Hollywood Babble-On #204: March 13, 2015

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Description: "Recorded LIVE at the Improv in Hollywood, CA on Mar 13, 2015."
Runtime: 1:38:19
Recorded Fri, 13th Mar. 2015
Released Mon, 16th Mar. 2015
Show notes by @HBOhelper

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0:30 Kyle Hebert intro.
1:20 Fact checking campaign afoot. Theresa Chapman is celebrating her 60th birthday tonight. "Rage and Silent Bob." Kevin thinks that the Cougar soundclip was actually Ralph's impression.
4:40 Clerks III news: To be filmed in Pittsburgh, PA. Hit Somebody mini-series, Moose Jaws and upcoming Mallrats sequel in the works. Kevin recalls a Jim Jacks story. "Mallrats II: Die Hard in a mall."
9:20 Kevin on Kevin James and Michael Moore. "I know they're talkin' 'bout me, ma!" 
10:30 Shout-outs: "Happy birthday, ma'am!" The Omen referenced. Alicia and Wesley amidst confusion. Celebrate Alicia's 26th birthday with Christopher Walken.
13:00 Donovan et al. celebrate the Glourious 37! Girlfriend embarrassed and furious. Ryan told to go fuck himself as Pee Wee Herman. 
14:50 Dynamic Duets: Thank You For Being A Friend. Email from Ryan.
17:50 Dan Ringy and Chelsea celebrate Dan's wrapping of his film, Dirty. Deets given. Ralph's promotion on Yoga Hosers. Jay - Rogue Cop. The Germans help out Dan.
22:00 Louie Calvillo attending with nephew Jimmy, apparently from The Bronx. Jimmy takes a hit.
24:40 Email bag: Tom Colos sends in proper banana procedure memo. Email image unavailable. Hecklers. 
28:10 Inappropriate Toys: Down to Clown, "Sure Jimmy." Pirate vagina slide.
29:40 Arnie Sings (The 80's): Walk Like An Egyptian by The Bangles.
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33:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: Sam Simon
35:50 Tinseltown stiff: Terry PratchettPetition
37:20 Tinseltown stiff: Irwin HasenWildCat. "One more year!"
39:00 Tinseltown stiff: Jimmy Greenspoon. Ralph on Three Dog Night. "Joy to the W ..." "It's all fuckin' nonsense bullshit!" Drunk.
41:30 Hollywood Helper: Superheroes. Chris Pratt and Chris Evans are too nice to kids. StarlordSheild crushLimbitless SolutionsFull video. Heckler.
46:30 Shit That Should Not Be: Phil Berry sends in The Salt Reactor documentary. Still. Ralph takes a swipe at The Phantom Menace.
49:40 Exquisite Acting: The Bunker, featuring Anthony Hopkins as Hitler. Louis Black.
51:30 HBO Headlines: Harrison Fords planecrash was the fault of the plane, not the pilot.
53:15 Sarah Brightman in Phantom of the Opera. Going into space for 10 days. "Go fuck yourself!" $51m. I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper.
57:20 Judge Judy renews contract for $47m a year. Hot Bench, "shits on a glass table."
59:20 Robin Thicke loses a shedload of cash. "$7.3m is going to the Gayes." Happy mashup. "Gayes in Spaaaace!" "Dirty Gayes in Space!"
1:02:16 Bill Cosby sends an email blast to his fan. "Would you like a cappucino?!" Kevin does Fat Albert. Ralph does Russell. Video.
1:05:00 Kim Kardashian colored her hair blond! Egads! GelflingSecret Origins
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1:07:40 Paolo as KimJulia Roberts50 Shades of Paolo. Kevin quizzes Ralph on his sexuality.
1:09:55 Kanye West track leaked. Awesome. Awful. HBOHelper hates vocoders. Ralph references Dana Carvey and Chopping Brocolli. "Everything is fuckin' awesome!" "The way that you gave that kid that arm ..."
1:13:00 Kanye West Yeezus Tour air. "He's so awesome! Now I'm blonde!"
1:14:15 Anonymous targets Kanye West.
1:15:30 Lindsay Lohan tweets "all-day n-words." Worst. Photoshop. Ever. Zoom.
1:17:30 Better Call Saul chat. Pizza.
1:19:30 Movies That Will Suck: Disney's Dumbo Live Action remake via Tim Burton. Johnny Depp injured on Pirates 5.
1:22:00 First Mexican Bond girl. Ralph's Gringlish. Kevin wants to be the Bond Girl. New Ghostbusters on the way. Midget Ghostbusters. "El bustero ghosto!"
1:24:42 Justin Bieber turns 21. Rents private island. PartyingDork. "Lesbian Lumberjack." Lira Galore. "hide your belongings!"
1:27:00 Star Wars dates and title. "Jar Jar Ghosbuster!"
1:29:00 Ultimate Marvel Marathon. "Fuck you, Thor!"
1:31:15 Supergirl revealed.
1:32:20 Gotham talk. Jada Pinkett Smith not returning. Cobra Commander gets the keys to the city of Springfeild, MA. Dirty Dan Ringy gets chided by Kevin and Ralph. Hitler given the keys to the city.
1:35:30 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. IslandKeep off the grass.