Hollywood Babble-On #203: February 27, 2015.

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Description: "Recorded LIVE at theImprov in Hollywood, CA on Feb 27, 2015."
Runtime: 1:40:21
Recorded Fri, 27th Feb. 2015
Released Mon, 2nd Mar. 2015
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 SModCo ads - DAVEschool.com, Netflix Ralphie Mays - Unruly.

2.10 Kyle Hebert intro.

3:00 An Evening With Kevin Smith! Kevin shouts out @DashRunFast (at Brea). "Kevin's face is on the wall!"
5:17 Shout-outs: Shaven-headed Alyssa and husband Brent are right up front. "Why you go no hair?!" V For Vendetta referenced. Sinead O'Connor referenced. Al Pacino shout-out. "Ñuk-ñuk-ñuk!"
8:40 Eric, Linus and Tobias from Stockholm, Sweden. Ralph attempts Swedish. "L.A. Connections." In L.A. 1 lady - 26,000 guys. Linus' blanket. The German's shout-out. Kevin detracts from the conversation by mentioning Jesus' mention on A Charlie Brown Christmas. Big cocks all 'round!
14:40 Vita and Phillip from Canada, via Latvia. Ex b/f = friends, in Canada. Shout-out to brother in Latvia. "There's like, 8 people in Latvia!" Huell Howser shouts-out brother, Kaspars.
17:30 Luka Kuns has a famous sister: the Liam Neeson's Cock girl. Sean Connery shout-out. "Would you like a Goldfinger?" Bond puns. "No, wait, that was Roger Moore."
19:25 Angela and Mike. "What country are you from?" "Riverside!" Kev-Ins: Kev-Man50 Shades of Babble. "I'm just the guy in the corner, shaking."
20:40 Tiffany, Anthony and Bret welcomed. Psych-Wards questioned. Sexy Kev. "Psych!"
22:30 Damian et al. in the nosebleed seats. "Party!" David Bowie sang by Kev. Ralph dances. "Devil's fivesome." Kevin protects Wendy's chastity.
28:00 Email bag: Pee Wee Herman quotes Darth Vader before the Light Saber battle.
29:15 Kanye West blasted by Steel Panther.
31:00 Inappropriate Toys: Tinkerbell, 12Poo Dough. "Fuck you, take all my money!" "Throw it like a fucking monkey!"
33:05 Kevin as Indiana Jones.
34:15 Chelsea in Sacremento asks for Arnie to sing We Didn't Start The Fire by Billy Joel.
36:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: Louis JourdanBond
38:15 Tinseltown stiff: Ben Woolf.
40:00 Tinseltown stiff: Leonard Nimoy. Life discussed. The Wrath of KhanLast tweet. Ralph tells of meeting Leonard.
46:00 Shit That Should Not Be: Dexter. Kevin returns to Leonard Nimoy, and compliments Willam Shatner.
49:15 Exquisite Acting: David Carusso in Session 9. "Fuck you."
51:45 SModCo ads: Netflix Ralphie Mays - Unruly.
52:35 HBO Headlines: The Oscars discussed. Kevin on the Oscars. Ralph impressed with Lady Gaga. Ralph interested in the Razzie Awards.
57:20 Lady Gaga, Julie Andrews on Star Wars. American Horror Story: Hotel news. Teaser.
58:30 Christie on Gaga. Wow. "That jigaboo music ..." "She's bringing it back ..."
1:01:20 John Travolta at the Oscars. Hair hatTouchy. ScarJoZoomZoom"I'm gonna wear you ..."
1:04:30 Madonna NO CAPES! Marketing by Madonna. "500!" "Madonna jerky."
1:07:13 Kardashian's new deal for 4 more years for $100m. "Klamidia, Kleptomania, Kanker and Rue." Bruce Jenner. "Khloe and Kourtney Take Tampons!" Bruce Jenner thrown out of the Improv. Dr. Josh - "He was being a dick." Bruce Jenner charges dropped. "Yeah!" "CHiPs." "Driving HUA." "TransJenner." "File!" "Jenner, I Hardly Know Her."
1:12:00 Netflix Original series': Danger Mouse, Inspector Gadget et al. Theme played.
1:13:30 Lindsay Lohan: "Points for sheer balls." Community Service discrepencies. To be celebate for 1 year.
1:15:20 Justin Bieber: "Justin, Justin!" Moving, $35K PCM, Beeb.
1:17:30 Harrison Ford returning for the Blade Runner sequel. Ralph unimpressed. Kevin reveals seeing Blade Runner for the first time in 1982.
1:19:25 Power Rangers Fan video a hit. 
1:21:40 ScarJo releases a new strack, Candy. "The brown widow." Band-name already taken. Vince unimpressed.
1:24:30 Jaden Smith releases new track, Melancholy. Which samples Breathe, by Pink Floyd.
1:26:30 Geek News: CBS Supergirl cast announced.
1:29:00 CatWoman bisexual.
1:29:30 Stephen Merrill, 31. ObituaryZoom.
1:31:00 Electra Woman and Dyna Girl to be rebooted. Theme.
1:32:50 Avengers: Age of Ultron poster released. Aquaman.
1:35:14 Renardo García is The Green Lantern. "Still better than Ryan Reynolds!"
1:36:20 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. CrimeHouse.