Hollywood Babble-On #202: Babble Eve, 2014

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Description: "Feb 22, 2015 - Recorded LIVE at the Brea Improv to record the final moments of 2014 on 12/31/2014 at 10:00 PM."
Runtime: 1:29:54
Recorded Wed, 31st Dec. 2014
Released Mon, 23rd Feb. 2015
Show notes by @HBOhelper

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2:15 Kyle Hebert intro.

3:05 Ass-grabbin'. 2014. Awesome or an assful? Drunk Gwen.
4:15 Upcoming Smith movie news, specifically Clerks III and Yoga Hosers. Fake Canada (Downtown Los Angeles). Johnny Depp - The Anti-Bruce.
7:35 Kevin tells how he chose Ralph as Michael Parks replacement, and Ralph's bad hair year. "Jersey Shore!"
9:35 Kevin on interaction with Johnny Depp in his trailer. Democracy. Depp's dick-nose. Upcoming Garman and Depp.
12:00 "I know all seven of his impressions!" "Dick Trickle."
13:05 Shout-outs: "That's I got Johhny Depp." Ralph - One-show drunk, already. Sarah Astin from Adelaide and husband Scott finishing a five-week honeymoon. Didgeridoo/Lightsaber. "G'day."
15:50 Kevin's lightsaber conversation: how the lightsaber operates. "Acid-sword." "No." 
17:55 Gustavo y sus amigos están en El Improv. "Tim." "Goose." "In jail." "Victorville." "Clark." "No guy has a best friend who is a woman." Kevin compliments his wife. Sexy Kev steps in, with Sexy Sylvester Stallone. X-Wing/Death Star trench.
Ralph yodels.
22:15 Charles "Chuck," Dunham from Albequerque, NM, leaves his kids to go to Disney. Sexy Kev explorin' out-pipe. "Small World."
25:00 Pele and Lars from Denmark have their idiom critisized. "Hej." "Natural Habitat." Al Pacino with Danes for dames advice." "Great Danes."
27:45 Mark, Chrissie et al. no-show. Fake Canadians. "Is that the one with the guy who is angry at everything?" 
29:05 Andrew and Allie from Sherman Oaks at Brea. Allie has Walken lessons. Pulp Fiction ass watch speech. "More cowbell." Andrew asks for a New Years kiss. "Fuck, no!" Then yes.
31:45 Matt and Chrissie from Buena Park in attendance. Matt advised against sending in an email. Bowie dance.
34:45 Email bag: William from Jersey City would like Pee Wee to perform Sweet Transvestite from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
36:20 David sends in the Hyundai wish balls: Babble the fuck on.
37:30 Craig sends in Bryan Christ. "Fat Jesus."
38:10 Paul Quinn sends in Tongue Punch My Fart Box.
39:08 Tao Strick from Holland made an Arnold video, singing Hard Knock Life. "Is Holland near Denmark?" "No."
41:00 Adam wants Arnie to sing Car Wash. "OoooOOOOoooooOOOOoooooh!"
42:35 Tinseltown Stiffs:  Luise RainerThe Great Ziegfeld. "Humble Chinese peasant." Wrong video played. Ralph cuts. 
46:10  Tinseltown stiffs: Edward Hermann. Pic. Filmography mentioned briefly. Kevin' first cable experience.
47:30 Tinseltown stiff: Joe CockerWith A Little Help From My Friends. Gwen is loaded. John Belushi mentioned, again. Richard Gere talked about.
51:20 Tinseltown stiff: Christine CavanaughBabe. Bummer.
52:45 Top 20 Most Charitable stars read. Hollywood Helper: Chris EvansVideo
"Take this gillyweed ..." "Attention and tax write-off." "Deep throat/Red Skull."
57:00 Shit That Should Not Be: Anchorman 2Still.
59:00 Exquisite Acting. Arnold sends in Talia Al Ghul's deathRemix.
1:01:20 HBO Headlines: 27 minutes left of 2014. Most successful actors of 2014.
1:03:45 The Interview released on Christmas morning. Rogen and Goldbergwww.seetheinterview.com
1:04:40 Dustin Diamond arrested on Christmas. Stabbed a dude. Mugshot. "Screech stabbed a dude ..." "Professional Clown." Lolli PopMugshot.
1:06:30 Ralph on Christina Aguilera. Douchebag friends. "Don't you know who I am?!" Ralph's Mickey Mouse impression. Joked filed. From Mickey.
1:08:15 Kim Kardashian airtight. Wants new kid. Smiling causes wrinkles, apparently. Worst neighbour list. These two twats are on it! Hurray!
1:10:00 Justin Bieber's plane. Lies, lies, lies. O Canada!
1:12:00 Lindsay Lohan Mosquito illness. 
1:13:22 Sebastian Bach live. "Fuckin' Google that shit!"
1:16:00 Geek News: Doctor Who news. Netflix casts Luke Cage. Third Burton Batman movie suitBatpole.
1:18:20 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. X-Ray.
1:19:50 Kevin on Harley; Harley at Disney. Kevin texts Harley. No Chelsea Award winner. Ralph considers Bieber. Jay working out for Clerks III. Kevin reads a disturbing shout-out. Shout outs to Dr. Josh and his wife, Producer Gaby, Jen Schwalbach, Kari Garman and the HBO audience, Words of inspiration from Ralph.
1:27:50 Jen to stage. 
1:28:18 Happy 2015!

Hollywood Babble-On #201: February 13, 2015.

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Description: "Recorded LIVE at the Hollywood Improv on Feb 13, 2015."
Runtime: 1:34:17
Recorded Fri, 13th Feb. 2015
Released Mon, 16th Feb. 2015
Show notes by @HBOhelper

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2.30 Kyle Hebert intro.
3:20 Valentines Eve! Mulder passed, "Mulder's Mom." Valentine's gift. Kevin buys underwear; unaware of bra-sizes. "Small, medium and large." Kevin's gift to Ralph: He came to the show, tonight.
6:05 Kevin and MulderRedditTOO MUUUCH!!! "His dog was fuckin' alive!" Kevin on Mulder.
11:45 Toast for Mulder. Kamikaze for Kevin. CryBaby sounder from Dr. Josh. "They should call it a Ralph Garman."
13:50 **first appearance** Babble-On Bingo: Ralph has tallied 113 voices. Prize: Jawbone bluetooth speaker. "You have a 72-inch cock."
15:36 Shout-outs: "That was for you, Mulder." Ms. Dwyer is back (By Philip Jackson)! Ms. Cole in attendance, too!
17:32 Shawn Walker sends in Heather's artwork.
19:30 Taylor Watkins and Amanda Hyers celebrate Amanda's birthday. Huell Howser on Pi Day. 
21:20 Jason and Tiffany on Ludo Saaad! Tiffany unaware. "AwoooOOOoooOOOooo!" 
24:40 Travis from West Virginia counts Ralph and Kevin as his first California Friends. Ralph: "Nope!" Telemarketing - Senator from West Virginia. Sexy Kev helps a bi-bear out. Kevin enquires as to the teachers marital status.
27:55 Ryan and Janee have Janee's name scrutinized by Ralph. "J!A!N!I!E! SO WE ALL FUCKING KNOW IT'S JANIE!" Mutual HBO listeners. Marvel Vs. DC:
31:22 Ben Curtis and Adrianna to the stage. Christopher Walken assist. "You're talking over me!" Ben Curtis and Adrianna engaged! 
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36:20 Email bag: Pee Wee's monologue: Alec Baldwin's ABC from Glengary Glenross.
38:15 Inappropriate Toys: Cassie sends in the Valentines ruler. Neil Colbert sends in the toilet.
39:45 Arnie sings: Tainted Love.
41:20 Tinseltown Stiffs: Joe MauldinThat'll Be The Day. "He's 17. He looks 50!" 
43:50 Tinseltown stiff: Ed_SabolThe Autumn Wind. Raiders fans.
46:20 Tinseltown stiff: Gary OwensRowan and MartinSpace Ghost.
48:00 Shit That Should Not Be: The Whore of Thor. "The fuck, man?!" "Silent Paul." "Thanks Craig."
50:06 Exquisite Acting: Ralph blasts Santa Fe, New Mexico. "It's a butthole." Native American entertainment. Ralph entertains Kevin as he drinks. "We call you Man with Sour Face." "And your vagina!" End of Days. Video runs over.
54.30 HBO Headlines: Beck wins the Grammy for Album of the Year! Fuck you, Kanye! "Respect artistry." Dick. "He ain't have album of the year." WritersShirley MansonOpen LetterKanye Love. Request over-ruled! "Respect that artistry!" Seating.
59:45 Kim Kardashian: Love Magazine interview: Claims she never launched her career from sex-tape. "Ask my fucking back account what I do." "We have more episodes than I Love Lucy." Ralph's shit/gold analogy. Pees on her spanx. "Wizards sleeve."
1:03:10 Taylor Swift annoyed with former guitar teacher. URLs purchased. Head. Puns.
1:05:45 SModCo ads: harrys.com code: babble
1:08:45 Emile Hirsch chokes out a female executive. 
1:10:15 Slow week for Bill Cosby: Just 3 women came forward this week. 
1:11:30 Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show. Ralph plugs HBO for Comedy Central. The Red Baron mentioned.
1:13:55 The Croft Brothers on Amazon TV for Sigmund and the Sea Monster reboot.
1:15:30 Miley Cyrus: Never at a porn festival. What. The. Actual. Fuck? "I get more turned on looking at my pudgey little dick."
1:17:30 Movies That Will Suck: Halloween franchise recalibration. 
1:19:15 Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan share the same lawyer. Lack of community service made apparent.
1:21:00 Three-boob lady got a DUI. Men Serve Women. This sucks ass. "Still better than 50 Shades of Grey."
1:22:50 Geek News: Kevin's mother going to see 50 Shades of Grey. Marvel and Spider-Man together, once more! Ralph gives details.
1:26:00 Deadpool costume hint. "Security." 
1:26:50 NASA Photo.
1:27:35 Gordon Deacon funeral. Procession. Greeting"Margaret?!" "Bolt the doors and start shooting!"
1:29:25 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. Stud Undies. Bingo uncliamed. Al Pacino voiced, with Yoda, Stallone, Fries Girl and Dr. Steven Hawking.

Hollywood Babble-On #199: February 6, 2015

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Enhanced Show Audio Presentation: Link
Description: "Recorded LIVE at the Hollywood Improv on January Feb 6, 2015."
Runtime: 1:30:03
Recorded Fri, 6th Feb. 2015
Released Mon, 9th Feb. 2015
Show notes by @HBOhelper

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1:50 Kyle Hebert intro.

2:35 Kevin auto-fellates himself as part of the MCU. Kevin gives details of his work at Marvel. "Security Man and Announcer Boy."
6:20 Shout-outs: Ralph performing with the lurgee this evening. Barry White-like. Al Pacino as Barry White.
7:30 Brad Hammond et al. from Toronto at The Improv, on a bachelor party. Chided by Ralph because S/O is at Vegas. "They're getting fucked!" The Germans talk about marriage. Gambling with condoms. "Shreee-way!" Kevin grills Andrew. "Not expensive as your divorce is gonna be!" "How was your show last night?"
12:20 Clayton and Kendra celebrate four years together. Al Pacino relationship advice. Kevin comments on fighting with Jen last week. "He's not askin'!" "The armpit."
14:45 Kevin Smith writes in. Kev freaks out. NotThatKevinSmith. Graveyard shift 911 operators. "Done harm to one another." "Depressing and thankless." Ralph comments on the Detroit 911 operator. "These fuckers!""Stop calling!" 
18:40 Bane calls 911 with a spatula stuck in his ass. "Sideways." "Put a guy on the phone." "Aunt Jemima." Mrs. Butterworth touched upon. Christian Bale as operator. "Ummm ..." "Fuckin' spatula!"
22:30 Kevin enquires on the job. 
24:20 Douwie and Christie from Melbourne, "Rate wicked." 
25:39 Green Lantern Oath: Adam West.
27:55 Supercouple Donna and Kyle "Did you have a spatula stuck in your calf?" Three jobs/three kids. Uber pizza. "You're gonna get fucked tonight!" "Send in a sub." Huell Howser on ladyparts.
30:29 Mikkel et al. with delayed reaction. "Yeah, it's weird." "It's not Michael by the way." Bowie welcomes.
33:25 Email bag: Tyler Harden asks for PeeWee to read from Full Metal Jacket. "Kevin Smith: Most Likely To: Sucks Rancid Hobo cock." Dark PeeWee.
35:50 Pete from Crossville, AL sends in his son singing the Bieber theme.
36:45 Jeffrey sends in Tadolph Switlers belly button. 123. "Shake it off."
38:05 **first appearance** Heath Allen sends in an Inappropriate Toys theme: "Just Wrong." I Poop Jewels."
40:20 Kelly asks for Arnie to sing Falco's Der Commisar (English).
42:05 Tinseltown Stiffs: Richard BonehillJedi. "That was a mask?!" "Let the brothers out of Bespin."
44:45 SModCo ads. proflowers.com code: babble.
46:40 Hollywood Helpers: Batman and Wonder Woman. Michael Keaton breaks up basketball fight and referees match. Sophia kicks cancers ass.
49:05 Shit That Should Not Be: The RescuersStill.
51:25 Exquisite Acting: Nicolas Cage in Matchstick Men. "Special Needs Orphan." "Pissed blood!" Kevin praises Nicolas Cage.
53:30 HBO Headlines: Suge Knight pleads not guilty in hit-and-run. "Allegedly." "They put The Avengers on his floor."
55:40 Red Power Ranger kills a guy with a sword.
57:15 Gary Glitter found guilty of underage sex crimes. Glitter music at sporting events.
58:30 Bill Cosby hires decoy to exit venues after live events. Statue.
1:00:30 Justin Bieber is addicted to apologising. "We're getting to him!"
1:02:35 Saved by the Bell cast on Jimmy Fallon.
1:04:30 Randy Quaid is batshit crazy. Point. The dog discussed. "When the defence has to plead insanity ..."
1:08:40 Lindsay Lohan and mother suing Fox News. Esurance ad
1:11:10 Kanye West selfie.
1:11:25 Kim Kardashian 50 s of Grey hades review. Selfie.
1:13:00 Jaden Smith rap stylings. "Make the fame go away." "You're on you're way, kid."
1:14:40 Ben Norton's This Sick Beat ™.
1:16:15 StarLord at the hospital. "The Super Soldier Serum has worn off ..." Fans raise $200k.
1:17:50 DareDevil trailer.
1:19:30 Ralph craps ALL over Astroboy. "Saving Crime."
1:21:25 Henry Damon becomes The Red Skull. Comic. HugoNose removed. "There's no going back from that!" "Pussies."
1:24:15 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. AirportThe SwarmLife's a beach.

Hollywood Babble-On #198: January 30, 2015

Episode: Link.
SoundCloud: Link
Enhanced Show Audio Presentation: Link
Description: "Recorded LIVE at the Hollywood Improv on January 30, 2015."
Runtime: 1:37:01
Recorded Fri, 30th Jan. 2015
Released Mon, 3nd Feb. 2015
Show notes by @HBOhelper

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2.01 Kyle Hebert intro.
2:15 Kevin looking forward to HBO all day after spousal fight.
3:10 Rain in L.A. East coast winter. Ralph's jizz puddle. K-ROQ money.
4:30 Shout-outs: Kevin back to the fight. Robert and Katrina Rosales are on their honeymoon. Ralph confused.
Dual emails. "Sphincter." "Bat-Cave." Sexy Kev welcomes them to marriage.
9:00 Stephen Morgan from Aims, Iowa is dodging the IRS. "Lifeless ex-wife." Mega weight-loss. Ralph's mindset. Ex and boyfriend living in basement. Sly Stallone Life Advice.
12:30 Fighter Pilot Jeremy and Katie on the dynamics of flight. The Germans on fighter pilots. Kevin lost on The Luftwaffe.
16:30 Mike from Tampa brings and entourage, Steven Hawking responds. "Black hole." S.A.T. week."
18:25 Email bag: Inappropriate Toys: "Tramp stamp." SuperBlowSuperBrony. "LunchMoney." SuperBallGag. Call for theme song, and toys blowing each other.
21:20 Steven Sellig marks the 30th anniversary of We Are The World by Arnie and Friends.
24:30 Tinseltown Stiffs: "Bad batch." Rod McKuen. Seasons in the Sun, "Now you're dead!" A Boy Named Charlie Brown referenced.
26:30 Tinseltown stiff: Joe FranklinThe Ramone Boys. "No cartoons on."
30:15 Tinseltown stiff: Trevor Ward-Davies. Death Proof referenced. Hold Tight. Ralph loves the 60's. "Anyway, he's dead."
33:00 Exquisite Acting: Cathy in Sydney, Aus. sends in this weeks Sydney, Australia. Kevin berates a 'stralian heckler. Kerry Russell in The Babysitters Seduction. "Smelled a fart."
35:54 Shit That Should Not Be: Sixteen Blocks extra on phone. Still.
39:00 HBO Headlines: Gwyneth Paltrow urges a Mugwort V-Steam. "Mini throne." "She ruined all the sexy!" "Steamed clam." "A-Steam." "If you're eager to have your dick steamed ..." "Because, you know .. science!"
43:50 SModCo ads. http://www.proflowers.com/ code: babble
46:00 Sam Smith's Stay With Me is a lot like Tom Petty's Won't Back Down. Kevin and Ralph sing Won't Back Down over Stay With Me. "Smith and Garman: Music Detectives."
49:45 More Cosby accusations. "Legit accusations."
51:20 LiLo and the partially started parole. "Meet & greet." "That does not fucking count, as Community service." Wants to become a witch. "Slytherin."
55:10 Promposals: Ralph irate. Cole LeBrandt irks Ralph. Ralph casts aspersions on Cole's sexuality. Cole is now Ralph's enemy.
58:15 Kim Kardashian ad. "Shit." Angry Ralph."Eeeewww!" "Replicant." Bruce Jenner.
1:02:40 Tadolph Switler has a belly button. Kyle XY mentioned. Trademarked a lot of ridiculousness. Harley played Switler for Kevin. "Shake It Off Asswipes."
1:07:33 Tila Tequila wins awards. Farrah Abraham is pissed. 
1:09:30 Ghostbusters reboot discussed. Kevin-pro. Ralph-con. Ralph and Kristin Wiig are friends.
1:13:00 Chris Pratt could be the new Indiana Jones.
1:14:10 Movies That Will Suck: The Go-Bots
1:17:11 Justin Bieber apologises. "Swaaag exterior." 
1:21:10 Geek News: Fantastic Four trailer. Ralph con FF. Kevin pro. Franchise rights discussed.
1:25:30 Jimmy Olsen. Kevin on Chris Rock in Dogma.
1:26:17 Julia Roberts buys the rights to BatKid. Ralph displeased.
1:28.00 Burton's Bulky Batmobile iPhone case. VidPictures. McDonalds Fries Girl. Ralph pro-Batmobile. Valentines anal.
1:31:00 Liam Neesons Cock jokes. WalesVagankle.