Hollywood Babble-On 192: December 19; 2014

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Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Hollywood California on 12/19/2014."
Runtime: 1:15:41

Recorded Fri, 19th Dec. 2014
Released Mon, 22nd Dec. 2014

0:00 SModCo ads. DAVE school.
1:36 Kyle Hebert intro.
2:20 The Interview cancelled. Talked about right off the bat. Kevin refers to Kobiyashi Maru. Ralph takes a swipe at The Green Hornet. James Flaco.
7:40 Christmas with Kev.
8:00 Shout-outs: Alan Warbie from Broom, Australia. Sylvester Stallone welcomes to LA: "Make money." Sexy Kev. Soccerball revenge.
13:15 Tammy Solis asks for Arnie to sing All I Want For Christmas Is You, by Mariah Carey. Kevin films on cellphone. "Live with me if you want to cum!"
16:40 Katie Jean et al. celebrate Johnnie's birthday. "Pucking in the bathroom." Fries Girl makes an appearance. Germans give tips on how to hold your liquor. Alanis Morrisette reference.
20:30 Annie and Chris get Ed Wynne and Bane impressions.
22:40 Robert, Brian and Tiffany celebrate Brian's birthday. Brian to officiate upcoming nuptuals, via Bowie invitation.
26:00 Dan sends in the Sharknado book, via LootCrate. Sharktopus trivia.
27:44 Bill "The Beguiler" Guiler asks for Ask Pacino: toothbrush/toilet problems. Bane with the assist.
29:23 Chad Jones sends in Bearded Superman. "Looses."
30:00 Pee Wee Herman recites 'Twas The Night Before Christmas.
31:20 Tinseltown Stiffs: Norman BridwellCoverCartoon. "Clifford mourns his creator."
34:10 SModCO ads. Shary's Berries.
35:55 Exquisite Acting: Star Wars Holiday Special. Harrison Ford loses will to live.
40:40 Shit That Should Not Be: The Island of Misfit ToysThe End.
43:50 HBO Headlines: Bill Cosby finally makes a statement.
45:00 Vin Diesel: Batshit Crazy.
47:29 Ralph announces he is working in Chile. Paul Hip gets a rimjob.
49:30 Kim Kardashian selfieMotherOmish. "Jenner, I hardly even know her ..:"
53:10 Kardashian wannabe idiot. Kim. JamesAgain. And Again. And Again.
54:30 Lindsay Lohan enjoying living in London. 
55:50 Daniel Craig making his last Bond movie. Idris Elba has Kevin's vote.
57:37 National Film Registry 2014 entries, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame entries. Ralph sings Lean on Me by Bill Withers, then as Bill Cosby. "Please drink this drink." Meme.
1:01:00 Justin Bieber "Indian Name." Fake Twitter followers deleted.
1:03:45 Vivid Entertainment offers Mama June $1m for a porn flick. Ralph wants to see it.
1:06:24 Matt Murdoch and DareDevil.
1:08:00 Star Wars reading. "We got tickets!" "Rimjobs!"
1:09:30 Abrams raises money for UNICEF. Force for ChangeChewie. Al Pacino/Bane Lean On Me duet.
1:12:00 Liam Neesons Cock jokes. Winter hatCanadian show of firepower.