Hollywood Babble-On 61

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin are All Hallows, doppelganger style."
Runtime: 1:45:20
Recorded Sat, 26th Nov. 2011
Released Mon, 28th Nov. 2011

Sponsor: ManGrate.
Intro by Kyle Hebert.

0:45 Thankgiving show. Kevin fed turkey to his dogs.
2:00 Black Friday Madness. 
3:25 Quote: "He's rising! He's rising!"
4:00 Ralph starts the ManGrate plug.
4:50 Kamen brought ManGrates for his in-laws.
6:45 ManGrate Theater: Jimmy Stewart in It's A Wonderful Life. Kevin confuses Ralph doing many voices.
7:10 Quote: "Let us eat your hearts and brains!"
10:08 Shout-outs: 
10:25 Quote: "I'm not even looking anymore ..."
10:55 Nehamiah celebrates his birthday.
11:52 Chris and Monica celebrate their third anniversary. Indiana Jones and Sallah.
13:30 Jeff, Megan, John and Amy yell their asses off! Pacino margaritas to loosen up.
15:40 Manni, Cecilia, Aaron and Liza at the Lovitz. Manni has a badge, is mocked for his career. Ralph Pacino and Kevin's Creepy Sexy voice.
17:55 Quote: "Bruce Willis sucks cock!"
19:08 Matt and Gellin.
19:44 Quotes: "Magellin," "Happy Dranksgiving," "Greek Uppercut." Ed Wynn Creepy Clown.
21:00 Quote: "I'm gonna elbow you, dude!"
21:10 Cliff, Jeff and Andrea celebrate Jeff's 38th birthday. Ralph imitates Mumford and Sons.
23:25 Zoe returns. Dave is a no-show. Jerry Lewis calls Dave a fucking idiot.
24:20 Quote: "Dave's not here, man ..."
25:45 Email bag: David Martinez Halloween costume. Prop.
27:20 Kevin mistakes Billy Shears. Lt 2° Class Billy Sheilds morale boosted by HBO over thanksgiving.
28:10 Quote: "Frag that bitch."
29:00 Declan Ailward in Amsterdam does Munchkin Yoda. Ralph does Drunk Bitch.
29:07 Quote: "Whut?"
30:20 Doug Bernard (Florida Panthers) on Randy Moller quotes Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! (Fuck yeah!)
31:52 Quote: "Tell 'em Steve-Dave!"
32:35 Ben sends in Arnie's Total Recall Commentary.
34:45 Exquisite Acting: Amityville Horror.
37:46 Tinseltown Stiffs: Mark HallDanger Mouse intro.
38:50 Tinseltown Stiff: John NevilleBaron Munchausen.
40:15 Ralph forgets that he played the intro. Kevin goes to take Ralph's drink. Ralph on spank-songs.
41:10 Tinseltown Stiff: Andrea TrueMore, More, More.
42:25 Quote: "Only you would masturbate to cake!"
44:50 Quote: "It would've been more poetic ..."
46:09 Shit That Should Not Be: Game of Death. (Ralph forgets the theme).
49:00 HBO Headlines. 
49:15 Dan Louisell wrote a HBO Headlines theme. 
49:50 **first appearances** HBO Headlines theme.
50:15 Kardashian Khristmas Kancelled. Kevin judges Ralph's impressions.
52:20 The Situation is flat-broke. Schadenfreude ensues. Not in demand.
53:50 Quote: "Situation sounds bad ..."
54:00 Michaele Salahi in tremendous court case.
55.10 Jessica Simpson strikes a deal with Weight Watchers. Ralph imagines he's a woman. Kevin wants to be the Weight Watchers spokesman.
57:00 Quote: "Your mom don't like the vag?"
58:40 Quote: "Weed Watchers."
59:00 Angelina Jolie's obsessions, as told by her ex-assistant.
1:00:15 Quote: "I'll eat it here!"
1:02:00 Courney Love pissed in BrazilVideo. Kevin quotes Celebrity Skin.
1:05:00 Elizabeth Shue on CSI Las Vegas. Kevin on Karate Kid.
1:06:20 Michael Cera not playing Gilligan in Gilligan's Island movie.
1:07:30 Rocky: The Musical on the way. Foolin' Nobody. Ralph on Fly Now. Kevin creates new lyrics.
1:09:30 Ralph asks about Clerks: The Musical. Kevin has been thinking about the Apocalyptic Ending of Red State on-stage. 
1:11:20 Liam Neeson to narrate The War of the World's. Ralph has never heard of Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds. @HBOHelper completely shocked!
1:13:00 Quote: "Spider-Man II: Turn off the Fire."
1:14:15 The Splendor available to charter. (Natalie Wood). Ralph as Christopher Walken. The water did it.
1:16:10 Lindsay Lohan completing her community service.
1:17:22 Francis Ford Copolla says there should only have been one Godfather movie. Ralph and Kevin defend Godfather III from the audience.
1:19:30 Nicolas Cage (Raising Arizona) of a Serbian biology textbook.
1:21:27 Kristina Ray wants to be Jessica Rabbit.
1.24:00 Dude like Buzz LightyearStuck-Up. Kevin quotes Woody and the aliens.
1:26:00 Ralph on frightening a kid to death with sex education. Flux Cap-ass-itor.
1:27:45 Geek News: Australia has superhero licence plates. Ralph likes didgeridoo's. Ralph references Yahoo Serious. Possible Australian dates. Ralph plugs the New Years Eve date.
1:31:00 Christian Bale interviewed by the Filipine Daily Enquirer.
1:31:30 Quote: "OH, GOOD FOR YOU!" **first appearance**
1:32:45 Teenagers set up pedophiles dressed as Batman. Episodes 12 and 3. Kevin references Hard Candy.
1:35:10 Quote: "Who are you waiting for?"
1:36:16 The Six Million Dollar Man to be headed by Brian Singer.
1:38:00 Carrie Fisher on Shatners kidney stone.
1:39:55 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.

Hollywood Babble-On 60

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin run a marathon almost as long as Liam Neeson's..."
Runtime: 2:06:57
Recorded Sat, 19th Nov. 2011
Released Mon, 21st Nov. 2011

Sponsor: ManGrate.
 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
1:00 Quote: "It's like standing in nuclear fallout."
1:08 Quote: "Rare as a ponicorn."
2:08 Kyle Ebert intro's again. Intro remix. Comiccon Theater #2 was the previous show.
2:48 Quotes: "Max Headroom," "all-80's Hollywood Babble-On."
3:58 Ralph warns against using the ManGrate as a FleshLight.
4:00 Ralph plugs the ManGrate. Kevin struggles to life the 8lb Mangrate. 
6.20 If you buy 6, and strap 'em to you ... you can occupy your own city and no-one can move you.
7:15 ManGrate Theater: Santa and Young Kevin Smith. Kevin is asked to sit on Ralph's knee.
9:10 Quotes: "OK, I'm a Santa at Penn State!" "Sandusky Claus!"
10:08 Quote: "That's the North Pole, Young Kevin Smith!"
12:50 Quote: "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah ..."
13:45 Ralph warns against actually placing the ManGrate in a stocking.
14:15 Shout-outs: Charlie Johnson is 18.
15:14 Quote: "Charlie White."
16:40 Teresa got a tattoo and came with Lupe to the Lovitz. Kevin references Pulp Fiction. Ralph on Jack and coke. Ralph on bindles, again.
19:24 It's 11:00pm.
21:25 Teresa tells the story of the tattoo, off-mic. Ralph's birthday was this week.
22:49 Ralph gets Ken into trouble with Gina. Ralph references Oddjob.
25:07 José, Manuel y Rodrigo from TJ. Kevin references Pulp Fiction again. Truman Capote and Jerry Lewis argue about who has the manliest voice.
25:20 Quote: "The fuckin' UN here ..."
28:09 Rob, Lisa and Zoe from Maryland come to this and the following shows. Ralph used to spend a lot of time in Maryland.
29:40 Quote: "Great crabs!"
29:50 Eddie and Jessica miss Twilight to see HBO.
30:30 Kevin sullies Jessica's compliment.
32:00 Quote: "Butthole Cornicopia!"
34:15 People want to see Kevin's Bowie sexy dance. Ralph is a fan of redheads.
35:20 Quote: "I saw The Butthole Cornocopia at the Troubadour, last night ..."
35:35 Kay and Casey shout "Ooo-Ahhh!" They ask to see Ralph's penis, and want to do a wobbly H with Ralph. Reminds Kevin of Howard Dean.
38:50 Quote: "I'm more of a sphincter protector."
39:10 Justin from Cambridge, Ontario makes a lot of firsts, tonight. Taylor Lautner gives advice what to do in LA.
42:35 Email bag: Pavel Somagi from Poland drew Ralph. "All the international flavors ..."
43:30 Barry from Ireland lost lots of weight with listening to HBO. Fries Girl, Jerry Lewis and Taylor Lautner 3-way.
45:05 Quotes: "When you do the fingers ..." "The first one, not the black one ..."
46:30 Karl in Sweden drew some art. Kevin wonders about robust robots. Ralph references Bicentenial Man and Cocoon.
48:40 Crystal from Brisbane, Australia on Jack And Jill. Ralph on Little Nicky, Devil's Advocate and Charlize Theron. Kevin on Ralph's ticks when he does impressions.
50:15 Quote: "Blood Diamonds come poopin' out of it!"
51:00 Randy from Portland, Oregon found thisZoom.
52:00 Shit That Should Not Be: (It's midnight). Beyond The Law. Kevin defends, and explains a Damon-double in Dogma.
57:00 Ralph has been ignoring Shit That Should Not Be's about Kevin, specifically Mewes in Dogma.
59:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: Lee Pockriss. Ralph on modern music. Ralph used to jerk off to Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, and spank-history.
1:03:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Karl Slover. Ralph does Drunk Chick. Pic.
1:04:30 Quote: "Wizaaard?!"
1:06:15 Kevin plugs Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. Ralph does Yoda.
1:08:10 Quote: "Munchkin Death Pool."
1:08:30 Hollywood Helper (Old Theme): Leonardo DiCaprio charity birthday.
1:09:38 Quote: "37!?"
1:11:00 Hollywood Helper: Michael J. Fox playing Johnny B. Goode.
1:13:30 Quote: "Did that camera look shaky to you?"
1:13:50 Hollywood Helper: Justin Bieber auction's his snake.
1:15:30 New Releases: The Descendants, Happy Feet Two and Friggin' Werewolf Movie.
1:16:00 Quote: "FUPA - Fat Upper Pussy Area: Front Porch."
1:16:50 Quotes: "Bella and Irving," "R-Pat. K-Stew. T-Laut."
1:17:35 Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are done. Kutcher on relationship advice in a magazine.
1:20:20 Jesse James cheated 20 times. Ralph warns against tattoos.
1:22:45 Natalie Wood case reopened, and history, by Ralph.
1:23:30 Quote: "Splendor in the Ass."
1:25:10 Ralph as Christopher Walken. Lana Wood.
1:26:30 Quote: "I killed her! Did I say that?"
1:29:00 Ralph does Jack Klugman.
1:30:25 Justin Bieber free from paternity charge.
1:30:00 Joseph Gordon-Levitt asked on a dateFollow-up.
1:33:30 Chelsea Handler's show extended. Ralph not pleased. Kevin tries to defend.
1:35:30 Kim Kardashian has an acting coach.
1:36:40 Rebecca Black new single, Person of Interest.
1:37:30 Quote: "It's shit!"
1:38:40 Lego: The Movie, announced. Kevin defends the Lego games.
1:39:25 NBC bringing back The Munsters. Kevin pimps Pushing Daisies.
1:41:10 The Man From UNCLE going down the tubes.
1:42:10 PETA angry with Nintendo. Al Pacino watching turkeys having sex.
1:45:10 Arnie tweeted that he injured his head. Ralph spits on Kevin.
1:46:25 Johnny Depp fulfills Hunter S. Thompson's wishes for his ashes. Imparts his own wishes, and Ralph's.
1:47:40 Quote: "I'd drink you, Ralph."
1:48:15 Tori Spelling's husband tweets his kid. Zoom. Ralph needs to pee.
1:49:45 Human Centipede Art Exhibit. Kevin met him in Iceland.
1:51:35 Quote: "Sperm lunch." Cactus Penetration.
1:52:30 Geek News: David Yates to make a Doctor Who Movie. Ralph says Alan Rickman for the new Who.
1:53:40 Quote: "Ludvig Von Assholen."
1:55:39 Nic Cage selling his Action Comics #1. $1.3m current bid. Ralph not currently impressed with the new Superman movie. Creepy Superman inner monologue.
1:57:25 Quote "Looooois!"
1:58:00 Mike Myer had his Superman collection stolen. Culprit sentenced to 6 years in prison.
1:58:45 Quote: "With the fingers again."
2:00:00 The longest HBO, to date. New Years Eve tickets on sale.
2:01:00 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.

Hollywood Babble-On 59: Babble-On Houston

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin mess with Texas. Recorded at the Alamo Drafthouse in Houston, TX 8/27/11."
Runtime: 1:42:18
Recorded Sat, 27th Aug. 2011
Released Mon, 14th Nov. 2011

0:00 SModCo Ads.

3:50 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

4:40 Quote: "Planet Hooston."
5:10 Red State showing after HBO.
5:20 Ralph has some art by The Wonder Brothers. (Please check out their site, as they are rooted in SMod history). Zombie RalphZombie KevCheck it.
6:20 Ralph tries to sound local. HBO is one year-old at this date.
7:43 Shout-outs: Kevin berates Texas for their form of speech. Eric brings Tiffany to meet Ralph.
9:45 Trevor, Holly and Stephen would like to hear Edelweiss.
11:20 Kevin references Alive. (Ralph calls them Peruvian, when they were actually from Uruguay.)
11:40 Corey writes in and Kevin sides with Wendy. Wendy writes in. 
12:00 Quotes: "Brownmazing," "Accidently," "Don't cross the streams," "Pooper-plunger-problem." 
14:30 Jessie Torres and Nicole, saw Red State in Austin. Jon Lovitz is Nicole's celebrity free pass. Asks what Lovitz smells like.
16:40 Mike and Matt of WonderBros made a poster for the gig. Alamo Drafthouse cellphone chick, Al Pacino mimics the call.
20:40 Email bag: Andrew in London lost his cherry to HBO.
21:40 Al in France writes in to reprimand Ralph on French stereotypes.
22:10 Quotes: "shut up ... cheese-eatin' surrender monkeys."
22:40 Chris from Australia wants Ralph and Kevin to trade poisons. Kevin recalls drinking in high school. Had a mom-moment.
25:00 Quote: "Wonder Woman and the lasso ..."
26:10 Jimmy Kimmel's Uncle Frank.
28:05 Tinseltown Stiff: Jerry_Leiber. Leiber song-fest.
30:40 Tinseltown Stiff: Nick Ashford. Ashford song-fest.
32:10 Quote: "I used to do that to neighbourhood kids!"
32:35 Hollywood Helper: Kate Winslet on Necker Island. Kevin wants a new Hollywood Helper theme. Ralph speaks in a British accent.
36:15 Hollywood Helper: Brad Pitt on the set of World War Z. Ralph speaks in a Scottish accent.
37:50 New Releases: Our Idiot BrotherDon't Be Afraid of the Dark and Colombiana.
38:30 Cinemas in Atlantic City closed due to Hurricane Irene. Kevin props Zoe Saldana.
39:30 Quote: "This bitch wants revenge, bitch!"
40:30 Kevin defends Cop Out against a heckler.
41:00 Jim Carrey sends a video to Emma Stone.
43:15 Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith to divorce.
45:20 Quote: "it is your fault."
46:10 Quotes: "Kevinette," "Ralphina is a beautiful name for a girl!"
47:00 Alec Baldwin and Hilaria, the yoga instructor. Ralph dated a contortionist, and a woman with two vaginas.
48:20 Ryan Gosling broke up a street fight. Video.
49:45 Worst Celebrity tippers.
55:50 Megan Fox removing her Marilyn Monroe tattoo. Kevin recommends a Ghandi tattoo.
57:10  Lindsay Lohan news: Suing Pitbull. Kevin would've liked to have seen his dad's dick.
1:01:00 Kardashian Sex Tape crazy downloads as she's getting married. (9/72).
1:03:35 Hustler has a sextape of Rihanna and J. Cole. Garman analyzes the situation. Ralph has made some sex-tapes. Ralph does Dudley Doright.
1:03:40 Quote: "Fucking ... ucking ...ucking!"
1:09:25 Quote. "It's had to fuck when you're sucking in your gut."
1:10:00 Snooki is to release a perfume.
1:10:30 Hollywood Walk of Fame says no reality TV stars on the walk. Stars with stars discussed.
1:13:00 Simon Cowell wants to be frozen when he dies.
1:14:40 Jerry Lewis wants to be back on the telethon.
1:15:25 Penis names.
1:18:25 New Sex and the City movie being planned.
1:19:45 Broadway musical based on Ghost.
1:22:15 David Bowie has retired from music.
1:23:47 **second appearance** David Bowie music.
1:25:15 Geek News: Dan Akroyd says Ghostbusters III will happen. With or without Bill Murray.
1:27:25 David Goyer will remake The Invisible Man.
1:28:45 Man of Steel photos released.
1:31:10 Kevin on Babble-On ComicCon. The Butt-fuckin' mom.
1:35:40 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.

Hollywood Babble-On 58: Babble-On Las Vegas 2

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin drop a grand in grand Vegas style. Recorded at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, 11/5/11."
Runtime: 1:38:46
Recorded Sat, 5th Nov. 2011
Released Mon, 7th Nov. 2011

0:00 SModCo Ads.

4:18 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
5:00 Quote: "Give me back my fucking money!"
5:10 Ralph lost $1,000 in 2 days; drank $3,000 in free drinks. Kevin broke even. Ralph on would-be Vegas rules. No HBO next week (Kevin is in Iceland). Babble-On Comiccon Theater #2 following week.
8:14 Shout-outs: Ben from Australia tells his friend Ed, "Fuck you!"
10:15 James and Sarah drink a lot. Ralph educates Kevin on the Gun Store.
11:30 Someone really like Liberace, and his museum.
13:15 Micah, Mason and Traqvis celebrate Travis' drinking age.
13.45 Quotes: "Young, dumb and full of cum ..."
14:30 Harrison Ford singing Happy Birthday. A Harrison Hallowe'en.
16:20 Brian and his bachelor party get berated by Ralph. Cop Out takes a hit.
17:20 Quote: "Lucille."
17:55 Quote: "She escorts the cum out of your dick!"
19:50 Quote: "Highland Blizzard."
20:15 Email bag: Marshall Bowen sends in another HBO Drinking Game rule.
21:00 HBO Drinking Game: If Ralph forgets a theme, take a drink!
21:30 Mike asks for a soundbyte, and donates to The Wayne Foundation.
22:45 Sean misses HBO by a week or so. Chuck Heston ordering from The Fries Girl.
24:58 Zakk says Mandy won't give up the balloon knot. Kevin's Creepy Sexy voice. Will send a link to porno if Mandy agrees.
28:40 Roy from West Hartford, Conneticut dug The Raven, by David Bowie.
30:25 Hollywood Helper: Barry Manilow (The Justin Bieber of the 70's). donates money to buy musical instruments.
32:10 Quote: "Who is the old lady who is giving us instruments?"
33:28 Tinseltown Stiffs: (Kevin plays Scott McCumber's Tinseltown Stiffs intro) Cory Smoot.
36:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Gil Cates.
37:33 Tinseltown Stiff: Andy Rooney.
38:00 Quote: "A lifectomy."
39:20 Kim Kardashian, Mewes and porn. (77/72) Kim divorced. ($10,339 per hour). High-tailled it to Australia. Chris Humphries offered work.
39:25 **first appearance** Porn Star Kim Kardashian.
43:00 Short-lived celebrity marriages.
45:50 Quote: "First he got locked out of the NBA, and then locked out of his house."
48:30 Kardashian impressions.
48:45 Rob Kardashian on dancing with the stars gets promoted by Kim.
49:30 Quotes: "America's Sport," "The skanctity of marriage."
50:00 Jessica Simpson pregnant. Kevin calls foul on her earnings.
52:45 Justin Bieber the subject of a paternity lawsuit. Ralph explains California sexxx-laws.
58:00 Selena broke up with Justin (Dear Lord ...!)
58:15 Hugh Grant is a father.
59:20 Michael Lohan in court; bail refused. Celebrity Boxing Match tonight.
1:01:50 Quote: "I will pay that if you give them weapons."
1:02:15 Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 30 days. Community service center rejects Lindsay Lohan.
1:04:30 Photos rejected from Playboy. Ralph likes naked celebrities.
1:06:00 Photo of Taylor Swift. Kev on Kanye.
1:08:00 Britney Spears gives a lapdance to Joe Jonas. Video. She wants to make movies again. Would like to play a Detective or Assassin.
1:10:38 The Head of Universal says he makes shitty movies.
1:12:00 Lady Gaga has her own Thanksgiving program.
1:13:10 Clint Eastwood on gay marriage.
1:14:20 Bret Ratner and Olivia Munn, shrimp-fuckin'. Kevin believes it to be true.
1:17:10 Amanda Siegfried is going to play Linda Lovelace.
1:19:05 Martin Campbell to direct The Fall Guy.
1:20:25 Jennifer Lopez to make Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego? (Personally, I always preferred this theme).
1:21:50 MC Hammer unveils Wiredoo.
1:23:20 Geek News: Phoenix Jones fired from his job because of his arrest.
1:25:00 Star Trek in pre-production. Benicio Del Toro implicated. Kevin offers guesswork.
1:26:15 Popeye to return ... in 3D!
1:27:05 Quote: "Jeez! I gotta tie off!"
1:27:15 Hans Zimmer wants your help. The prison chant from The Dark Knight Rises is played for the first time.
1:29:15 Quote: "Bitches! Poptarts!"
1:29:45 Star Wars will get you killed.
1:31:35 Quote: "Fuck with the BatCave, you get the hammer."
1:32:00 Ralph wishes his wife a happy birthday.
1:33:20 Ralph does Ting Tong Macadangdang.
1:33:40 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.

Hollywood Babble-On 57

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin are All Hallows, doppelganger style."
Runtime: 1:17:18
Recorded Sat, 29th Oct. 2011
Released Mon, 31st Oct. 2011

0:00 SModCo Ads.

5:00 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
6:00 Ralph comes out, dressed as Kevin Smith. Photo. Happy Hallowe'en BOOBle-On!
8:00 Ralph had Meghan smuggle the jersey out of Kevin's house. Ralph thanks those who dressed up in costume.
9:10 Hollywood Babble-On DVD plus, and the upcoming Las Vegas show.
9:55 Kevin compares Ralph to GI Joe.
10:20 (Ralph forgets the shout-out theme). Jim carved the pumpkins on the stage.
11:00 Ralph is on this weeks' Family Guy.
11:30 Chris and Lizzie from Tazzie.
12:40 Brandon Kaye, Liz and Cyn; Brandon dresses as Electra. Is attracted to Kevin.
13:30 Shout-out theme.
16:10 Justin Wilburne at the Lovitz.
17:03 Email bag: Ed Wynn getting a lapdance from the Fries Girl.
17:20 Ralph has a hair in his mouth. Armenian joke.
18:26 Quote: "You hard!"
18:34 James Paul made a video. (Little Kev's Halloween).
20:02 Nathan asks if there is a New Year's Eve show: Yes, there is (HBO 66).
21:01 Howard reminds Ralph about David Bowie reading The Raven, which he reads.
23:50 Shit That Should Not Be: JP in NJ sends in North by Northwest. (Ralph forgot the theme).
26:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: (Kevin has heard another theme for Tinseltown stiffs.)
26:45 Tinseltown stiff: The Unknown Stuntman.
27:38 Tinseltown stiff: Jimmy Savile. (Wrong Tinseltown Stiffs theme played).
28:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Paul Leka.
29:09 Exquisite Acting: (Ralph forgets intro) Mark Harrison sends in John Travolta in Battlefield Earth.
30:50 New Releases: AnonymousThe Rum DiariesIn Time and Puss In Boots.
31:05 **first appearance** New Release theme.
32:20 Ralph on Amber Heard.
34:45 Charlie Sheen is the #1 Halloween Costume. Kevin thinks it's Angry Birds. Mewes wanted to be a breathalyzer.
35:45 FX has picked up his Anger Management series.
36:40 Amy Winehouse died from alcohol consumption.
37:30 Quote: "Death by Misadventure."
37:55 Michael Jackson is the #1 earner for dead celebrities.
39:10 Celebrity Sick Bay: Andy Rooney.
39:50 Celebrity Sick Bay: Steven Tyler.
40:30 Quote: "Tick-tooth Ruth."
40:40 Pee Wee Herman wants to be on Dancing with the Stars.
41:20 Scientologists have investigated Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
42:30 Michael Lohan arrested this week.
44:00 Quote: "Broke his foot."
44:23 Lindsay Lohan paid $1m by Playboy. Photo. Completed community service. Denied offer from FleshLight. Kevin tried to get his wife to do it. Silly putty plug. SMouth-talk.
49:30 Kim Kardashian wants to play Lara Croft. Olivia Wilde wins! (70/72) Booed at her birthday. Khloe booed, too. King Kong Komparison.
52:05 Courtney Stodden in the pumpkin patch. 1, 2 and 3.
54:10 Ricky Martin cast in Evita.
54:25 Jennifer Lopez breaks down on-stage.
58:50 Michelle Williams in the new Marilyn Monroe movie. Marilyn liked the performance.
1:00:10 Daniel Craig will be the first Bond with a beard. Kevin educates on Fleming.
1:02:10 Quote: "Nobody does me better!"
1:02:20 Steven Speilberg throws George Lucas under the bus.
1:02:45 Quote: "McGuffin."
1:04:05 Omar Sharif pissed, and slapped across the face.
1:05:40 Quote: "She likes it rough!"
1:06:10 Geek News: Hamill still The Joker.
1:07:00 Justin Bieber pulled over in his Batillac. 1, 2, 3 and 4. Ralph mocks Justin Bieber, while they are both at K-ROQ. Ralph calls for the death penalty.Ralph nomming Adam West.
1:08:40 Quote: "This is a rough morning, bro!"
1:10:35 Best Costume prizes: Heath Ledger Joker. Karate Kid quotes. Nightmare Before Christmas costumes.
1:12:30 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.

Hollywood Babble-On 56

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin remember Bradley Cooper and debate the Cannonball."
Runtime: 1:23:17
Recorded Fri, 22nd Oct. 2011
Released Mon, 24th Oct. 2011

0:00 SModCo Ads.

5:00 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

6:40 Ralph plugs the upcoming November dates, and Hallowe'en show.
7:55 Shout-outs: Patrick celebrates bachelor party. Ralph did the whole bachelor party. Kevin; not so much.
10:30 Chase, Gabe and Zack enjoy an Ed Wynn shout-out.
11:40 **first appearance** Diplomatic Immunity!"
11:50 Bart and Chris ask for the Downs Clown.
12:39 Quote: "Help me, my fingers stuck!"
13:00 Travis Landry gets the Armed Forces a shout-out. Bones Clown. 
14:00 Quote: "I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer!"
15:00 John and Giovanni celebrate 19th birthday. 
16:43 Adam and Laura have been all over California, it seems.
18:25 Nicole and Jordan start a 5-week holiday at the Lovitz, and Nicole's birthday.
19:44 Email bag: David Selig asks for The Raven to be recited. 
20:55 Edward Roberts send in a TV ad for Shit That Should Not Be.
22:30 Tomás from Sacramento drew a sketch.
23:39 Batman and Kevin.
24:15 Peter from Poland has a Batman story. Ralph at 10, as Batman.
24:55 Quote: "Is this a Polish joke?"
26:20 James Thompson has spread his Get Your Cock Out on iTunes, Amazon and YouTube.
27:55 Exquisite Acting: Nicolas Cage in Vampire's Kiss. DJ James can't get the clip to load.
30:40 Hollywood Helper: Jon Bon Jovi opened the Soul Kitchen. Jovi-jokes.
33:33 Nic Cage clip has loaded.
34:50 Shit That Should Not Be: Grease. (Mike Cooper, London).
37:20 HBO Headlines: Gadaffi in Second Chance. Kevin peed a little. It's refusing to load.
39:15 Quote: "DJ Speedbump."
40:38 Lindsay Lohan in handcuffs. Completed first day at the morgue. Kevin ponders courts owning zoos.
43:50 Sesame Street YouTube videos replaced with hardcore porn.
44:44 Shia LeBeouf gets the shit kicked out of him in Vancouver. Transformer talk.
47:10 Antonio Banderas makes a comedy. Melanie Griffiths.
48:40 The Situation ejected from the Apple Store in Vegas. Siri joke.
49:50 Kim Kardashian has a new movie role, with Tyler Perry. Kevin perfoms Kim. (65/72)
51:10 Cannonball Run to be remade by GM Motors, and casting. Kevin says it'll work better in the Apatow Universe. Ralph would like to see Kevin do it.
54:30 DeLorean back in business. New car, and logistics. Ralph would go full-Fox in one.
57:10 The Man From U.N.C.L.E. to be remade with Bradley Cooper. Kevin doesn't know who he is. Kevin has spoken with him on-line, once.
59:30 Matt Damon is going to direct, a legal drama.
1:00:00 Tyra Banks still talking about ModelLand; had alopecia. Dual-puking. Theme song.
1:04:30 Ralph recites the lyrics.
1:05:00 Beatles memorabilia up for sale; John Lennon's tooth. Teeth debated.
1:08:00 Quote: "Gary Busey; All fuckin' horsetoothed!"
1:09:10 Harrison Ford on Uncharted 3.
1:11:55 Geek News: Reboot of BattleStar Gallactica.
1:13:45 The Punisher coming to TV. Kevin defends. Developing Superior.
1:14:30 The Dark Knight Rises new vehicle, The Bat. 6 minute trailer in front of the Mission Impossible.
1:17:30 Mark Hamill retiring as the voice of The Joker, and Answering machine message.
1:19:30 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.

Hollywood Babble-On: Babble-On Philadelphia

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin return to Ralph's beloved homeland. Recorded at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA 10/17/11."
Runtime: 1:44:44
Recorded Mon, 17th Oct. 2011
Released Wed, 19th Oct. 2011

0:00 SModCo Ads.
5:10 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

6:25 Kevin references The Honeymooners.
7:35 Ralph thanks Kevin for booking the Philly date. Kevin praises Ralph.
9:45 Quote: "DJ Silent Bob on the 1's and 2's (12" for the uneducated).
10:25 Shout-outs: Geekadelphia gets a shoutout for this post.
11:50 Silent Bob dies from jizz.
13:00 Andy and Jody Coombes celebrate 5 years of marriage. Kevin makes Ralph extend the Bowie shout-out.
15:20 Stefan and Sarah from York, PA, bring a bag of food. Ralph educates on polka. Creepy Clown time.
16:50 Kevin compares his eating habits to Brad Pitt's. Kevin talks through a full mouth.
19:55 Kevin's death.
20:10 Dan asks for Jason Statham singing Space Oddity. Ralph uses Creepy Clown as a weapon against the audience.
21:20 Adam and Samantha (Rhythm is a Dancer), celebrate their anniversary.
23:15 Quote: "The strapper."
23:25 Jeff and Tom have several lovely evenings together, and Ralph performs the theme to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air as Ed Wynn.
25:00 Kevin says Ralph must read The Night Before Christmas as Ed Wynn at Christmas.
25:20 An audience member asks about Ralph in Red State.
26:30 Danny and Kristin's father had a secret life.
28:00 Jim from Jersey would like a Fries Girl/Bowie shout-out.
29:03 Email bag: Andrew from Wisconsin like Ralph on House. Asks a Red State question.
33:00 Keith and Allan ask for the Hollywood Helpers theme.
33:45 Tinseltown Stiffs: Mikey Welsh. Dreamt that he would die in a Chicago Hotel Room.
34:30 Quote: "Say it ain't so!"
35:05 Quote: "I can't doot and talk!"
35:50 Tinseltown Stiff: David HessAll Shook Up.
38:15 Tinseltown stiff: Sue Mengers.
39:00 Hollywood Helpers: Sean Combs. Ralph's Wonka impression. Richard Gere.
43:15 Shannon Doherty has been married.
44:50 Paul McCartney married again. Patron mad. Ralph sings "Hey Jew."
46:45 Sara Leal still on about Ashton Kutcher. Demi grumpy. Gave details to magazine. Kutcher's moves. Moving truck outside their home. 
50:25 Crewmember makes joke about the situation on The Expendibles 2.
51:25 Bree Olsen given up making porn. Charlie Sheen fallout.
53:15 Los Angeles is looking for a new Mayor. Colonel Klink ready to clean up the city.
55:11 Arnie was in Austria for the Museum for the dedication.
56:00 Kirsten Dunst now has German nationality. "Summerteeth."
58:00 Phone hacker caught: Christopher Cheney. Star Wars debate. Kevin eating chips.
1:00:40 Quote: "I thought Lucas was raping my childhood ..."
1:02:00 Kevin's teacher eating potato chips.
1:04:10 Lovitz impressions.
1:04:30 Lindsay Lohan due in court. She has explaining to do.
1:07:05 Rihanna named Sexiest Woman Alive. Still a fan on Chris Brown.
1:08:20 Die Hard 5: A Good Day to Die, Hard. Kevin defends. Ralph should be John McClane Jr.
1:10:35 Kevin Smith: You Can't Fucking Retire: FarmVille - The Movie. Angry Birds movie.
1:12:50 Jean-Claude Van Damme drove into a canal.
1:14:00 Justin Bieber dolls have stupid hair.
1:15:30 Tyra Banks due to take Chelsea Handler's crown, for ModelLand.
1:19:40 Quote: "MurderLand!"
1:20:13 Geek News: Gay Spock. Zachary Quinto is out.
1:22:30 Skyfall villain is Javier Bardem. Kevin sings A View To A Kill.
1:24:30 Random Task cooked a fool.
1:25:39 Vincent Crabbe in London riots.
1:26:35 Multiple injuries on the new Resident Evil movies. Kevin talks blank rounds and Nick Braun hit on the head during the filming of Red State.
1:31:50 Phoenix Jones has been arrested, and unmasked.
1:35:30 Ralph reflects.
1:36:30 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.

Hollywood Babble-On 54

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Reit on! Catherine Reitman returns to pinch hit for Kev and BABBLE-ON!"
Runtime: 1:10:16
Recorded Sat, 8th Oct. 2011
Released Mon, 10th Oct. 2011

Special Guest host: Catherine Reitman.
0:00 SModCo Ads.

5:14 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

6:25 A Taste of Breakin' It Down.
7:25 Ralph plugs the Philly show for next week, and Las Vegas in November, and garmystrong.com.
8:30 Shout-outs: José Manuel is driving from Tijuana seems to be late. Misses quinceñera.
10:05 Jana Savage celebrating birthday. Catherine buys a drink.
10:45 Quotes: "Bagel-bumpin'," "scissoring." 
11:06 Owen and Brian from Ennis, Ireland. Ralph has been there and recounts an evening there. Their friend, Aulton Burke, gets a shout-out. 
13:30 Gaby, Ray and Danny get giddy around Ralph.
15:15 Quote: "Fruitcake piiiiee ... yaaay."
15:35 Paul and Wendy Leigh. (Unable to find link right now). Art.
17:35 Email bag: Sean Connery tells Bridgette everything will be OK.
19:15 The O'Connell's celebrate the birth of HBO.
19:55 Kevin from Maryland requests the More Margaritas theme.
20:25 Exquisite Acting: Corey Alvarez sends in Tough Guys Don't Dance.
22:55 New Releases: The Human Centipede IIThe Ides of March and Real Steel.
25:20 Shit That Should Not Be: (website) Martin from Liverpool sends in; Wonka Surprise. Tim Burton's Willy Wonka, too (whole movie).
28:35 Tinseltown Stiffs: Steve Jobs. VideoProtest tweet.
32:00 Tinseltown stiff: Arthur C Nielsen.
32:50 Tinseltown stiff: Charles NapierPicSpace Hippie.
35:15 The Simpsons cast needed to take a pay cut.
36:00 Playboy Club cancelled by NBC.
37:00 Arrested Development to make a comeback.
37:33 Phyllis Smith used to be hot.
39:25 Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed married.
40:20 Who I know: Gene Simmons' tongue.
40:40 Justin Bieber wants to be an extra in The Walking Dead.
41:30 Quote: "Cock-tease."
41:35 Thomas Jane of Hung used to be a gay hooker.
43:30 Sesame Street introduces Lily, the starving Muppet. Alley Lohan.
45:20 Tupac Shakur sex-tape.
46:45 Sara Leal's 15 minutes.
47:25 Quote: "Two and a half vaginas."
47:35 Jason Biggs' wife bought hookers for her husband.
48:52 Pierce Brosnan and wife Keely (Suing R&D Kitchen), today.
51:05 Madonna will be at the half-time show at the Superbowl.
51:45 Brixton has it's own local currency. The Brixton Pound.
54:10 SONY acquires the right to Steve Jobs: The Movie.
55:00 Mr. Ed to be remade.
55:30 Disney to re-release their movies in 3D.
56:55 Nadya Suleman to star in a movie. DJ James adds HBO Wallpaper.
58:20 Geek News: Leonard Nimoy has retired from appearances.
59:45 Elvira is giving up the costumeSans costume.
1:00:35 Elvira lost her virginity to Tom Jones.
1:02:20 Super Václav crime-fightin'.
1:04:25 Quote: "His super-power is running like a bitch."
1:04:45 Herbert Chavez had surgery, BjörkMichael Jackson, sorrywhy?
1:05:30 Quote: "Huge fuckin' cock-suckin' lips."
1:06:50 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.