Hollywood Babble-On 117

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Recorded live at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club and Podcast Theater on February 23, 2013."
Runtime: 1:19:23
Recorded Sat, 23th Feb. 2013
Released Mon, 25th Feb. 2013

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0:00 Kyle Hebert intro.

0:30 "Hollyfuck with Kevin Fuck and Ralph Fuck."
1:15 Kevin smoking Kenobi OG, and is a little off-center; Harley Quinn hanging around in City Walk.
2:15 Kevin pretty bold now that he has beaten up an owl. Ralph sings Edelweiss whilst Kevin gets a new mic.
3:10 Kevin ready to go out and kick ass. Ralph makes an inappropriate joke.
3:50 Shout-outs: K-ROQ sales crew present.
4:49 Oren Freemen from New York City. Chile gets a shout-out (HBOHelper is written in Chile). Kevin tells Rebecca to run right away from Oren. "Funky Apple Jack."
7:10 Doug Poole from Rancho Cucamonga impresses Kevin with his home-town. Brother Kurt celebrates birthday. Harrison Ford wishes happy birthday.
8:20 Erin Kirkpatrick from Maine celebrates her 28th birthday. Bane explains HBO for her friends.
10:40 Aaron Newarth from Orange County asks for So Long Farewell by Sean Connery for his departing friend, Ken. Kevin amazed by his job.
12:55 Tricia and Jaime from San Diego present. Ralph and Kevin sing To Life, from Fiddler on the Roof. Ralph debuts the Jaime-Lick. Jaime is an exquisite lover. Huell Howser shout-out.
16:45 Jill Kerrigan name-drops all of her family. Kevin imitates Janine from Ghostbusters. Bowie congratulations for getting engaged. Kevin throws his leg over Ralph's.
18:50 Email bag: Bob Everland from Orlando, FL sends in a video.
20:00 Nathan Gonzalez sends in Possessed by Pacino
21:15 Andrea Bacon asks about HBO at Comic-Con.
21:35 Warren watched the 2011 Winnie the Pooh movie. Backson.
22:50 Karen Taha asks for Christian Bale/McDonalds Fries Girl rant.
23:40 Ralph's Green Lantern Oath: Deborah from Phoenix, AZ wants to hear the Stereotypical German (and friend).
25:50 Tinseltown Stiffs: Cleotha StaplesI'll Take You There.
26:40 Tinseltown Stiff: Damon HarrisPapa Was A Rolling Stone.
27:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Tony Sheridan.My Bonnie.
28:45 Tinseltown Stiff: W. Watts BiggersUnderdog Opening. Underdog-chat. Kevin mocks Ralph's impression.
32:05 Exquisite Acting: Megaforce Flying Motorcycle.
34:20 Shit That Should Not Be: Dan Shell from Eyrie, PA sends in Animal House tourettes guy.
36:12 SModCo ads.
38: 38 Kev-In: BaneKevinsteinPope Fiction. Kevin getting bored with Kev-In.
40:20 HBO Headlines: Ron Jeremy recovering, and out of the hospital.
41:40 Lindsay Lohan constantly calling her friends, drunk. Kevin would like to pod with her. Ralph with a cruel, amazing imitation. Dress ripped, and stupid decision. Kevin feels sorry for Lindsay Lohan.
45:10 Kim Kardashian to have a girl. Ralph with his hopes for her life. Manicures and meditating are the same thing. Family Feud's reputation questioned. Refuses to sign autographs, via Kanye. Life advice from Ralph Garman. Kim understands why men are sexually obsessed with her. Kevin getting irritated. Hideous Khewbacca unemployed after being fired from the X Factor, and angry. "No wookie, no touchy." 
49:30 Honey Boo Boo's mom refuses to let her daughter be like the Kardashians. Ralph on rednecks.
50:54 Prince Michael Jackson hired by Entertainment Tonight. Cool and collected. Huell Howser color commentary. Ralph indignant. Blanket discussed. Would like to be Ben Affleck. 
53:50 Ralph on Jermaine's kids, and Kevin on the Catholic Church. "Ralph Touchme Garman."
54:30 Shia LeBeouf argues with Alec Baldwin, and leaves Broadway show. Ralph thinks both guys are dicks. Emails leaked. Alec would like to Choke Her To Death. Ralph says 'Coon,' several times (!).
57:15 Killer segue from Ralph. Patrick Carney feud update. Bieber assassination audio tape released.
1:00:40 Justin Bieber Duck Tape.
1:01:05 Bob Guccione's picture of Arnie performing a sex act. Zoom.
1:02:20 Paris Hilton photo op.
1:03:30 SJP on Chinese Harpers Bazaar. "Demonic Alien."
1:04:45 Courtney Stodden to play her own twin. (please stop giving this asshole attention). Ralph misses her singing.
1:06:15 Movies That Will Suck: The Return of Roger Rabbit with Mickey Mouse (The Stooge).
1:07:55 Sean Connery to slap Adele on the Oscars stage.
1:08:55 Geek News: Star Trek fans go to plutorocks.com to name a new moon; Vulcan. "Shit plate." Planet-chat.
1:10:00 Ralph done a voice for the upcoming Avengers Assemble cartoon movie.
1:11:20 Mark Hamill says that he is in talks to reprise his role as Luke Skywalker. 
1:12:10 Michael Bay to make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Fan-base livid. Kevin inquires about prior history with Megan Fox. Young Kev. Club thumb talked about.
1:14:45 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. Pic.

Hollywood Babble-On 116

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Recorded live at The Laugh Factory in Long Beach, CA, Saturday, February 16, 2013.."

Runtime: 1:45:39
Recorded Sat, 16th Feb. 2013
Released Mon, 18th Feb. 2013

Tonight's sponsor: Hover.com/babble
0:00 Kyle Hebert intro.

0:45 Kevin is never returning to The Lovitz after seeing The Laugh Factory. Kevin would like to visit every month.
2:25 Kevin is smoking GirlScout Cookies, tonight.
2:50 Kevin plugs the Injustice video game: Clerks37 gets a visit from Chris Hansen.
6:00 Kevin's daughter wants to meet some teenage boys; Jen unrelenting.
7:50 Kevin bribes potential boyfriends with parts in a Ben Affleck movie.
8:10 Ralph battling a head-cold. JD and cough medicine on the menu.
8:55 Quote: "Make a wish!"
9:40 Kevin recalls filming the ShortCom, this week.
13:25 Quote: "This audience would eat it up with a spoon!"
15:00 Shout-outs: Lady friend and Tito from Cudaje enjoy an angry Christian Bale rant.
17:35 Chris and Michael have their sexuality doubted, and Bane steps in. Kevin did wasted Bane on this weeks SModCast. Fries Girl on the special olympics.
20:40 Kevin fascinated by Xander from Belgium's name. Ralph's mic cuts out. Paraplegic call back from HBO 22. 
25:00 In-floor fighting at The Laugh Factory, speaker or air-con: your choice.
26:30 Larry and Lynne from Rochester Hills, leave their 5 kids at home to celebrate their 18th anniversary. Shannon Doherty unaware of Ralph's Al Pacino. Pacino process on Fox discussed. Kevin on demon exorcism.
31:20 Diana, Joe, Wendy, etc. complete the family. Joe getting the snip. David Bowie says goodbye to Joe's sperm count.
34:30 Email bag: Ralph sat on his own balls. Lauren refuses to give up her rusty sheriffs badge for Trevor. Huell Howser offers color commentary.
37:40 Dude asks Kevin to tell Samia that he loves her.
39:45 Ralph's Green Lantern Oath: Shannon Marshall asks for Frank N. Furter, while she pleasures herself.
42:30 Tinseltown Stiffs: Robin Sachs.
43:40 Tinseltown Stiff: Stuart Freeborn.
45:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Petra Vallos (?). Huell Howser on Chroma Key. Kevin busts out some Bed-knobs and Broomsticks knowledge.
48:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Rick HuxleyBits and Pieces. Ralph has a cold bed in Hell.
50:25 SModCo ads.
54:25 Hollywood Helper: Charlie Sheen sends $10,000 to a Florida girl. Ralph goads Charlie Sheen and offers to buy a "fucked-up dog."
58:10 Ralph notes Kevin is getting more and more cowardly, and tried to keep Ralph away from dangerous horses with "Christopher Reeve." Drinks passed on-stage.
1:00:20 HBO Headlines: Lindsay Lohan moved back in with her mother as she is flat broke. Herbie seeing other cars. The Canyons has distributor; IFC. Shriek in audience causes confusion.
1:02:30 Script described, Kevin looking forward to seeing it.
1:03:00 Steve Martin a first-time father at 67 years-old. Ralph ponders said child's future. All details secret. Steve Martin card discussed.
1:05:40 Alec Baldwin to become a father. "Joy."
1:06:40 Ralph plays the Pig Tape.
1:07:55 Quote: "Boo-ah!"
1:08:00 Kim Kardashian has date set for divorce trial.
1:10:15 Honey Boo Boo's mom to be on Dancing with the Stars (allegedly). "I-can't-see-anything-face-face."
1:11:50 Britney Spears on schedule to perform at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Kevin educates on Planet Hollywood. "Where's the chacket?!"
1:14:05 Amanda Bynes leaves her door wide open, and all of her light bulbs are red.
1:15:45 Matthew MacConnaughey releasing clothing line next month; JKL.
1:17:15 All 6 Bonds to be on-stage at the Oscars, this year, but no: no Piers Brosnan. Sean Connery in a jet-pac.
1:19:00 Movies That Will Suck: Jean Claude Van Damme rewrites Oc**ns Eleven, as Swelter. (Ralph ejects someone from The Laugh Factory). Will Smith's hip-hop remake of Annie; Willow said 'no.' Whip My Hair Back played.
1:20:40 A Good Day To Die Hard discussed.
1:23:00 Ted Nugent at the State of the Union meeting. Ralph plays the CBS interview.
1:25:20 The Black Keys Vs. Justin Bieber. Lot of love for Patrick Carney. Well done, sir.
1:26:05 Quote: "I'll get right in your face, you prick!"
1:27:35 Lady Gaga cancels tour due to surgery. Joke filed. "It's in the file! Go fuck yourself!"
1:28:50 New Courtney Stodden track. I'm not even posting it. Fuck that track. Ralph compares her to Angelene.
1:30:30 Geek News: Ray Faulk of IL died and liked Lucan and the Powers of Matthew Star, and left his estate to the lead actors.
1:34:40 Gifts handed out. Free Babble-On t-shirt for lady.
1:35:30 Spider-Man punches a woman in the face. Felicity Jones to play Black Cat.
1:36:40 Lawrence Kasdan confirms upcoming Star Wars movie. Kevin and Ralph menstruate together. What has Ben Kenobi been doing? Han Solo to make a return, as Harrison Ford.
1:40:20 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.

Hollywood Babble-On 115: Babble Unplugged

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin do a home show and talk about the Fox Shortcom."

Runtime: 1:15:13
Recorded Sun, 10th Feb. 2013
Released Mon, 11th Feb. 2013

0:00 ProFlowers.com ad.
4:18 Kyle Hebert intro.
4:40 Kevin won an award in Austin, which he accepted on behalf of his brother.
6:20 Breakdown of the show, and filming.
8:30 Ralph on his own TV pilots, the processes and pilots past.
13:35 Kevin thinks he is to be the lead.
16:20 Kevin mentions Roadside Attractions.
19:45 The Carol Burnett Stage of Dreams.
21:50 Kevin introduces the cast, and ergo; Shannon Doherty, Craig Robinson and band, etc.
25:40 High School Theater nightmares.
27:00 Kevin introduces the comedians, and brief history.
29:00 Kevin on Ca$h Vs. Podcasting.
31:45 Gary Halvorson.
33:35 SModCo ads. (fucknugget.com is unavailable).
38:19 Optimistic Ralph on his own pilots.
39:30 Ralph was on the final episode of Highway to Heaven, with Michael Landon, and was supposed to be on the reboot of Bonanza!
42:00 Show Lottery.
43:00 www.on-camera-audiences.com/ Shows > Fox ShortCom.
44:40 Ralph remarks on the change in Kevin's writing style, over time.
46:35 Kevin remarks on his change in writing style, and subject matter.
47:45 Kevin optimistic; Ralph trying not to be.
48:00 Kevin amazed to hear a show is cancelled so fast.
50:20 Lovitz pops into Kev's house.
52:00 TV tells you what to do. Bob Saget stand-up pimped.
54:30 Kevin says what happened with the Babble-On TV show, finally. Network wanted to cancel the podcast.
58:40 Kevin has more to say than Ryan Seacrest.
59:30 Ralph on working with Shannon in Charmed, and her work on this new project.
1:02:40 The Continuing Voyages of the StarShip Babble-On.
1:03:55 Ralph slights 2 Broke Girls (Did you know Ralph is my hero?)
1:09:35 Ralph filming a Western in March, for Hulu (Quick Draw).
1:12:20 "Have you ever seen a horses cock?"
1:13:10 Ralph kills the Fox ShortCom.

Hollywood Babble-On 114

Episode: Link.
Comments: "
Recorded live at the Jon Lovitz Podcast Theater on Saturday, February 2, 2012."

Runtime: 1:41:51
Recorded Sat, 2nd Feb. 2013
Released Mon, 4th Feb. 2013

Tonight's sponsor: The DAVE School.
0:00 Kyle Hebert intro.
1:02 No Cap'n Fantastic tonight ... aggressive strain of weed (Sweet OG). 
2:40 Kevin plugs the Space Monkeys show, and Why, Bry? on Monday. Reference that no-one knows.
4:00 Shout-outs: Kelly and Alex travel all the way from Chino Hills. Kevin writes jokes for Ralph.
7:00 Jill and Paul! at The Lovitz, from RI here to see HBO and Space Monkeys. Introduced to SMod via son. Jill's age questioned. Bane steps in.
8:05 Quote: "Kids take the milk out of your tits ...!"
11:00 Quote: "Goodbye, Ralph!"
11:15 Lauren and Andy no show.
11:25 Vincent Rincon celebrate Julie's birthday with Ed Wynn and Sexy Kevin. Bane not invited.
12:40 Ed Wynn's fuck voice.
13:10 Erica (big-breasted filipina) and Casey (whitest white girl) are serenaded by David Bowie.
15:40 Jen is in attendance, and hasn't seen the Bowie dance.
16:10 Kevin does Ed Wynn.
16:20 Email bag: Liam from Stafford, UK, tries to cheer up his wife with the Gay Ghost. Joke filed.
17:50 Peter Reid wrote Adam West-Side Story. Ralph performs "America." 
19:00 Carl Hanson from Toledo, OH, sends in For Your Consideration. Kevin on Anne Hathaway's performance.
21:50 Sten Riesen sends in the KennethJohnson.us Hulk-Outs.
23:10 Rob Johnson from Queens, NY asks for Huell Howser to interview the McDonalds fries girl.
24:40 Quote: "It's not that amazing."
24:50 Ralph's Green Lantern Oath: Rob asks for Angry Christian Bale.
26:45 Hollywood Helper Check-In: Christian Bale sends Batman merch to Zach.
28:50 Hollywood Helper: George Clooney pays someone's bill. Kevin likes Ralph's German accent.
30:45 Tinseltown Stiffs: Patty AndrewsBoogie Woogie Bugle Boy.
32:50 Tinseltown Stiff: Sally StarrPic.
34:20 Kevin berates Ralph, as he recalls meeting Sally Starr. DJ James with Sad Hulk music.
35:20 Shit That Should Not Be: The Dark Knight Returns Part II. (Which Kevin plugs, and reveals his favorite books).
41:10 Kevin berates Ralph.
41:55 SModCo ads.
47:25 Kev-In: Grant King sends in Bruce Willis, Freddy Balasteros sends in the Joe Schmo show and finally, Life of Pie.
50:25 HBO Headlines: Dina and Lindsay Lohan was in court, pleads no guilty. Lawyer has a lucky rabbit's foot. Kevin makes a Gremlin's reference. Banned from Hotel in Santa Monica. What Dreams May Come ... Michael Lohan a father again.
55:55 Jason London dazed and confused in Arizona. Defecate his pants. Ralph with a modicum of impressions.
58:20 Liam Neeson awarded the Freedom of Ballymena. Natasha? "The Bigman!"
1:00:35 Jim Neighbors married his long-time boyfriend.
1:02:45 Chelsea Handler let her dogs run around and beg for food at the Chateau Marmont. Piers Morgan goes after Chelsea Handler. Fightin' words.
1:05:30 "The One Man War."
1:07:15 Fuck Tape Kim Kardashian news... Kris Jenner gets a day-time talk-show. Kevin amazed that Ralph says "Snatch."
1:09:00 Khewbacca educates young women for Kotex on vaginal odor. "Mine smells like roses ..."
1:11:00 Penthouse Storage Locker has unreleased Arnold sex-act photo.
1:15:15 Ron Jeremy is in the hospital, after having an aneurysm.
1:16:30 CoCo Brown wants to be the first porn star in space. Clog humor. Zero G Space training. Ralph recalls space training, sans dramamine. Ralph may bring footage in of himself.
1:20:15 Phil Spector or Wilt Chamberlain Pacino?
1:21:30 Movies That Will Suck: Entourage: The Movie (No-one cares). 
1:22:30 Justin Bieber's maple syrup hand.
1:24:15 Geek News: Amazing Spider-Man II filming; Paul Giamatti added as The Rhino. Kevin plugs John Dies At The End.
1:26:40 David Bradley as Doctor Who.
1:27:10 Wonder Woman likes "eatin' box." Early Days of Wonder Woman (Amazon) (Boxed Lunch) to be made. 
1:28:40 Judge Dredd could be gay.
1:29:30 Superman UnBound trailer.
1:30:30 Superman Lives touched upon, with Kevin. PicThe Death Of Superman Lives. What Happened?
1:36:30 Ron Jeremy's Cock jokes.

Hollywood Babble-On 113

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Recorded live at the Jon Lovitz Podcast Theater, 1/25/2013."
Runtime: 1:35:59
Recorded Sat, 26th Jan. 2013
Released Mon, 28th Jan. 2013

Tonight's sponsor: The DAVE School.
0:00 Kyle Hebert intro.
0:45 Ralph given some Joe Schmo-related food. Show discussed, and celebrity live tweeting.
2:10 Ralph asked if Kevin killed any owls, lately; fighting skills doubted by his Significant Other. Kevin punches Ed Wynn. Kevin recounts the Meth Owl story. Not Even Once.
5:35 Quote: "Wafting."
7:55 Quote: "CooTube."
12:10 Kev-In: (Battle) Tyrant XPaul Lee's Owl Puncher and Billy Reynolds' Kevin Potter. Banter.
15:10 Kevin and the Hockey Shirt Condom. An Officer and a Gentleman referenced.
16: 50 Kevin references Sloppy Seconds.
17:55 Shout-outs: Jeff and co-worker, Michael from Oklahoma at the Lovitz. Broadway fans correct Ralph. Ralph's acting chops debated. Ralph cracks Kevin up with an Arnold impression.
21:20 Freddie and Brenda serenaded by Kevin with a Billy Joel song. Brenda pregnant. Bowie pops in.
23:45 Ken Combs from Whittier, CA asks for Old Jerry Lewis to get him ass.
25:45 Email bag: Drew is donating his kidney to his best friend, Caleb. Ralph would never donate a kidney for Kevin.
27:55 Tom Southcot from the UK got into trouble for laughing while listening to HBO.
29:15 Chad Blakely homage to Batman #9.
30:00 Mike asks Kevin's Bane impression for his wife, Diana, in West Plains, MO.
30:40 Kevin does the Bane impression through a glass.
31:00 Ralph's Green Lantern Oath: Drew Mack asks for Bill Cosby.
32:30 Tinseltown Stiffs: Michael WinnerDeath Wish. Kevin discussed his fathers love of Death Wish, and eating new food in France.
39:15 Quote: "Blastin' from both sides ..."
40:20 Hollywood Helper: Christian Bale update from previous episode.
41:40 Christian Bale rant clip. Input from Kevin and Ralph on Batman.
43:10 Ralph as Christian Bale on K-ROQ.
44:44 Christian Bale calls K-ROQ.
46:15 SModCo ads.
48:25 Shit That Should Not Be: Jay Monzones sends in CliffhangerStill.
51:00 Exquisite Acting: Pablo Kenfold sends in Every Arnold Scream.
54:12 HBO Headlines: Lindsay Lohan recent history recap, and Kevin's LiLo impression. Judge change. Asked to be on Dancing With The Stars. The Canyons struggling to find a distributor. Festivals refuse to show. "Quality issues."
59:25 Heidi Montagg and Spencer Pratt sent to England for Celebrity Big Brother, and receive death threats. Ralph advocates sending weapons to the UK.
1:00:40 Quote: "Falling in hate ..."
1:01:31 Fuck Tapes Kim Kardashian offers $10m to ex to divorce. Chris Humphries wants annulment.
1:03:10 Khloe Kardashian pregnant with a Wookman. 
1:04:00 Quote: "Whores!"
1:04:45 Charlie Brown arrested for stalking. Ralph with a plethora of amazing Peanuts references.
1:07:40 Waynan Mullins t-shirt annoys Qantas.
1:10:40 Movies That Will Suck: BayWatch - The Movie (Spoof). Kevin pimps Bill Hader. Arnie returning for Terminator 5. "Do you have any sweet tea?" Conan sequel, and Triplets.
1:14:15 SpongeBob SquarePants XXX porn parody. Trailer.
1:16:20 Adele asked to perform SkyFall at the Oscars. Sheena Easton discussed, and Prince. Bond chat.
1:19:10 All 6 James Bonds may appear on-stage together at the Oscars.
1:20:50 Taydolph Switler hired by Disney to promote theme parks.
1:22:05 Ice-T's wife makes out with some dude. CoCoMoose DieselFamily.
1:24:00 Justin Bieber finished with Selena Gomez after drinking Flaming Moes.
1:25:30 Shazam!
1:26:25 JJ Abrams to direct Star Wars VII. Star Wars Jabba's Palace set causes trouble.
1:30:10 Doctor Who approaches 50th anniversary. Fun-ness planned.
1:30:45 Iron Man Laser.
1:31:45 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.