Hollywood Babble-On 193: ComicCon Theater, December 12, 2014

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Description: "Oct 5, 2014 - Kevin, Ralph and special guests bring the final issue of Batman 66 Meets the Green Hornet to life. Recorded live at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on December 12, 2014."
Runtime: 1:04:12

Recorded Sat, 12th Dec. 2014
Released Mon, 29th Dec. 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 SModCo ads

0:24 Babble-On ComicCon Theater Intro.

1:07 The last ComicCon Theater for this project. :( "Obviously I'm very baked!"
2:20 Kevin and Ralph returning to shoot Yoga Hosers after Christmas. Ralph returning with the Frank Garmin character. Ralph recaps the Power Records.
4:19 Extra characters run-through .. "You wanna be Nixon? Really?!"
6:10 "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog." (Three point four seconds). Nixon cast, Commissioner Gordon cast. Chief O'Hara cast. Scanlon cast ("I put out!").
8:50 "This is like a Sony hack!"
11:30 Theme Music played. Start (Page 3). Batman 66 in the Nolanverse.
12:28 Page Turn (Page 4). Kevin takes a swipe at the Bat-Shield.
14:00 Next Page (Page 5). "Fluffer." Connery sneaks in. Kevin directs Ralph. "The Green Fuck." 60's iPad.
16:30 Page Turn (Page 6)
17:20 Next Page (Page 8). "None of this PAFF shit ..."

18:39 Page Turn (Page 9). Richard Nixon is portrayed by Robert. Direction given. "Nix it up!" "You're my Jennifer Lopez!" Direction given, again. "Full Affleck, gimme Damon!" Backstory given. "One more take for clarity." "Backhavior." "Use of A!" 
26:05 Next Page (Page 10). "Just for clarity." Commissioner Gordon is played by Kevin. Louie Anderson. Chaos on stage. Ralph does Louie Anderson. Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys. Scooby Doo. British accent (!). "Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!" "Reconnaissance." "Be supportive of your co-stars. Don't be all Bruce Willis." Chief O'Hara to be portayed by Sam. Bruce Lee impression. Lead-in. Cut. "We left Ireland, now we're in Liverpool." Chief O'Hara is Bruce Lee. False starts.
36:30 Page Turn (Page 11). "Syrup snare." "Batman is not Bill Cosby." "Begorraaaaaaahh!"

39:50Page Turn (Page 12)

40:38 Page Turn (Page 14).
41:18 Page Turn (Page 15). "Pillow-bitin.'"

42:35 Page Turn (Page 16). "Clown mouth."
43:25 Page Turn (Page 18). 
45:05 Page Turn (Page 21).   

47:02 Next Page (Page 22). D.A. Frank Scanlon is portrayed by A.J. "I got tits!" France Scanlon. 
49:55 Page Turn (Page 24). 

52:15 Page Turn (Page 25). British Louie Anderson. "Louie after the stoke."
56:58 Next Page (Page 26). "Fuck you, I'm the director!" "I'll be back!" "Fuck you!"
58:08 Page Turn (Page 27). 

1:00:00 Page Turn (Page 29). Ralph has a line flub right at the end. Issue ends. Credits.

Hollywood Babble-On 192: December 19; 2014

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Description: "
Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Hollywood California on 12/19/2014."
Runtime: 1:15:41

Recorded Fri, 19th Dec. 2014
Released Mon, 22nd Dec. 2014

0:00 SModCo ads. DAVE school.
1:36 Kyle Hebert intro.
2:20 The Interview cancelled. Talked about right off the bat. Kevin refers to Kobiyashi Maru. Ralph takes a swipe at The Green Hornet. James Flaco.
7:40 Christmas with Kev.
8:00 Shout-outs: Alan Warbie from Broom, Australia. Sylvester Stallone welcomes to LA: "Make money." Sexy Kev. Soccerball revenge.
13:15 Tammy Solis asks for Arnie to sing All I Want For Christmas Is You, by Mariah Carey. Kevin films on cellphone. "Live with me if you want to cum!"
16:40 Katie Jean et al. celebrate Johnnie's birthday. "Pucking in the bathroom." Fries Girl makes an appearance. Germans give tips on how to hold your liquor. Alanis Morrisette reference.
20:30 Annie and Chris get Ed Wynne and Bane impressions.
22:40 Robert, Brian and Tiffany celebrate Brian's birthday. Brian to officiate upcoming nuptuals, via Bowie invitation.
26:00 Dan sends in the Sharknado book, via LootCrate. Sharktopus trivia.
27:44 Bill "The Beguiler" Guiler asks for Ask Pacino: toothbrush/toilet problems. Bane with the assist.
29:23 Chad Jones sends in Bearded Superman. "Looses."
30:00 Pee Wee Herman recites 'Twas The Night Before Christmas.
31:20 Tinseltown Stiffs: Norman BridwellCoverCartoon. "Clifford mourns his creator."
34:10 SModCO ads. Shary's Berries.
35:55 Exquisite Acting: Star Wars Holiday Special. Harrison Ford loses will to live.
40:40 Shit That Should Not Be: The Island of Misfit ToysThe End.
43:50 HBO Headlines: Bill Cosby finally makes a statement.
45:00 Vin Diesel: Batshit Crazy.
47:29 Ralph announces he is working in Chile. Paul Hip gets a rimjob.
49:30 Kim Kardashian selfieMotherOmish. "Jenner, I hardly even know her ..:"
53:10 Kardashian wannabe idiot. Kim. JamesAgain. And Again. And Again.
54:30 Lindsay Lohan enjoying living in London. 
55:50 Daniel Craig making his last Bond movie. Idris Elba has Kevin's vote.
57:37 National Film Registry 2014 entries, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame entries. Ralph sings Lean on Me by Bill Withers, then as Bill Cosby. "Please drink this drink." Meme.
1:01:00 Justin Bieber "Indian Name." Fake Twitter followers deleted.
1:03:45 Vivid Entertainment offers Mama June $1m for a porn flick. Ralph wants to see it.
1:06:24 Matt Murdoch and DareDevil.
1:08:00 Star Wars reading. "We got tickets!" "Rimjobs!"
1:09:30 Abrams raises money for UNICEF. Force for ChangeChewie. Al Pacino/Bane Lean On Me duet.
1:12:00 Liam Neesons Cock jokes. Winter hatCanadian show of firepower.

Hollywood Babble-On #191: December 12, 2014

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Description: "
Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Hollywood California on 12/12/2014."
Runtime: 1:36:32

Recorded Fri, 12th Dec. 2014
Released Mon, 15th Dec. 2014

0:00 SModCo ads. Times Up!

1:20 Kyle Hebert intro.
2:05 Kevin misses live HBO; dismisses Family Uno.
3:35 Ralph touches on the SONY hacking scandal.
4:25 Kevin on Jennifer Lawrence. Rudin vs. Jolie.
6:10 Goin' Full Ralph.
6:24 Jocelyn Dwyer: Ralph's daughter's teacher in attendance.
7:24 "Do you know what your dad did?"
8:10 Ralph cuts out Dr. Josh's music. "Do you want to get taught?"
8:45 Mike Mitropulis and Michelle have their names scrutinised. Dual emails.
10:15 Naming teachers at school. "Meanwhile, in Mitropulis ..." "You could be in Metropulis right now!"
13:45 Adam West and Bane: Christmas present from Michelle. Dynamic Duets: Let it Snow.
16:35 John and Daniel no-show.
18:00 Joe Peterson from Chicago is flying solo in LA. Sexy Kev with the assist. Verbiage scrutinized.
20:45 Marin Christensen writes in for James. Arnie Sings: Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant. "Made me listen to the podcast."
24:00 David brings a HBO virgin to the Improv. The Germans help friend decide what to do in LA. "The Museum of Tolerance." "Everyone on the truck!"
26:00 Leanne, Russ and Mariah celebrate Mariah's birthday. Bowie birthday wishes.
28:45 Email bag: Eric Mason sends in Olaf snow cones.
30:00 Chris in Toronto asks for Pee Wee Herman Darth Vader. Kevin provides breathing.
32:04 James asks what Adam West is doing. Life.
33:00 Todd Sellers sends in the Buddy Christ sweater.
34:00 Al Pacino provides shaving advice.
35:10 Tinseltown Stiffs: Mary Ann MobleyDo Not Disturb.
37:35 Tinseltown stiff: Ken_WeatherwaxAddams themeRecent Pugsley. Kevin chides Ralph. Ralph chides Kevin.
42:00 SModCo ads. Sharys Berries.
43:45 Exquisite Acting: Dan Knight sends in Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2. Boxing career touched upon.
46:12 Shit That Should Not Be: Law and Order SVU. Still.
48:30 Kev-In: Exodus: Gods and KevsThe KevtrixMr. Rodgers.
50:35 HBO Headlines: Simpsons tattoo. Kevin digs.
53:00 Lindsay Lohan: Ralph gives recent recap. "Lohan lied." New app. Recorded track with Duran Duran. Joke filed.
55:20 Ralph on Arriana Grande; "WATER!" Carried like a baby. 123. "Hodor." 
58:20 "Feathers." Arriana Grande is on Ralph's list.
58:45 Bill Cosby: Beverly Johnson storyBeverley Johnson. "I need to kill myself!"
1:02:45 Aaron Sorkin campaigning for Tom Cruise to play Steve Jobs. Sony hack update.
1:04:30 For Your ConsiderationZoomWhat, no!
1:06:05 Encino Man 2: #EnciNo.
1:07:30 Justin Bieber: "Fuck this guy!" says goodbye to 2014. #BlondBieber Meme.
1:09:50 Kim Kardashian weight gain "A punishment from God." Bad dress dayComparisonSelfie. Flyers take a hit.
1:13:30 Bob Dylan to cover Frank Sinatra. Dual Dylan impressions from HBO.
1:14:40 Vincent D'onofrio to release a spoken-word punk album.
1:16:30 Christopher Lee to release Darkest Carols. Kev shares Christopher Lee trivia. "He's my fuckin' Patronus, man."
1:19:30 Sara X boob twerking.
1:21:10 Geek News: Benedict Cumberbatch will be Dr. Strange. Kevin wonders about the payday.
1:23:00 DC news: The Trickster (orig).
1:24:40 Krypton in the works.
1:26:10 Star Wars news. Upcoming theme park speculation. FinnPoe Dameron. Kylo RenBB8. Fanboys referenced. Kevin on BB8. Dr. Josh with a well-placed sounder. "I fuckin' hate you, Josh."
1:32:00 Liam Neesons Cock jokes. Big.

Hollywood Babble-On 190: December 8, 2014

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Description: "
A special Hollywood Babble-On Home Show recorded for the week of December 8, 2014."
Runtime: 43:42

Recorded ?
Released Mon, 8th Dec. 2014

0:00 SModCo ads.
0:22 Kyle Hebert intro.
0.45 Why one should get into the entertainment business.
1:45 First Bill Cosby mentions and live Babble plug.
5:20 New Years in Brea.
6:45 Shirts Vs. Skins.
7:35 "Mous bouche."
8:20 Ralph brings up Peter Pan, and Kevin's diet. Grease - The Retirement Years. "Senior Living."
13:10 Cuckold Kev.
16:15 Geek News: Jared Leto cast as The Joker for the Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad cast broken down.
21:10 New Bond to be released: Specter. Ralph passes the Bond Nerd Test.
25:00 Ralph on Bob Hope's recently-released tales of womanising.
25:40 Jack Nicholson has Alzheimers, which Ralph finds saddening.
27:00 Stephen Hawking wants to be a Bond villain.
29:15 Ralph on previous great actors being cast in new comedic roles - Artistic value.
33:40 Mighty Ducks IX: Jay and Silent Bob join the ducks!
34:30 Mickey Rourke wins a boxing match.
36:00 Oscar winners future careers.
40:00 Fargo - the TV series discussed.