Hollywood Babble-On 151: Golden Globetrotters

Episode: Link.

Comments: "In a show from home, Kevin and Ralph take a look at this year's Golden Globe nominees!"
Runtime: 1:49:37
Recorded Sat, 21st Dec. 2013
Released Sun, 22nd Dec. 2013

2014 Golden Globe nominations.

Hollywood Babble-On 150: December 13, 2013

Episode: Link.
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Comments: "Recorded live at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on 12/13/2013."
Runtime: 1:49:37
Recorded Fri, 13th Dec. 2013
Released Sun, 15th Dec. 2013
Show notes by @Forgeticus

0:00 Smodco ads.
1:05 Kyle Hebert intro.
1:5Kevin farted then demanded Ralph make him laugh moments before the show.
2:50 Ralph gives Kevin a Christmas present, a 2 foot Adam West action figure. Kev got Ralph nothing.
3:58 Now Ralph as Adam West as Batman can tell Kevin "You're looking very slender, old chum".
5:00 Pimping the HBO New Year's Eve shows takes a sad, then sexy turn.
6:55 What Strain Is Kevin On: Blue Dream.
8:10 Shout-outs: Lupe and Eric Barrios having a baby. The Germans suggest baby names.
11:20 Christian Meyer. Bill Cosby helps him put in vanilla pudding pop in her different world.
12:20 Megan Madrigal. "So when Ralph said her name that night, it was like she had a friend". Bowie shouts-out Julie & Amy.
18:10 Email bag: Matt clarifies. Lindsay's suing Rockstar not for this likeness, but this one.
19:42 David Collins requests the Grinch song sung by Christopher Walken.
20:40 Ryan from Iowa wants David Lynch to read Twas The Night Before Christmas.
23:45 Could Adam West and Bane sing Little Drummer Boy? Last year's video.
27:45 Tinseltown Stiffs: Sound of Music actress Eleanor Parker.
32:05 Shit That Should Not Be: In Time car crash scene. No one's in the car, bad physics. 
34:40 Exquisite Acting: Anthony Hopkins goes feral on his son in Thor.
36:50 Kev-In: Jesus' birth.
38:15 Kev-In: starred in Elf.
38:45 Kev-In: Ralphie in A Christmas Story.
39:15 HBO Headlines: Kim Kardashian gets bad press for donating only 10% to Philippines.
42:30 Khloe Kardashian filed for divorce from Lamar Odom.
43:30 Kanye reported to wed Kim at Palace of Versailles.
45:05 Kanye wears mask during entire concert, throws out fan who asked to see his face. Video. "I'm Kanye Motherfucking West".
47:15 Kanye thinks he didn't get enough Grammy nods. Bitches about it during concert.
49:30 Justin Bieber releases new single every week. Kevin: "For like Advent or something?"
50:50 Justin said the media attacking him is just like the bullying that happens in schools.
     Bieber: "People forget I'm a human being, and I have to make mistakes to grow stronger."
     Ralph: "Like sleeping with Brazilian hookers. I have to do that to grow stronger."
     Kevin: "Having sex with hookers is swag, yo."
52:35 Justin Bieber tells teen girl she "look like a beached whale" at hotel pool. Article.
54:00 Kevin retells a story about being called pregnant by a lifeguard on a water slide at 9.
     Kevin: "That motherfucker changed my entire life. I've never not gone into a body of water without a shirt on... because some jackass stranger when I was 9 made a comment."
58:20 Lindsay Lohan involved in scuffle that ended with Paris Hilton's brother getting beat up.
1:02:00 Mewes went clubbing after rehab and people who offer him coke.
     Ralph: "Where were these clubs again? Fuck I miss cocaine."
1:03:12 Charlie Sheen is back, and he is in love. This time it's real. She's an adult film star.
1:05:25 Kevin Federline is gonna have his sixth kid.
1:06:05 It's Playboy's 60th anniversay this week, First cover.
1:06:20 Kevin took a photo of his wife, Jennifer Schwalbach, nude with Superman for Playboy's 50th. Photo.
1:10:55 Gisele Bundchen wants breastfeeding for a year to be law. Breastfeeding at "work".
1:13:20 Amy Adams gets confused with Isla Fisher. Comparison.
1:14:59 John Cusack and Bruce Willis shooting The Prince. John broke Willis' tooth, cut his lip. Article.
1:16:20 Keanu Reeves' new samurai movie 47 Ronin opened in Japan, only made $1.3 million. Ralph's Keanu impression. Ralph: "You can't cast Keanu Reeves as a Samurai. Didn't we learn that lesson with Tom Cruise?"
1:18:45 Movies That Will Suck: Paramount to reboot Naked Gun movies with Ed Helms.
1:20:40 Movie That Might Suck: Freddie Mercury biopic. Was to star Sasha Baron Cohen, now Ben Whishaw. Changed director to soften image and tell less of the whole story.
1:23:26 Friday's Rebecca Black is back, & she's all grown up and shit. Releases Saturday.
1:26:38 Hollywood Babble-on Fries-Girl Friday Remix by @DJammaster. Ralph berates audience for backing off the fries-girl now.
1:29:09 Geek News: A chocolate Millennium Falcon. Order Here. Ralph reminds Kevin he gave him nothing.
1:31:40 Batmobiles. Kevin keeps interrupting Ralph. Guy creates animated series Batmobile for real. Video.
1:33:43 The Godzilla trailer debuted this week. The guys are pretty excited about it.
1:38:25 Sony hires brain trust, announces spinoffs of Amazing Spider-Man. Venom and The Sinister 6.
1:41:36 Kevin defends. Wizard magazine X-Men casting call predicts Patrick Stewart.
1:43:30 Liam Neeson's cock jokes.

Hollywood Babble-On 149: December 6, 2013

Episode: Link.
Enhanced Audio Vision: Link.
Comments: "Recorded live at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on 12/6/2013."

Runtime: 1:47:47
Recorded Fri, 6th Dec. 2013
Released Sun, 8th Dec. 2013

Show notes by @Forgeticus

0:00 SModco ads.
2:30 Kyle Hebert intro.
3:20 Kevin shares an awkward moment. His pre-show power song was Mr. Mister's Kyrie.
5:10 The Improv's 50th birthday.
5:45 What strain is Kevin on? Could be pointless because Kev read somewhere that there's no difference between strains. Skywalker OG. THC may cause man boobs.
8:48 Shout-outs: Mike and Brianna. A Babble Christmas Carol. Celebrating 10 year anniversary. Could Ed Wynn give some advice to Mike. "I slather my penis with peanut butter and tell her lick it off. No, wait a minute, that's dogs."
12:03 Craig from Chicago, drug mule, is here on business. "The first answer was 'I'm here to hunt humans'." Huell Howser welcomes.
15:10 Martin Tronson from Norway. Ralph does Katherine Hepburn and Kev does Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
21:30 Ralph: "By the way, South Africa... Nelson Mandela."
22:30 Brian & Jen Withers. Could the Germans explain how great LA will be after they leave?
26:37 Lauren from CA, previously stitched It's a Small World. Bane and Adam West sing "Baby, It's Cold Outside".
30:30 Smodco ad.
31:10 Email bag: Troy from Australia sends in an album cover for Bane and Adam West's duets.
32:20 Joseph from Saskatchewan has compelling evidence Kevin's relative inspired Miley Cyrus. Photo.
33:2Daniel sent in an email, but he's here and is miscategorized. Could PeeWee Herman sing Mahna Mahna. 
35:33 Tinseltown Stiffs: Early comic and Superman artist Al Plastino.
37:08 Tinseltown Stiff: Character actor, live action Luigi Danny Wells. Video.
39:36 Tinseltown Stiff: Standells drummer and singer Dick Dodd.
40:25 Tinseltown Stiff: Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker.
41:35 Hollywood Helper: Brad Pitt "This fucking guy..." thanks UK town by giving them £1million.
44:20 Hollywood Helper: Thor actress Jaimie Alexander visits children's hospital.
45:15 Having sex with Princess Leia. Harrison Ford impression.
46:10 Shit That Should Not Be: Superman breaks a sweat lifting Zod at the North Pole. Video.
51:14 Exquisite Acting: Tim Curry in video game C&C: Red Alert 3. Spiiiice (space).
55:20 Kev-In: Little kid in Mircale on 37th Street.
56:25 Kev-In: Cast of Superman vs Batman.
57:15 Kev-In: Kayne's video Bound 2
57:49 Smodco ad.
59:57 HBO Headlines: Lindsay Lohan pulls Michael Neeson into a night club ladies room...
1:02:50 Lindsay suing Rockstar, makers of GTAV. Photos 1, 2, 3.
1:05:20 Justin Bieber sprays graffiti in Australia. Mayor calls him out in video.
1:07:40 New NBC series Wolfman to start next year.
1:08:40 R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet to air Sat. Ralph's fav moment: Midget shits himself.
1:11:00 X-Files star Gillian Anderson poses topless. "Better late than never"
1:13:32 Billy Joel becomes first artist in residency at a major sports arena. Article.
1:15:47 Bravo's Andy Cohen."You know Andy Cohen? He's the gay Chris Hardwick. Alright, gayER Chris Harwick." He saved Lady Gaga's piss as a souvenir.
1:18:20 Ralph thinks Tom Hank's plays a pussy in his recent roles. Saving Mr. Banks talk.
1:20:10 A Croatian rocker releases an entirely edible chocolate record.
1:22:00 Movies That Will Suck: Ballers to star Kevin Hart and Lebron James. Black Twins.
1:23:50 Two guys give Christopher Walken a ride in NYC because he couldn't hail a cab. Selfie.
1:26:10 Kevin wants to know what it would sounds like if Walken made them suck his dick. Kev: "What do you say when you cum?" Ralph: "Spiiiice"
1:27:15 Geek News: Wonder Woman role in Batman vs. Superman. Ralph sings WW theme.
Gal Gadot to star as Wonder Woman? Ralph: "Gal Gadot? Do doo de-do do" (Mahna Mahna)
1:31:16 Sony releases trailer for The Amazing Spiderman 2.
1:33:45 New X-Men movie announced: X-Men: Apocalypse.
1:34:57 Darth Vader selfie announces new Star Wars Instagram account
1:35:4Kevin and Ralph combine forces to do a Darth Vader impression. Ralph inadvertently impersonates incest.
1:36:40 Auctioning off Han Solo's original blaster.
1:38:32 Star Trek actor George Takei launches his own fragrance Eau My. Bottle.
1:40:35 James Covenant edits together Picard singing Let It Snow. Full video.
1:41:45 Liam Neeson's cock jokes.