up).
27:27 Ralph says the episode images are now on the SModCast webpage.
27:54 Dan Louisell upgraded Anne Heche's Butthole ... Kevin waits for it to be animated.
29:40 Ralph went to see Cedar Rapids.
30:00 Show starts.
30:21 Tinseltown Stiffs: Joanne Siegel.
33:23 Tinseltown Stiff: Perry Moore.
35:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Len Lesser.
35:45 Tinseltown Stiff: John Strauss.
37:40 Tinseltown Stiff: Betty Garrett. (Pic).
39:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Kenneth Mars.
40:25 New Movies Big Momma's 3I Am Number Four, and Unknown.
43:23 Liz Taylor is a future Tinseltown Stiff.
44:52 Aaron Carter is out of rehab.
45:20 Cynthia Nixon and Christine Maranoni have a baby.
46:15 Rod Stewart has baby #8.
47:10 Jessica Alba pregnant again.
48:40 Charlie Sheen is on hot mess alert. Talks to the UCLA baseball team with an anti-drug speech.
51:00 Charlie on Dan Patrick.
54:20 Lindsay Lohan tried to return the stolen necklace.
55:20 El DeBarge in rehab.
57:30 Frankie Muniz and girlfriend scrapping. #FreeMalcolm
1:00:15 Justin Bieber talks shit in Rolling Stone.
1:06:10 Roseanne will make a return to TV.
1:07:00 Talentless Cunt News: NBC buy the rights to Chelsea Handler autobiography.
1:08:25 Watson destroyed 2 Jeopardy champions. Time article.
1:11:00 MGM announces Bond, Hansel and Gretel: WitchHunters, Mr. Mom, The IdleMaker, Hercules, Poltergeist IV, Robocop. Detroit wants a Robocop Statue.
1:14:00 Olivia Wilde to play Lara Croft.
1:14:55 Three Stooges remake, and casting news.
1:16:00 Dark Shadows casting news.
1:16:30 Ice Cube will be in the new 21 Jump Street movie.
1:16:50 Die Hard 5 in the works. Kevin discusses Willis, momentarily.
1:17:30 Adrianne Palicki will be new Wonder Woman. Ralph plays the 70's theme.
1:20:10 Michael Rosenbaum will return to SmallVille.
1:21:30 SpiderMan Turn Off The Dark: Dangling SpiderMan for 20 minutes. Kevin pimps Wicked.
1:23:30 Rewrites due.
1:24:08 Shane Black due to direct Iron Man 3.
1:25:10 Robert Blake had to be escorted out from a con. Eddie Munster scrapped with Kenickie from Grease,
1:27:45 Dora Goes XXX. Al Pacino seduces Dora, as does Chuck Heston.

Hollywood Babble-On 22

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Kev and Ralph learn it's a small world after all."
Runtime: 1:47:55
Recorded Sat, 12th Feb. 2011
Released Mon, 14th Feb. 2011

0:00 Red State USA Tour commercial.

2:04 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

2:45 Kevin says this time of the week is his favorite.
4:10 Ralph talks about sending in pictures to Captain Noah as a young boy, and his delight when his picture would be shown on television.
5:35 Shout Outs: Kim celebrates birthday.
6:30 Ian gets a shout out for Desiree. Adam Carolla chat, and he will guest in March.
7:45 Michael and Rachel celebrate Valentines Day at The Lovitz.
8:25 Quote: "That's been explored before!"
8:58 Scott and Sarah get Albie from Cuba shit for being a Communist.
9:45 Frank and Mary-Lou get a "Fuck you," from Ralph.
10:15 Layton and Tiffany made a movie together. (The Wanderers.)
11:35 Chez and Melinda celebrate first anniversary.
11:45 Quote: "Shut up, bitch!"
12:15 Daniel and Kevin do not attend.
13:15 Email bag: Rob Terry art.
14:15 Antonio tried to give his penis a sandwich.
14:30 Dug McUgly submits art. Also, The Garminator, and The Garmy of Darkness, (Kevin detailled). 
17:00 Anne Heche's asshole could be a stunt hole. Kevin is crestfallen.
18:30 A portion of Anne Heche's Butthole by Dan Louisell is played.
19:15 Nicole made an illustration. Kevin is willing to pitch the idea as a children's TV program.
20:50 Lynch says Christopher Maloney spread it in Oz. Screenshot.
21:40 Quote: "Dude-brown."
22:30 Kirsty Fitzpatrick emailled about linking Ralph and Kevin. Screenshot. Sorry. Screenshot.
25:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: (Ralph is disappointed when there is no "Good" deaths.) Peggy Rea.
27:00 Ralph makes fun of Peggy Rea.
27:45 New Releases: Cedar RapidsThe EagleGnomeo & JulietNever Say Never and Just Go With It.
28:00 Kevin discusses Chuck and Buck.
31:15 Quote: "Talentless Blunt." James interacts a lot.
32:00 Ralph makes several inappropriate comments which I shall not repeat.
36:50 Suspension of Desbelief stretched. Ralph tells someone to kill themselves. BoxOfficeMojo numbers read from the audience. Cell phone troubles.
40:20 Kevin Saw Two Movies: Buried and Monsters. Ralph saw No Strings Attached and
43:15 **first appearance** "...they learn lessons of life and love ..."
44:10 Superbowl surpassed M*A*S*H* in the ratings.
44:45 **first appearance** Twenties Ralph.
45:10 Christina Aguilera fluffs the US National AnthemJeremy Renner's bedroom.
48:00 People cheer for the Puppy Bowl. Video.
52:30 Lindsay Lohan, Teflon bitch in court. Guilty of giving Ralph a boner. Abreast of foreign affairs.
56:33 Harrison Ford pops in.
57:10 **first appearance** "DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY!"
58:00 Dina Lohan on the radio.
58:20 Charlie Sheen finally divorced. Will pay 1/3 of the crews wage, while absent from the show.
1:00:50 Charlie has a sex-tape. Would like to make a series called Charlie's Devils. Security details.
1:03:30 Kelsey Grammar needed to pay $2.3m to divorce.
1:04:40 Ashlee Simpson to divorce. #IrreconcilableDifferences
1:06:28 Olivia Wilde to divorce. Ascot.
1:09:00 Arnie to return to movies.
1:10:30 The Situation will leave Jersey Shore to pursue a career in moving pictures.
1:12:30 Various people will be on reality TV.
1:14:23 Khewbacca and Lamar unveil new Eau de Toillette.
1:17:00 Sly Stallone announces new film.
1:18:50 New Charlie's Angels bit.
1:18:30 Amanda Peet in horrible new show. Minnie Driver to be in new show.
1:19:45 Ricky Gervais would like Will Arnett to lead The Office after Steve Carrell.
1:20:00 Charleze Theron to star in Prometheus.
1:20:45 Al pacino to play Matisse.
1:21:15 SpĂ­derMan: Turn off the Life Support still in limbo, and receives harsh reviews.
1:23:00 Fantastic Four news.
1:24:00 Smallville is to end this season. Ralph likes the Little River Band.
1:26:15 Wonder Woman script leaked.
1:28:30 Lady Gaga's new single sounds like Madonna's Express Yourself.
1:30:20 Austin Solid Waste Centre named after Fred Durst.
1:31:42 Keifer Sutherland says Ron Howard will direct the new 24 movie.
1:33:00 The Beaver won't be seen until May.
1:34:40 Smithsonian Update: Eddie Van Halen's guitar. Farrah Fawcett's bathing suit, and various Fawcett memorabilia.
1:36:20 Logans Run remake news. One Night Stand Chuck Heston.
1:38:45 Annie being remade with Willow Smith.
1:40:55 Justin Bieber nail polish sold out.
1:41:40 Quadraplegic stranded on a ride at DisneyLand.
1:43:25 Quote: "Captain Quad." Ralph does a killer groan of anguish.

Hollywood Babble-On 21

Episode: Link.
Comments: "The Garmy mobilizes, but naughty Kev needs love, too."
Runtime: 1:25:18
Recorded Sat, 5th Feb. 2011
Released Mon, 7th Feb. 2011

0:00 Red State USA Tour commercial.

2:04 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

3:20 Hollywood Helper: Ralph Garman. Ralph pimps the Red State USA tour.
4:50 Quote: "Garman is the new Silent Bob."
5:10 **first appearance** Shout-outs.
5:40 Andrew Feitch gets called a nazi. Promise of anal from wife, Gigli.
6:55 **first appearance** Balloon knot.
7:15 Carol and David celebrate one-year anniversary. 
8:22 Kia Loa may be part of a three-way. Kevin berates Ralph for shouting out everyone.
9:00 Lesley and Keith came from Sacramento. Kevin sings the theme to Eight Is Enough. Ralph berates Keith.
10:15 Harrison Ford wishes them a happy anniversary.
10:48 Jessica and friend berate other friend Chris. Chris is banned.
11:40 Justin supplies some Art.
12:55 Ralph brings up that Kevin was on the Chelsea Handler show. Video here.
13:22 **first appearance** Chelsea is my girl-friend!
13:30 Talentless Cunt Update: Ralph dissects a Handler monologue. Kevin defends.
17:55 Ralph quotes Aristotle.
18:45 Garmy splintered into different factions.
19:16 Jay D sends a poster.
19:40 Doug writes in with a poster.
20:10 Uri supplies some art. Says Kevin did a good job. #GoGarmy
20:50 Mark supplies poster and bumper sticker. Kevin lost some weight.
21:50 Tinseltown Stiffs: Boyd Kirkland.
23:15 Kevin alters his stage-etiquette to improve his editing. Ookla the Mok.
26:45 **first appearance** Life is for the living.
26:55 Tinseltown stiff: Maria Schneider.
27:50 Tinseltown stiff: John Barry. Kevin claims Ralph's jerks it to the James Bond theme. Bond-chat and  various themes, and filmography.
31:00 Quote: "Stiiiink-fingah!" Kevin sings Sade.
34:00 New releases: The RoommateSanctum.
35:20 **first appearance** File. James the sound guy pitches in.
36:30 Comic-Con tickets on sale. ticketleap.com servers go down. Nerds mad.
38:39 Charlie Sheen news: rehab at home, Ralph parrots a joke Chelsea Handler had previously told, teeth falling outSpent 500k on hookers and drugs in 6 months. Lindsay Lohan thinks he needs help.
43:45 Lindsay Lohan steals necklace. James supplies crickets.
44:40 Corey Feldman upset
46:25 Henry Cavill will be Superman. Fan pic. Tudors discussed.
48:20 Brit Vs. US heroes.
49:20 **first appearance** Kevin doesn't know who Olivia Wilde is.
50:45 Joseph Gordon-Levitt may be cast as Dr. Hugo Strange in Batman 3. Further casting news. Kevin initially doubts Bane. Airport pic.
52:22 Kevin will be away to promote Red State. There will be guest-hosts.
53:20 **first appearance** Babble-On Star-Sightings: Kevin saw Chris Pine filming in Los Angeles. Chris Pine will be the new Jack Ryan.
58:00 **first appearance** Ralph's dislike of Tyler Perry; will be Alex Cross.
1:00:15 Quote: "Hate-Tank." (Kevin used to refer to his vehicle by this name).
1:01:15 Dumbest Casting Choices.
1:02:40 Best Actress Curse.
1:05.10 Dave made this.
1:06:45 Mr. Skin has top 10 best browneye shots.
1:09:35 Frivolous case against Diddy.
1:13:00 Donna D'Errico is in training to search for Noah's Ark.
1:15:00 Fletch reboot news and chat.
1:17:35 Teen Wolf reboot news. June 5th the TV series.
1:19:00 Diamond Foxxx filmography.

Hollywood Babble-On 20

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Don't you believe Garman's performance for a minute: He told Kev to do it."
Runtime: 1:14:10
Recorded Sat, 29th Jan. 2011
Released Mon, 31th Jan. 2011

0:00 Red State commercial.

4:58 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
5:45 Email Bag: Eric from Texas gets a "Happy Birthday!"
7:30 Christopher and Tiffany announce they Tiffany is pregnant.
8:05 Quote: "Drink up, Tiffany!"
8:20 Hollywood Helper: "Tiffany's husband!"
8:30 Keith and Elaine are newly engaged, Ralph congratulations. Round Robin of impressions.
8:45 Quote: "Don't do it!" (audience guy).
10:50 Phil doesn't know jokes or pop culture references. He digs cock jokes, though.
11:48 Mark from Palm Springs sets up his friends.
12:50 Earman Trout Happy birthday!
13:38 Red State has premiered at SunDance. Ralph bought Kevin a gift
15:45 Red State will be self-distributed. Tour starts March 5th at Radio City Music Hall.
17:45 Kevin states he needs to self-promote a lot.
19:00 Talentless Cunt Update: Chelsea Handler and the Deathly Australias.
20:00 Mick asks that the US pumps it's raw sewage somewhere else.
20:25 Someone met Chelsea Handler, on a roof.
21:23 **first appearance** GARMY!
21:50 Jenna Jameson Vs. Chelsea Handler. Has new show, and finished with 50 Cent. Rick edited her Wikipedia page. 
24:00 Kevin admits he needs to go on Chelsea Handler's show, on Monday.
24:35 Quote: "Good Will Cunting."
25:10 Ralph takes his gift back.
25:50 Sad Hulk Music.
26:05 Ralph asks Kevin to find out if she knows what Ralph calls her. Sad Hulk Music again.
26:43 Email Bag: Hollywood Helpers: Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith. Soldier X in Iraq uses HBO to pass time.
28:00 Brian Lipko made new HBO art
29:00 Dug Smith presents ... Hollywood Babble-On Acid.
30:20 John Barrios asks if HBO will be from San Diego Comic-Con.
30:40 What's you're favorite cookie, Kevin? Chipless Wonder
31:15 Kevin Murphy names his bongs.
32:20 John Lovegro mixes Ralph and Kevin rapping Vs. Run DMC.
34:00 Tom Hanks did a rap. Kevin loves and has loved the track.
36:48 Nick's father can't stop talking about Anne Heche's asshole. Screencap. Ralph asks to stop suggesting movies.
39:00 **first appearance** Anne Heche's butthole. Dan Louisell writes a song
42:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: Rich Pizer (?) writes for his wife; Anna Klenman.
43:40 Tinseltown Stiff: Jack LaLanne. Ralph had him on the show once.
46:08 Tinseltown Stiff: Gladys Horton.
48:15 Tinseltown Stiff: Bernd Eichinger.
49:35 Quote: "Falcooooor!"
49:55 Charlie Sheen is in rehab, after 36-hour cocaine and booze bender. Lindsay Lohan says she's worried about him. Kacey Jordan describes life with Charlie.
54:18 Roger Corman announces Piranhaconda.
55:00 Jesse James to marry Kat Von D. Flat Stanley. Will be on the History Channel.
58:00 Mamie Gummer news.
58:58 The Oscars are some broads Superbowl.
59:23 Oscar 2011 chat, discrepancies, overestimation.
1:05:00 First Porns: Kevin's was Inside Desiree Cousteau. Ralph's: Taboo.

Hollywood Babble-On 19

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin kick it old school in a freestyle rap battle."
Runtime: 1:24:28
Recorded Sat, 15th Jan. 2011
Released Mon, 17th Jan. 2011

Intro by Kyle Hebert.

1:49 Email Bag: Someone sends a strong Gerry Rafferty joke in. The prospect of outside work is mentioned.
2:40 Other movies with brown-eye. Once Upon a Time in America has Elizabeth McGovern's asshole for 4 seconds. Alan Jensen: Sphincter Corespondant.
3:40 Quote: "Murky."
3:55 James the Sound Guy chimes in with the Psycho theme.
5:05 Somebody asks for Ralph to say "Happy Birthday Booger!"
5:55 Quote: "Cocky."
6:17 Quote: "You guys rock like Fraggles!"
7:16 Kevin has had confirmation about Anne Heche's butthole.
7:55 Stephen Phillips sez: "SModCruise."
8:29 Quote: "Too fat to float!"
9:27 Kevin's toilet remains in the Prince Charles Theatre.
10:00 Ruben asks Ralph to say "Brandi is a bitch!" Brandi is a Bitch Roulette: Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, Dudley Moore, Adam West and Sean Connery.
12:00 Kristlyn Geit (?) sends in a V/O.
14:08 Someone asks Ralph to be Universal Studios Tour Guides.
15:50 Bubba Wheat made a picture of "Tigga Please." 
17:15 Someone confirms the story of Kopi Luwak.
18:20 Quote: "That's fuckin' gross!"
18:33 Daniel Price made a jingle for the Talentless Cunt Update.
19:10 **first appearance** Talentless Cunt Update: Listener AJ bought http://www.talentlesscunt.com/ and redirected to http://www.chelseahandler.com/ (Link no longer valid).
20:15 Kevin makes an amazing Batman analogy.
20:35 Someone comments on the difficulty of finding movies mentioned on HBO. Kevin recommends Valley Girl.
23:50 **first appearance** Ralph as Nic Cage: "I'm more of a ****** protector ..."
23:55 Stalker is unfair. Celebrity Awareness Booster is acceptable.
24:32 Male Breast Cancer chat. Follow-up to Montel Williams story. Listener Chuck from Kentucky provides another example.
27:45 Tammy would like Ralph to sing something by Steven Sondheim. 
29:30 Ralph obliges with "Send in the Clowns."
30:25 Another screaming woman.
30:50 Tinseltown Stiffs: David Nelson, and the singing/closing eyes combo.
35:40 Tinseltown Stiff: John Dye.
36:35 Quote: "In Heaven ..."
36:50 Tinseltown Stiff: Peter Yates. Mustang/Charger car chase discussed. Ralph vouches for The Deep
40:00 Quote: "NIPPLES!!!"
40:40 New Movies: Barney's Version, The Dilemma and The Green Hornet.
40:42 Ralph vouches for Paul Giamatti.
41:20 Quote: "Blaaart!"
43:30 AJ McClean back in rehab. Kevin references songtitles, and sings.
45:15 Quote: "You're so jealous about Send in the Clowns ..."
45:55 Lindsay Lohan in Venice. Donald Trump said no to her on Celebrity Apprentice. Ralph announces the new cast.
50:14 **first appearance** Ralph as Marlee Matlin.
51:53 David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman series has been shit-canned.
52:25 **first appearance** "The Vice-President of ..." In this case: showbiz.
52:55 Lone Rangers News. New Logo.
54:44 Colin Farrell in new Total Recall. Arnold weighs in.
55:32 Quote: "Winter Warlock."
57:00 Charleze Theron to star in Prometheus. She lives up the street from Kevin. She and Ralph were pseudo-friends.
59:15 Ralph brings in the cover of New Yorker magazine. New ending, opening night pushed back; Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. Walt Flanagan loved it.
1:00:30 New SpiderMan photo
1:03:20 Almost everyone from the Lord of the Rings is returning to The Hobbit.
1:05:10 Abraham Lincoln; Vampire Hunter Casting News: Adrien Brody and Josh Lucas. Liam Neeson to Play Abe in Lincoln.
1:07:30 Kevin impersonates Abe Lincoln. Ralph does Nixon.
1:08:10 Fox is working on Missile Command.
1:08:25 Sega developed ToyLets. General insulting japanese impressions.
1:12:00 James Bond is returning. Bond 23 November 2012.
1:13:45 The Simpsons XXX Parody about to be released.
1:15:45 Tom Hanks son, Chet Haze released White and Purple. Plays West Side LA.
1:19:08 Quote: "Another kid who was born on third base and thought he hit a triple."
1:19:30 Rap Battle: Ralph Vs. Kevin!

Hollywood Babble-On 18

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Kevin and Ralph face down a drunk lady."
Runtime: 1:11:03
Recorded Fri, 7th Jan. 2011
Released Mon, 10th Jan. 2011

Intro by Kyle Hebert.

1:17 Ralph was a little lit after the New Years Eve show. He does a great Bill Murray impression.
1:50 Email bag: Audra from Chicago sent pictures of her sculptures.
3:50 The word for male ballerina is actually "Ballerino."
5:05 Leon made covers for Hollywood Babble-On comics.
6:45 Matt, KY broadcast "Give that penis a sandwich" to all, over the police radio.
7:35 Listener plays the HBO drinking game at home.
8:40 Hollywood Babble-On Drinking Game Rules: Andy of Somerville, Mass. 
- If Kevin says someone's life was a big bucket of win, take 1 drink.
- If another vessel, i.e: Cauldron; take 2 drinks.
9:00 Russell made cheat sheets for the Hollywood Babble-On drinking game.
10:10 Tinseltown Stiffs: Pete Postlethwaite.
11:20 Ralph hated Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
12:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Anne Francis.
12:55 Ocelots are mentioned. Kevin details Kopi Luwak.
14:15 Tinseltown Stiff: Gerry Rafferty Right Down the Line.
16:22 Showbiz News: Showbiz friends. Jason Schwarzman gets a shotout.
17:20 Drunk woman screams shit. 
19:00 New Movies: Country Strong and Season of the Witch.
20:40 Quote: "I can tell for 30 feet away, the pussy isn't worth it."
21:55 Quote: "Saucery."
23:25 VH1 is making a documentary "Lets Spend the Night Together"
24:30 Lindsay Lohan out of rehab; moved next door to Samantha Ronson. http://www.lindsaylohan.com/ up and running. 
25:20 Quote: "She is one pissed dude!" (Ralph on Samantha Ronson).
27:29 Birds are dropping out of the sky. The fishies have no eyes. These are not the End Times.
31:10 Sexual Stockmarket: John Mellencamp has a new girlfriend; Meg Ryan. 
32:30 Kevin imitates the Joker.
32:45 Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are a couple. Source.
34:20 Ralph imitates Charles Bronson.
36:25 Reese Witherspoon annoys Jim Toth with her house rules.
38:30 Kevin and Ralph discuss 'Mommie Dearest.'
41:03 Tastykakes may be going out of business.
41:45 Woman sues Disney for $50,000 since Donald Duck fondled her breasts.
43:45 Quote: "Tigga, please!"
45:25 McG to direct Ouija.
46:40 Taylor Lautner to play Stretch Armstrong.
47:45 Ralph and Kevin talk about Phoenix Jones.
49:05 Quote: "ShakeBoy and Bourbon Man!"
49:25 Doctor Who talk. David Tennant to get married.
52:00 Russell Brand tweeted a picture of Katy Perry without make-up.
54:15 Miley Cryus bong up for sale, now. Bid at mileycyrusbong@gmail.com
55:30 Montell Williams popped for marijuana pipe. Had double mastectomy.
58:00 Spider talk. Brown Recluse Spider mayonnaise.
59:20 Quote: "For years, dude!"
1:00:24 Quote: "Fuck that shit!" (Jason Mewes)
1:01:00 Mickey Rourke to remove two front teeth.
1:02:30 In China, you can have an Avatar-themed wedding.
1:04:40 In South Carolina, dude is arrested for masturbating during Harry Potter screening.