Hollywood Babble-On 177: July 25, 2014

Episode: Link.
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Description: "Recorded LIVE during San Diego Comic Con weekend at The House Of Blues in San Diego, CA on July 25, 2014."
Runtime: 1:21:13
Recorded Fri, 25th July 2014
Released Mon, 28th July 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

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1:40 Kyle Hebert intro.

2:50 "Christmas for geeks."
3:50 Ralph sat on the Fox Movies panal, and the Batman '66 DVD/Blu release panal.
4:25 Julie Newmar (80) hit on Ralph. Ralph's fantasies. "Full souson of Bat-cock."
6:25 Kevin brings Kevin Conroy to the stage.
7:20 Kevin explains The Wayne FoundationJamie Walton twitter. Ralph chides Kevin on his verbiage.
9:00 Kevin Conroy speech. "Do it, or I'll find you ... and I'll really fuck you up!" Bat-fucks.
10:40 Kevin's preferred Bat-voice.
11:00 Shout-outs: Laura, Jay, Monica and Julian ... Laura "34H tits," wants Jay to propose to her and Al Pacino assists.
13:30 Jamie and Matt Walters from Australia gets Diplomatic Immunity, and lots of Aussies in attendance. The German's advise on how to surviva a Hall H line.
15:22 Tom and Leanne from Ireland celebrate their anniversary. Bowie birthday wishes.
17:40 Ralph back on Julie Newmar. Ralph references the Chelsea Award. "Then sadly, Burt Ward hit on me, too."
18:30 Josh and Katt ask Kev to marry them while they are in costume. "Get me a loaf and a fish!"
Batman Cacophany cartoon. "Let me get my Jesus on!" "We are gathered here today in this franchised eatery ...!" "Salmon."
23:35 Thor told off for fidgeting with his cape. Words become reality.
24:40 Kevin marries Josh and Katt. "For anal or vaginal ...!" "I, state my name." Mjolnir used as bible. Green Lanern oath. "OK, we got a show to do .. take it outside!"
28:50 Email bag: Brian from Pacifica, CA, shows Adam West in Jaws. (Image unavailable).
30:05 Pee-Wee Herman reads Kirk's eulogy for Spock.
30:50 Winnie The Bane or Banie the Pooh.
31:30 Arnie sings: The Candy Man.
32:35 Tinseltown Stiffs: Skye Bartusiak. Kevin references Fight Club. Clip unavailable.
34:45 Tinseltown stiff: James Garner. Ralph and Kevin both fond. Polaroid clips.
37:50 Ralph reveals that he uses a line of James Garner's regarding drinking.
38:20 Shit That Should Not Be: Larry Mormon sends in Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back. "You piece of shit!" "Hell yeah!" "Affleck's here!" Video unavailable. "BRAKE glass."
41:50 Exquisite Acting: Alex sends in John Malcovic's Russian accent in Rounders. "SPIES!" Video unavailable. "Pay that myan his myoney!"
44:20 Kev-In: (Comic-con). Images unavailable. Superman. '66 Batman. "Blobin." Kev Solo.
46:20 JJ. Abrams emails Kev about releasing details of Star Wars. "He's too fat to fly!" "File it, dude!"
47:56 HBO Headlines: Kevin burps. Tusk trailer online. #WalrusYes. Trailer played.
53:30 "I don't want to die in Canada!" Casting couch.
54:30 Weird Al Yankovic at #1 on the album charts. Ralph plays Aluminum Foil. UHF porn parody on the way.
56:45 Kevin Sorbo denied a cameo in the new Hercules movie.
57:45 Bill Murray free ice-cream social.
59:00 Justin Bieber moves into a new condo. Excessive noise, Police called 6 times, in 2 days. Citizens arrest advised. Ralph packing. "We'll get him."
1:01:30 Used wheelchair to cut in line at Disneyland.
1:02:40 Will Ferrell buys the rights to Manimal.
1:04:20 Movies That Will Suck: Vin Diesel's The Last Witch-Hunter. Warner Brothers Space Invaders Movie. Clip unavailable.
1:06:10 Geek News: Ralph's Geek stats. "I like suckin' dick, too!"
1:07:45 Joaquin Phoenix in talks to play Dr. Strange.
1:08:20 Batman pics revealed. "Ludo/Batman sad!"
1:11:00 "I fuckin' betrayed you, like Lando, dude!" Dr. Josh with a well-placed baby clip. Ralph demands his wedding gift back.
1:11:45 JJ Abrams Star Wars charity. It's an X-Wing! pilot discussed. Porkins.
1:14:20 HBO announces WestWorld remake. "Rusty dick."
1:15:40 Dwayne Johnson to play a DC character, not Green Lantern. Shazam.
1:17:50 Bullfightin' Batman. Batmanuel.
1:18:10 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. Girl Audio cut.

Hollywood Babble-On 176: July 18, 2014

Episode: Link.
SoundCloud: Link
Enhanced Show Audio Presentation: Link
Description: "Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on July 18, 2014."
Runtime: 1:33:30
Recorded Fri, 18th July 2014
Released Mon, 21st July 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 SModCO ads: DAVEschool.com

1:40 Kyle Hebert intro.

2:30 TMZ journalist vid "Alright, man, fuck off!" "I'm not going to be filmed, am I?!"
8:30 HBO TV-show pilot news update. (Sat 2nd Aug, rehearsal - Kevin's birthday. Sun 3rd Aug, filming). babble(dot)tv(at)aol(dot)com with details of name, age and days available.
11:39 Shout-outs: John and Laurie Ferrero went to SModCastle, The Lovitz and the Improv. Sean Connery gives birthday celebrations (3-way) to John. "Would you do it?" "... Yes." "The Edinbrough Bridge." "Pussy Galore ... and a GoldFinger!"
15:30 James Vertevek is a no show. Arnie sings A Spoonful of Sugar.
17:10 Ian from Sherman Oaks broke Ralph's heart. "He wasn't hiking in Death Valley ..." "Fuck The Cowboys!" U-Haul truck stolen."All you cowboy hats ... all your holsters." Ralph donates t-shirts. "Who are you, Oprah?!" Ralph challenges Kevin. "Shit just got real!"
19:40 Sam from Sydney, Australia attends with two HBO virgins. Dr. Josh getting married tomorrow. Mum Paula back in Australia. "Almost all 20 people you immitate. Al Pacino shout-out. "Nobody loves Paula."
22:50 Michelle from Germany has The Germans ward off homesickness.
25:10 Kevin was recently in Switzerland and explains "Grüezi." "That's my favourite Dustin Hoffman movie!"
26:14 Brian Pedrosa, Dulcinea, forensic anthropology, and ancient Egyptian crimes. Bowie shout-out. "Everything's gonna be alright." No sexy dance.
30:30 Email bag: Pedro from Brazil, sends in a Sexetera clip.
34:00 Matt Westphalen sends in Arnie and Lou Ferrigno.
35:10 Alex in Des Moines, Iowa revelas Kevin does a Winnie The Poo impression. "O bother!" Winnie The Bane. "Hodor."
37:30 Jared from Alberta sends in Pee Wee Herman doing The Untouchables speech.
38:22 Brian Angelo sends in Joaquin Phoenix's hidden forehead face.
40:40 Tinseltown Stiffs: Elaine StritchGolden Girls audition.
44:35 Exquisite Acting: Daniel Keane in Dublin sent in Tom Cruise in Far and Away.
46:18 Shit That Should Not Be: Tron PacMan. "Fuck you, Walt Disney! And your frozen head!"
48:30 Dynamic Duets: Elliot High sends in Total Eclipse of the Heart, by Bonnie Tyler.
52:30 SModCo ads: lootcrate.com/babble/ code: babble
54:10 Kev-IN: TronDrax "Friary," and Ape-kiss. "Oh my God, dude. You look like Gene Simmons!"
57:45 HBO Headlines: Kevin Smith announces Tusk release date (9/19). The Musk of Tusk panel at SDCC, with Tusk trailer.
59:55 Ralph will moderate the DVD/blu release of Batman '66. Ralph blows Adam West. "Don't use your teeEEeeth!"
1:01:45 NBC announces Peter Pan live. Cap'n Walken. "Now I'm shitting blood!"
1:03:50 Lindsay Lohan missing rehearsals in London.
1:05:10 Ralph reveals how Monty Python was for him. Parrot.
1:07:00 American Psycho: The Musical on Broadway. Rocky dies on-stage. Sly sings! Dolph sings!
1:09:55 Kim Kardashian app is the highest rated app. "This is the endtimes!" "What does a blowjob cost?"
1:12:45 Kim Kardashian fuckwit copycat.
1:14:45 Bobby Brown quitting the New Edition reunion tour. Walkoff. "This job is poison!" Brown-jokes.
1:17:15 Nebraska kid selfie. "Does he even know who those men are?"
1:19:00 Justin Bieber: with new best buddy, Chris Brown. "These 2 pieces of shit!" West Side of Canada! Working hardPlugged in. "Porn!" Cliff diving. "OooOOOoooOOOoooh!" Wetsuit. "How soft is this pussy?!"
1:23:34 Geek News: Thor is no longer a dude. "At one point, Thor was a frog!" She-Thor.
1:25:40 Falcon Captain America. "Increase his chances of dating a Kardashian."
1:27:00 Entertainment Weekly Age of Ultron cover.
1:28:05 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.

Hollywood Babble-On 175: Babble-On ComicCon Theater July 12, 2014

Episode: Link.
SoundCloud: Link
Enhanced Show Audio Presentation: Link
Description: "Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on July 12, 2014."
Runtime: 1:26:49
Recorded Sat, 12th July 2014
Released Mon, 14th July 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 SModCO ads: DAVEschool.com

1:40 Kyle Hebert intro.
2:30 Brief explanation of the UK shows, and mentions details of the London Hammersmith show (First four minutes lost; re-recorded tonight). "Lion-face! Lemon-face!"
7:15 Direction from Kevin Smith.
8:30 Re-recording in Progress - "World Famous Improv at the hilt instead of from London." Intro, Garmy chants and the Prince Charles Theatre mentioned. Star Wars set-start.
13:50 Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet due today.
14:16 Bit O' Babble: Alicia says it's Estaban's birthday. Batmobile bribery. New Babble next week.
15:05 Tinseltown Stiffs: Tommy RamoneBlitzkrieg Bop.
17:29 Tinseltown Stiff: Dave Legeno
19:10 Tinseltown Stiff: Paul Mazursky. Dr. Josh with crickets. Co-created The Monkees.
20:10 Tinseltown Stiff: John SpinksThe Outfield - Your Love. Ralph Garman explains vinyl. "Make 'em laugh, make 'em breakfast!" Ralph mimes. "I dare you to fuck the weirdo!" "Three or four times!"
25:09 Tinseltown Stiff: Bob Hastings. Ralph's new catchphrase: "Better than dying aged 50 in Death Valley!"
29:05 HBO Headlines: Justin Bieberv Sk8s! "That's eggs-septional!" "I hope it's Compton." "I got SWAG, yo!" "No, you don't." "Soft-boiled." 
33:33 Britney Spears voice without autotune. William Orbit defends. "Where are the eggs?!" Alien.
37:20 Geek News: DCTV. Flash/Firestorm. Costume discussed. Video (Thanks to @BrisVegasBatman).
43:10 Arrow adds The Atom. Brandon Routh fan in the audience.
45:15 SModCo ads: huluplus.com/babble
47:30 Almost Everything is Better with Batman.
49:00 Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet. (EP1 is on Fatman on Batman 66).
51:30 Voices: Lenore Case - Hannah. Blue Chip - Brian. D.A. Frank Scanlon - ?
54:25 Theme Music. (Page 3). 
55:25 Page turn (Page 4).
56:05 Next page (Page 5).
56:36 Page turn (Page 6).
57:29 Next turn (Page 7). "Yeah!"
58:23 Page turn (Page 8). Jim Chadwick in the audience.
59:56 Page turn (Page 10). "Gaaaaasss!" 
1:00:45 Next page (Page 11). "Foshillsh." Lenore gets direction.
1:02:55 Page turn (Page 12). 
Ralph directs Kevin.
1:05:10 Page turn (Page 15). Caesar's family at The Improv.

1:06:50 Page turn (Page 16). "Excellent reference!"
1:08:25 Next page (Page 17).

1:09:11 Page turn (Page 19). Ralph splutters.
1:10:30 Page turn (Page 20). "Mish Cashe." "Ehhh .. let's cut!" "Morgan Freeman." "I did it better in the car!"
1:13:40 Next page (Page 23). Frank Scanlon is a breathy homosexual. The Story of Kevin's Career.
1:17:30 Page turn (Page 24). Most guests leave stage. Trendle Park explained. "Oui, oui!" William Dozier referenced.
1:21:00 Next page. (Page 25). 

1:22:49 Page turn (Page 26). 
1:23:50 Next page (Page 27). Bat-fight. Last guest leaves.
1:24:33 Page turn (Page 29). "Facials." Thanks to Kevin and Ralph.

Hollywood Babble-On 174: June 28, 2014

Episode: Link.
SoundCloud: Link
Enhanced Show Audio Presentation: Link
Description: "Recorded LIVE in Vicar Street, Dublin on June 28, 2014."
Runtime: 1:33:21
Recorded Sun, 28th June 2014
Released Mon, 7th July 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

(Pics and videos unavailable).

0:00 Jay Mewes intros SquareSpace.com ad.

1:08 Kyle Hebert intro.
2:05 Garmy chants.

2:10 "I'm home!"
2:50 Kevin on previously unknown local strain; the realization of dreams.
4:10 Ralph loses the audience with a Loch Garman artifact. Declan chimes in. Kevin has a jizz rag.
5:35 Baked Kevin and the Man with the Violin Case (Brendan Gleeson). "Mad-Eye Moody!" Airplane secret door.
8:30 Shout-outs: "Sláinte!" Derek Dwer et al. made a piece of fan-art. (Image unavailable). Someone in the airport touched Kevin's junk.
11:35 Owen Boyle et al. draws attention to the fact everyone hates everyone else in Ireland. Adding the 'H.' Sean Connery on the exhtra 'h.' "Airtoight!"
14:00 Keith 'Hippie,' claims to be the biggest fan, and Ralph shoots him down. "Steffán!" "We found something they like ... cock!" More Margaritas theme features in Tusk.
16:30 Rob and Katie attend HBO for a second time. "Foile!" The Germans.
19:45 Sean McLeavey and wife celebrate their anniversary. Age of consent hurled about. Bowie appearance.
22:40 Robert, Darren, Robbie and Bert from Belfast at the Kevin Smith Jizz Pit. "Gonad Guinness." "Gay for Garman." Arnie sings Ding Dong The Witch is Dead from The Wizard of Oz.
25:59 Email bag: Ralph thanks Declan "Creaky Knees" Quinn. Ralph drinks acid. 
28:20 Ralph's Green Lantern Oath: Lou Ferigno.
29:20 Ralph advocates Baby Guinness.
29:55 John from Virginia on Kanye West at Bonaroo. Image.
30:50 Mark from Chicago would like Pee Wee Herman to perform the Dirty Harry speech. Baby Guinness taking effect. Guinness-Fairy.
33:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: Felix Dennis. Kevin partakes in a Baby Guinness.
36:45 Tinseltown Stiff: Patsy Byrne. (Clip Unavailable). Rik Mayall mentioned.
37:50 Tinseltown Stiff: Eli WallachMr. Freeze.
38:40 Tinseltown Stiff: Terry RichardsCairo swordsman. "You got one of those cupcake drinks!"
41:52 Exquisite Acting: Linda O'Brien sends in Burt Lancaster in The Swimmer. "You loved it!"
44:40 Shit That Should Not Be: Ben Clydesdale sends in Asterix Conquers America. Dicks in cartoons. "Let It Blow."
47:20 Dynamic Duets: Brian MacKeown asks for Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight and The Pips.50:20 Kev-In: Denise Dwyer made Kev Is Coming. Leprechaun King. Father Ked from CopOn Films.
53:35 HBO Headlines: Shia LeBeouf loses his shit. McDonalds Drugs. "Methy."
57:15 Gary Oldman with odd comments. "Not fond of blacks!"
59:45 Seth Rogen leads the US to war over the release of The Interview. Ralph mention Kim Jong-Il and the movie director.
1:02:10 Casey Kasem laid to rest.
1:02:50 The Queen visits the Game Of Thrones set. "Because she didn't earn it?"
1:03:40 Kim Kardashian's kid turns one year-old. KidChella. Khloe annoys the American-Indians.
1:06:30 Lindsay Lohan living in London. "Cocaine-Off," with Kate Moss.
1:07:55 Lana Del Rey gets her ass handed to her by Frances Bean Cobain.
1:08:55 Pearl Jam Daughter/Let It Go.
1:10:11 Sting announces that his children won't get any of his money when he passes. Ralph act out the kids role. " ... call The Police." "Monkeys in a zoo!"
1:13:00 Justin Bieber has car accident. "Wankah!" Bible study. "Ken doll."
1:15:35 Robin Thicke misses Paula.
1:17:45 Movies That Will Suck: (Drinks on-stage). "You look like a dog whoch has been given peanut butter!" Rambo 5.
1:20:50 Geek News: Netflix to create a DareDevil TV series.
1:22:30 Wizarding World of Harry Potter expanded; new rides open. Diagon Alley.
1:24:00 George Lucas Museum will be in Chicago, with his $1bn art collection.
1:25:05 Harrison Ford's injury may be worse than originally thought. "DISAPPOINTED!" "Flying Wall-E chairs." Possible Tom Cruise cameo in Star Wars 7. Kevin emailled about a possible Start Wars set visit.
1:29:00  "Pull my ass the fuck over." Delboy and Rodney.
1:30:25 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.

Dublin show notes - presented to show how Hollywood Babble-On is usually put together by Ralph, the day before performance.

Hollywood Babble-On 173: June 29, 2014

Episode: Link.
SoundCloud: Link
Enhanced Show Audio Presentation: Link
Description: "Recorded LIVE at the Birmingham 02 Academy on June 29, 2014."
Runtime: 1:28:48
Recorded Sun, 29th June 2014
Released Mon, 30th June 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

(Pics and videos unavailable).

0:00 Jay Mewes intros SquareSpace.com ad.

1:23 Kyle Hebert intro.
2:05 Garmy chants. 
3:10 Kev on being accosted at airports, and "Local Organics," and a Spider-Brum.
7:45 Raph and Kevin fight out about the music bed.
8:50 Spider-Brum.
10:00 Shout-outs: Nicholas Daniel advocates "Welcome to Brum! Put a dick in your bum!" "Bourneville Blvd. and Cadbury Close." Kev and Jen on UK toilets. Ralph does Rain Man.
12:45 Glyn Eastwood has his name admired by Kev. Baby scan Gay Ghost.
14:40 Kyle MacManus et al from Liverpool converses with other Liverpool folk. David Bowie birthday wishes for Adam and Kyle.
17:18 Alex and Phil on pre-stag do trip. Ralph unable to comprehend the name "Gill." The Germans on marital bliss and invading the püpen.
20:00 Steven from Ormskirk (Liverpool) and Suzanne admire Harrison Ford.
21:10 Ross and Hannah mention Sexcetera, which Ralph explains. Cop Out and Jersey Girl love/hate. Hannah has giant cans.
24:00 Arnie sings Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows.
25:29 Justin Van Cort sends in Ed Wynn dressed as the creepy clown. Creepy Clown brought out of retirement. (Images unavailable).
27:48 PeeWee Herman reads The Joker from The Dark Knight. 
28:50 Tinseltown Stiffs: Felix Dennis.
30:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Eli WallachMr. Freeze.
31:15 Tinseltown Stiff: Patsy Byrne. (Clip Unavailable). Rik Mayall mentioned.
32:40 Tinseltown Stiff: Terry RichardsCairo swordsman.
34:40 Shit That Should Not Be: Superman Kryptonian technology (Rolex). "Wrist-meat."
36:45 Exquisite Acting: Young Blood. Danny Garcia takes a swipe at Keanu Reeves' horrid French-Canadian accent. Christopher Walken impression.
39:25 Dynamic Duets: "Ball-zilla." James Taylor and Carly Simon - Mockingbird.
41:45 Kev-In: Jack and 'Oregano' on-stage. Silent Bob in Diamonds Are Forever. Joke filed. Silent Bob in Jaws. Silent Bob in Crocodile Bob-bee.
44:15 HBO Headlines: Shia LeBeouf loses his shit. "Celebrity Nutloafs." Arrest. "That's a Transformah!" "'Merica!" "Lied about being in the army!" "F." Shia's list of recent foibles. "Chasing after a homeless man who had a McDonalds bag."
51:30 Harrison Ford "Mmm ... I hope you get butt-raped."
51:45 Gary Oldman meltdown. Kevin on Oldman. "Rururu -- Put a coat on!" Christian Bale rant.
55:00 The Queen does the Christian Bale rant. Game of Thrones.
56:40 North Korea says the release of The Interview will be an act of war. "Fuck it! Kill him!" Kevin very complimentary. Ralph hates Madea.
59:20 Kim Kardashian "SLUUUT!" Baby franchise turns 1, this week. KidChella. "Ig-Nory." "Norphan." "A fucking prop." 
1:02:45 Khewbacca in a head-dress. "Little Big Horn!" Ralph against Kris Jenner.
1:04:10 Lindsay Lohan theme sung by the crowd. Ralph talks to Declan. Lohan in London. "Meat-flute."
1:06:10 Lana Del Rey tweeted by Francis Bean Cobain for her ridiculous comments on rockstars who die young. Unwanted Childen.
1:07:18 Justin Bieber theme sung by the home crowd, twice. Car accident.
1:10:15 Pearl Jam perform Daughter in Milan. Oscars.
1:11:55 Robin Thicke tries to get Paula back. Video unavailable.
1:13:35 Movies That Will Suck: Splendid Films announces Rambo 5, with Sly. 
1:15:15 Geek News: Netflix to create a DareDevil TV series. "Hottie McChocolateSkin." Ralph gushes over Rosario Dawson. Kevin on Clerks II. Charlie Brown.
1:17:30 Wizarding World of Harry Potter has Diagon Alley, and Escape of Gringotts. 
1:18:20 Harrison Ford's injury seems to be worse than originally thought. Kevin invited by J.J. Abrams to visit the SW7 set. "Oh, fuck."
1:21:45 "Pull my ass the fuck over." Delboy and Rodney.
1:23:40 Doctor Who season 8 announced. "Boo!" Trailer shown.
1:25:00 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.

Hollywood Babble-On 172: June 20, 2014

Episode: Link.
SoundCloud: Link
Enhanced Show Audio Presentation: Link
Description: "Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on Friday, June 20, 2014."
Runtime: 1:43:43
Recorded Fri, 20th June 2014
Released Mon, 23rd June 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 Smodco ads. DAVEschool.com
1:45 Kyle Hebert intro.

2:30 Kevin reads a tweet from Carlos Vasquez for Angél Hernandez. "Thank you, that is all."
3:30 old-out streak continues. "Rectally-fresh." Kevin less-than-comfortable. "Stowaway turd." "Air Force Number 2!"
4:50 Ralph calls Kevin out on his plugging via Twitter. SMod-teeth.
10:07 Shout-outs: "Mike Cock in the Morning." 
10:50 Peter Tassler celebrates son Zack's 20th birthday.
11:54 Anthony, John, Alan and Ryan attend Bot-Con. The Germans advise on how to have a good time in L.A. Ralph critiques the new movie. "What? No!" "Decepta-bullshit!"
16:10 Mike and Krysta couldn't make it. 
16:45 Ernest V. has been with his wife for 20 years. Huell Howser and the Spincter Fairy.
20:15 Eric and Molly celebrate Eric's 37th birthday. Molly pregnant. Sexy Kevin. Josh The Sound Guy ribs Kev.
22:35 Alex Rishé is mocked by Ralph. Daughter is a new doc. David Bowie wishes.
26:05 Email bag: Alan Berk sends in Sad Hulk. Ralph's Lou Ferigno impression; Kevin aggitated. "Fuckin' piece of shit, man!"
28:15 Arnold sings: Scooby Doo Where Are You?
30:20 Diego and Carina become parents. Bill Cosby family advice. 
31:20 Sean sends in Chocolatey Wolverine.
32:20 PeeWee Herman covers Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive.
34:34 Dynamic Duets: Brad Jackson sends in Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys ... by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.
36:50 Tinseltown Stiffs: Gerry Goffin. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
39:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Francis MatthewsCaptain Scarlet. "Looks like a fuckin' fleshlight."
41:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Casey Kasem. "Zoinks!" Batman. Snuggles. Ghostbusters mentioned.
47:28 Hollywood Helpers: Emma "Underwear Soup" Stone and Andrew Garfield shout-out their favourite charities.
49:17 SModCo ads. lootcrate.com/babble code: babble
51:30 Shit That Should Not Be: Lucas sends in Pearl Harbor. Kevin on Ben in Pearl Harbor.
54:52 Exquisite Acting: "Pretentious Turd," Possession. BatFleck mentioned.
57:40 KevIn: BabblRinthZoinks! Drunk and Smokier.
59:50 HBO Headlines: Ralph asks Kevin about Fathers Day. Bruce Willis' daughter tweets a photo of dad on Fathers Day. #FreeTheNipple discussed.
1:02:00 Three people arrested for disorderly conduct outside Tadolf Switlers house.
1:02:52 Netflix signs up Chelsea Handler. Ralph unamused, and yet, amused. "Knitting needles."
1:04:50 Justin Bieber "Let's get 'im!" to be charged with criminal vandalism for egg-throwing. Untouchables references. "Fabergé eggs!" "Death Penalty!" Kevin on the tourbus outside his house. "The guy with the FleshLight on the balcony ..." Jen throws an egg. "Fuckin' egg!"
1:09:50 True Blood musical on the way, for HBO. 
1:10:30 Rob Ford, The Musical casting. Ralph's Rob Ford sings Let It Snow.
1:11:25 Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile app takes a hit. PhotoTrailer. "Ouch, my asshole hurts!" Ralph and Kevin's Kardashian impressions. Kanye at BonnarooImage. "Where da press at?!" Kim's video critiqued.
1:18:20 Lindsay Lohan in London, still. Considering working in The West End.
1:19:45 LifeTime Network announces The UnAuthorized Saved By The Bell story. "I wanna know!" Ralph discloses some rumours. "He fucked one of her names right off her!" 
1:22:00 Miley Cyrus in trouble in Madrid, Spain. WhoringSlutting.
1:23:50 Movies That Will Suck: TransFormers takes another hit. Scooby Doo live action franchise to be rebooted. Felix The Cat annoys Ralph. Heathcliff takes a hit. "A cat with a purse." "Dinner in Asia." Silent Bob likes Felix, and wears a Felix cap in Clerks. Grumpy Cat movie takes a hit. Marylin Monroe Zombie Hunter. "Shut the fuck up!" 
1:30:40 Geek News: Harrison Ford recovering well after broken leg surgery. Ryan Johnson will write/direct Star Wars EP 8.
1:32:50 Aquaman to appear in Batman Vs. Superman.
1:33:55 Bob Kane to get a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Ralph runs through the list of names to get a star. Unimpressed by some names. "Fucking Snoopy." Kevin defends Felix and Snoopy. "Red Thing."
1:36:00 New Batman Unlimited Cartoon. Kevin liked Beware The Batman. Batman Tour cowls.
1:38:14 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. It's a Madhouse!

Hollywood Babble-On 171: June 13, 2014

Episode: Link.
Description: "Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on Friday, June 13, 2014."
Runtime: 1:38:40
Recorded Fri, 13th June 2014
Released Mon, 16th June 2014
Show notes by @Forgeticus

0:00 Smodco ads.
1:45 Kyle Hebert intro.
2:30 The LA Kings won.
4:00 Kevin told Haley Joel Osment he sees dead people.
6:04 Is there a record for sellouts at The Improv?
6:50 Shout-outs: Sebastian es from Chile, gets a picture. Chilean Jason Mewes/Kevin Smith.
11:30 Ilene from Norway is here to see Ralph and buy him a shot, basically...
15:45 Kara and Brian, celebrating her 30th gets Bill Cosby, Creepy Clown Time. Audience member terrified.
18:44 Rory and beautiful, sexy Cathy. Cathy wants to be Kev's dietitian.
Ralph: "She says she could help him throw away the fat pants, still smoke unlimited weed and eat the occasional chicken cheese steak."
Kev: "What the fuck makes you think I'm wearing fat pants?!" ..."That was a joke! I don't own fat pants. Who am I, John Travolta?" Germans give Rory an assist. Yusef buys a round.
22:10 Cathy also wrote in, and there is good news in Rory's future. Dick wrapped in kale. Bowie wishes Happy Anniversary. Fucking Berkeley hippies.
24:47 Email bag: Ray sends in Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow.
27:25 Colette sends in The Tonight Show doing Arnold Schwarzenegger singing Let It Go. Ralph's is way better. "They will be hearing from our lawyers."
29:15 Nathan wants to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger sing "The Rainbow Connection". 
31:19 Stephen from Ireland wants to hear Pee Wee Herman do the speech from Taken.
32:38 Tinseltown Stiffs: Ruby Dee. American Gangster clip. Kev wants to watch that movie.
35:24 Tinseltown Stiff: Rik Mayall, UK comedian. Clip unavailable.
37:25 Dynamic Duets: Shawn, professional karaoke DJ, requests The B-52's "Love Shack".
40:28 Exquisite Acting: Sylvester Stallone unintelligible in First Blood.
42:50 Smodco ads.
44:58 Shit That Should Not Be: Washs invisible steering wheel in Firefly.
46:53 Kev-In: Reboots: Ted, Twins, Xena: Warrior Princess.
49:09 HBO Headlines: Tracy Morgan injured in crash. Kevin has fond memories working with him. "He's the black Jason Mewes". Clip from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
56:35 Harrison Ford ankle broken by falling door on the Millennium Falcon. Phone interview.
59:10 Justin Bieber avoids robbery charge from that time he grabbed a woman's cell phone.
1:01:06 Bieber was baptized in a bathtub in NYC by pastor of the stars Carl Lentz.
1:03:20 Lindsay Lohan is partying in England. Ralph/Kev should fuck her. May get freckles removed.
1:05:36 I Wanna Marry Harry cancelled. "Who said 'woo!'? Get the fuck out." Worst ratings ever.
1:07:02 Glee star Lea Michele has a new boyfriend who is actually a male hooker. Couple. Website. Story.
1:08:55 Bill Murray crashes SC couple's engagement photo shoot. Photo.
1:11:40 Movies That Will Suck: Lifetime movie, Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever"I want the girl to die. I want the cat to die. I want the director to die. I want everyone involved in this project to die."
1:14:48 Music News: Lana Del Ray "wishes she was dead already".
1:16:38 Robin Thicke can't get over his ex wife. Names new LP, Paula, after her.
1:18:30 Mick Jagger has a new girl friend. Photo. Kevin mimes Mick Jagger on stage.
1:20:33 Psy (Gangnam Style) has a new song with Snoop Dogg, "Hangover". Don't watch.
1:22:22 Geek News: Super geek Tom Murphy puts Star Wars words in alphabetical order in this stupid video. Ralph is angry about this.
1:25:57 Australian builds first street legal Tim Burton Batmobile. Video.
1:28:36 Nikki Finke has layout for all the next DC movies. So does Kevin. Confirms this list.
1:30:45 Daredevil series coming to Netflix. Kingpin photo. As Private Pyle.
1:31:47 Spider-man statue in South Korea has a huge boner. Photo 1, 2. Artist refuses to change it.
1:34:00 Liam Neesons cock jokes.

Hollywood Babble-On 170: June 6, 2014

Episode: Link.
Description: "Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on Friday, June 6, 2014."
Runtime: 1:48:33
Recorded Fri, 6th June 2014
Released Mon, 9th June 2014
Show notes by @Forgeticus

0:00 Smodco ads,
1:45 Kyle Hebert intro.
2:35 He's Ralph Garman, professional comic book writer. Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet.
5:32 "Daddy don't get up till noon." "Who's Daddy?" "...I'm Daddy".
8:23 Shout-outs: Joshua and Darlene celebrating 10 years. Huell Howser congratulates.
10:55 Christian, photojournalist, is here but his bitch wife left him. Ralph wants to fuck.
14:00 David and Andrew wanna hear the Ealge's fight song by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
15:35 Mel and friends. IVF is discussed. Ralph jerked off in a cup, and on the freeway. http://www.gofundme.com/demskibaby
21:45 Jason & Jhon. Ralph takes issue with that spelling. Kevin apologizes for Ralph. Ooah
26:25 Email bag: Amanda's friend having her boobs reduced. Bowie sings farewell song.
30:40 Alan sends in Cheech & Chong meets Jay and Silent Bob mashup.
32:25 Louis sends in Wonder Woman Scissors.
33:06 Duvall wants to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger sing the Spider-man theme song.
35:29 Gillian sends in an inappropriate photo of Pluto in Disneyland.
36:10 Jacob Zeba animates another HBO clip, "Smith's Tits". Clip.
38:10 Dynamic Duets: Brenda requests the Brady Bunch theme. The guys add Alice.
41:22 Tinseltown Stiffs: Ann B. Davis. Brady Bunch nanny. Clip.
46:30 Smodco ads.
48:52 Hollywood Helpers: Jessica Alba threw a baby shower for military mothers.
50:37 Hollywood Helper: Charlize Theron didn't have cash, grabbed Sean Penn, then tipped $100 at Pink Berry.
53:07 Shit That Should Not Be: 60's Robin cant fake putting away the Bat Shield. Clip.
56:13 Exquisite Acting: Mykelti Williamson (Bubba) in 12 Angry Men. Kevin Files.
1:00:49 Kev-In: A Million Ways to Die in the West, The Full Monty, Batman.
1:04:30 HBO Headlines: Justin Bieber had 2 racists videos come out this week. Clip.
1:10:06 Smodco ads.
1:12:17 Kim Kardasian and Kanye wedding. New York Post great story photo.
1:14:04 Jayden Smith wears white Batman costume. "He's the hero nobody wants!" Painting.
1:19:23 Kendall Jenner looked up to supermodels. Celebrating 18th birthday by taking her top off.
1:21:36 Gwyneth Paltrow compares dealing with the internet to surviving a war. Thinks water has feelings.
1:24:50 Casey Kasem's wife, Jean, is fucking crazy. Throws raw hamburger, quotes scripture at his kids. Clip.
1:27:02 Detroit celebrates Robocop, builds huge ass statue.
1:28:56 Madonna is getting older. Doesn't recognize her chauffeur.
1:30:00  Miley Cyrus house broken into. Maserati stolen. Photo.
1:31:39 Geek News: Agents of Shield tour at Times Square. Captain America.
1:33:32 Thanos to be voiced by Josh Brolin. Still looking for Antman director.
1:36:49 Dr. Strange to be directed by Scott Derrickson. Photo. Ralph takes us into the darkness.
1:38:40 Star Wars 2nd standalone movie (maybe Han Solo) to be directed by Josh Trank. ...Rambo... Casting news. TMZ set photos. JJ Abrams responds to leak photos, posts some himself. Photo.
1:43:20 Liam Neeson's cock jokes.

Hollywood Babble-On 169: May 23, 2014

Episode: Link.
Enhanced Audio Vision: Link.

Description: "Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on Friday, May 23, 2014."
Runtime: 1:41:32
Recorded Fri, 23rd May 2014
Released Mon, 26th May 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 Smodco ads, DAVE School; DCentertainment.com - Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet.
3:10 Kyle Hebert intro.

4:00 Kevin has his Fat Pants on; Tusk is finished. Chicken cheesesteak. Kevin references rude tweeter.
6:55 Shout-outs: Alvin offers wife Emerald on-stage to give a hug. "Tent in the fat-pants."
10:45 Dean Taylor celebrates his birthday on his own. Ralph buys Dean a drink. Kevin offers a hooker. Sly Stallone pitches in.
13:45 Nick Folseca's friend emails in on his behalf. Arnie calls him an asshole.
14:45 Mike Loparda and Farron from Pittsburg, PA spit in Kevin's face. Celebrating being cancer-free for 1 year. Kevin's sexy voice. Brown-isms. "Hot dog in the bun."
18:45 Jacob and Phil explain their secret origins. The German's pitch in.
21:25 Faun throws friend-with-benefit, Billy, some. Al Pacino impressed.
24:09 Dena Hockenberry, Cassandra and Dennis get Kevin to work the pole for Dena's birthday, w/ David Bowie. "Huge!"
26:35 Email bag: Michael sends in movie-mashups.
28:03 Arnie Sings: The Witch Doctor.
30:10 Hunter Clarke sends in a water sprinkler.
31:00 Adam Kirke sends in the HBO Loyalty Card.
31:45 Dynamic Duets: Thomas in Madison, WI sends in Those Were The Days, (the All In The Family theme). Ralph has a drink.
34:20 Tinseltown Stiffs: Jerry ValePretend You Don't See Her.
36:53 Tinseltown stiff: Gordon WillisInterview.
39:25 Hollywood Helpers: #CapForStrat Twitter Update,
41:00 Exquisite Acting: Randy sends in Robert De Niro as Famous Leader.
44:00 Shit That Should Not Be: Frank from Brooklyn, NY, Die Hard 2 (Black actor with white hand). (Video unavailable).
46:44 SModCo ads: LootCrate/Babble.
48:50 Kev-In: Kev-ZillaThe Doors by Matt Rob. Ghost.
53:15 HBO Headlines: Lindsay Lohan in the VIP room with her brother.
55:45 Expendibles 3 waltz at Cannes. Ralph re-enacts. "Beard." Travolta. Gay Ghost.
59:20 Justin Bieber parties shirtless at every party. Offered $1m from Larry Flint for an ad. "Wearing a grape."
1:01:00 **first appearance** Justin Slaughter sends in a Kimye theme. Kim and Kanye getting married on Saturday, The Wedding of the Century! Amber alert. Facial.
1:06:10 Kendall Jenner can't read.
1:07:40 Willow Smith draws the attention of the law.
1:09:00 Burger King ditching their slogan: "Be your way." "BOO!" "Living the Burger King lifestyle." "Eat up, Fatass!"
1:11:40 McDonalds Happy Meal character.
1:12:45 Arsenio Hall in the running to own The LA Clippers.
1:14:00 Ryan Seacrest sings on American Idol.
1:16:15 Black Magic Mike, "Chocolate City" announced. Ralph moist.
1:17:00 Jon Bon Jovi wants to move the Buffalo Bills to Toronto. "Give The Bills a break!" "Fuck you!"
1:19:00 Madonna leeches onto Katy Perry. "Elderly aunt." "Elder abuse." Ralph feels Madonna is embarrassing herself. Ralph promises an S&M photoshoot. "Glom-on."
1:21:00 Memorial Day celebrated. Farrah Abraham celebrates a month as she gives her $0.02. "Those words were strung together ..."
1:23:45 Geek News: Edgar Wright is leaving Ant Man. Kevin will investigate.
1:26:15 Batman 5 Superman: Dawn of Justice. David Goyer (Podcast available in link), called She-Hulk a porn star. Martian Manhunter.
1:32:00 JJ Abrams and Star Wars: Force For ChangeTime Line.
1:35:00 Hugh Jackman wants an X-Men/Avengers crossover. "No."
1:36:30 Working Wolverine claws.
1:37:30 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.

Hollywood Babble-On 168: May 16, 2014

Episode: Link.
Enhanced Audio Vision: Link.

Description: "Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Brea, CA on Friday, May 16, 2014."
Runtime: 2:05:04
Recorded Fri, 16th May 2014
Released Mon, 19th May 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 Smodco ads, DAVE School.
1:35 Kyle Hebert intro.

2:20 Ralph functioning at 47%, as he went to the premiere of A Million Ways to Die in the West. Ralph goes to the After Party. Ralph dropping names all over; Charleze Theron, Sean Penn et al. "No pictures!" "Smile, prickly!" Hatey/Haiti. "Yeah, that was funny." "... and now I'm here with you."
9:50 Spiccoli references. Liam Neeson's cock waiting tables.
11:10 Shout-outs: Josias Arebalo of The Comic Syndicate has Al Pacino let HBO virgins Leah, Tony and Farrah know what they are in for.
14:45 Gabriel Gonzales causes Ghost references. Wife Liz's birthday. The German's explain Scheiße ..
18:47 Nate The Cyclops gets his shout-out read out, finally. Kevin makes advances toward sister Rachel. "Butterchurning." Pun-off.
22:20 Evan and Caley celebrate Caley's 21st birthday. "We don't need your life story!" "She looks like she's about 12 ..." "Rectal exam practice dummy." "Nnnnrrrrrrghhhhh!" "Changin' tires at the Indy 500!" "How tight is your asshole?!" "David Bowie singing to Caley for her birthday, and she likes to finger-fuck her boyfriend."
28:10 Jack Daniels fairy sent by Sir Nicole.
29:00 Email Bag: Adam Schaff from Australia sends in a Ralph/Justin Bieber mashup.
30:40 Anthony sends in the Justin Bieber camper van. Kevin thanks Ralph for using "Finger-fuck."
32:00 David Riley sends in Arnie to sing Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast.
34:50 Brent Walker sends in Lego Ghostbusters.
36:00 Freelance Guy sends in Kevin's Night of the Lupus (Video unavailable). Bunny Eating Raspberry.
38:00 Dynamic Duets: Noah Schevallier sends in the Three's Company theme. False-start.
41:15 Tinseltown Stiffs: H. R. GigerBrain Salad SurgeryAlien,
45:00 Hollywood Helper:  The Cast of The Avengers. #CapForStrat "Show him the film and then ... *BOOM!*"
50:30 Shit That Should Not Be: Prad Blazic sends in Rain Man.
54:00 SModCo ads: Harry's Quality Shave Products. Promo code: babble
55:55 Exquisite Acting: Wayne Clarke sends in DarkMan. "Take the fucking elephant!"
58:08 Kev-In: Kev-LudoKev to the Future. Smithon and Garmanfunkel.
1:01:42 HBO Headlines: Casey Kasem disappeared and reappeared. "Waterskiing in Washington." 
1:05:25 Justin Bieber is a Batman Villain, at this point. Attempted robbery. "King Friday." Kevin praises and berates Ralph. Property laws discussed. "Death penalty!"
1:12:30 The Plastics - You Want To Be One Of Us.
1:15:50 Solange Knowles attacks Jay Z. "Hello, everyone!" "Whuuuuuuuuuuuut?!"
1:22:00 Willow Smith joins a cult, Osho. Lovitz takes a hit. "'Trees are blue.' Fuck you!"
1:27:30 Kim Kardashian get a wall of flowers.
1:30:20 Lindsay Lohan theme missing, and Kevin performs it. Ralph mocks the leggings that Lindsay allegedly failed to promote.
1:32:45 John Hamm gets his own statue at Madame TussaudsSelfie.
1:35:15 EuroVision Conchita Wurst - Rise Like A Phoenix. "It's his beard!"
1:40:30 Miley Cyrus in LondonDollNeeson.
1:44:20 Cop Out Vs. Sharktopus.
1:44:45 Batfleck sad! Kevin on The Dark Knight Returns. Kevin on the upcoming BatPromotion. Kanye sad60's Batfleck. "I was da bomb in Phantoms, yo!"
1:51:40 Live-action Batman: The Animated Series.
1:52:50 Channing Tatum to play Gambit in the upcoming X-Men movie.
1:53:35 Boca Raton real estate. Flight Deck. Kevin not so much a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but The OG series.
1:55:00 Star Wars to be released on Blu, VOD untinkered. Harrison Ford to return to Blade Runner. "I'm tired and drunk!"
1:57:00 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.