Hollywood Babble-On 18

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Kevin and Ralph face down a drunk lady."
Runtime: 1:11:03
Recorded Fri, 7th Jan. 2011
Released Mon, 10th Jan. 2011

Intro by Kyle Hebert.

1:17 Ralph was a little lit after the New Years Eve show. He does a great Bill Murray impression.
1:50 Email bag: Audra from Chicago sent pictures of her sculptures.
3:50 The word for male ballerina is actually "Ballerino."
5:05 Leon made covers for Hollywood Babble-On comics.
6:45 Matt, KY broadcast "Give that penis a sandwich" to all, over the police radio.
7:35 Listener plays the HBO drinking game at home.
8:40 Hollywood Babble-On Drinking Game Rules: Andy of Somerville, Mass. 
- If Kevin says someone's life was a big bucket of win, take 1 drink.
- If another vessel, i.e: Cauldron; take 2 drinks.
9:00 Russell made cheat sheets for the Hollywood Babble-On drinking game.
10:10 Tinseltown Stiffs: Pete Postlethwaite.
11:20 Ralph hated Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
12:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Anne Francis.
12:55 Ocelots are mentioned. Kevin details Kopi Luwak.
14:15 Tinseltown Stiff: Gerry Rafferty Right Down the Line.
16:22 Showbiz News: Showbiz friends. Jason Schwarzman gets a shotout.
17:20 Drunk woman screams shit. 
19:00 New Movies: Country Strong and Season of the Witch.
20:40 Quote: "I can tell for 30 feet away, the pussy isn't worth it."
21:55 Quote: "Saucery."
23:25 VH1 is making a documentary "Lets Spend the Night Together"
24:30 Lindsay Lohan out of rehab; moved next door to Samantha Ronson. http://www.lindsaylohan.com/ up and running. 
25:20 Quote: "She is one pissed dude!" (Ralph on Samantha Ronson).
27:29 Birds are dropping out of the sky. The fishies have no eyes. These are not the End Times.
31:10 Sexual Stockmarket: John Mellencamp has a new girlfriend; Meg Ryan. 
32:30 Kevin imitates the Joker.
32:45 Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are a couple. Source.
34:20 Ralph imitates Charles Bronson.
36:25 Reese Witherspoon annoys Jim Toth with her house rules.
38:30 Kevin and Ralph discuss 'Mommie Dearest.'
41:03 Tastykakes may be going out of business.
41:45 Woman sues Disney for $50,000 since Donald Duck fondled her breasts.
43:45 Quote: "Tigga, please!"
45:25 McG to direct Ouija.
46:40 Taylor Lautner to play Stretch Armstrong.
47:45 Ralph and Kevin talk about Phoenix Jones.
49:05 Quote: "ShakeBoy and Bourbon Man!"
49:25 Doctor Who talk. David Tennant to get married.
52:00 Russell Brand tweeted a picture of Katy Perry without make-up.
54:15 Miley Cryus bong up for sale, now. Bid at mileycyrusbong@gmail.com
55:30 Montell Williams popped for marijuana pipe. Had double mastectomy.
58:00 Spider talk. Brown Recluse Spider mayonnaise.
59:20 Quote: "For years, dude!"
1:00:24 Quote: "Fuck that shit!" (Jason Mewes)
1:01:00 Mickey Rourke to remove two front teeth.
1:02:30 In China, you can have an Avatar-themed wedding.
1:04:40 In South Carolina, dude is arrested for masturbating during Harry Potter screening.