Hollywood Babble-On 60

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin run a marathon almost as long as Liam Neeson's..."
Runtime: 2:06:57
Recorded Sat, 19th Nov. 2011
Released Mon, 21st Nov. 2011

Sponsor: ManGrate.
 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
1:00 Quote: "It's like standing in nuclear fallout."
1:08 Quote: "Rare as a ponicorn."
2:08 Kyle Ebert intro's again. Intro remix. Comiccon Theater #2 was the previous show.
2:48 Quotes: "Max Headroom," "all-80's Hollywood Babble-On."
3:58 Ralph warns against using the ManGrate as a FleshLight.
4:00 Ralph plugs the ManGrate. Kevin struggles to life the 8lb Mangrate. 
6.20 If you buy 6, and strap 'em to you ... you can occupy your own city and no-one can move you.
7:15 ManGrate Theater: Santa and Young Kevin Smith. Kevin is asked to sit on Ralph's knee.
9:10 Quotes: "OK, I'm a Santa at Penn State!" "Sandusky Claus!"
10:08 Quote: "That's the North Pole, Young Kevin Smith!"
12:50 Quote: "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah ..."
13:45 Ralph warns against actually placing the ManGrate in a stocking.
14:15 Shout-outs: Charlie Johnson is 18.
15:14 Quote: "Charlie White."
16:40 Teresa got a tattoo and came with Lupe to the Lovitz. Kevin references Pulp Fiction. Ralph on Jack and coke. Ralph on bindles, again.
19:24 It's 11:00pm.
21:25 Teresa tells the story of the tattoo, off-mic. Ralph's birthday was this week.
22:49 Ralph gets Ken into trouble with Gina. Ralph references Oddjob.
25:07 José, Manuel y Rodrigo from TJ. Kevin references Pulp Fiction again. Truman Capote and Jerry Lewis argue about who has the manliest voice.
25:20 Quote: "The fuckin' UN here ..."
28:09 Rob, Lisa and Zoe from Maryland come to this and the following shows. Ralph used to spend a lot of time in Maryland.
29:40 Quote: "Great crabs!"
29:50 Eddie and Jessica miss Twilight to see HBO.
30:30 Kevin sullies Jessica's compliment.
32:00 Quote: "Butthole Cornicopia!"
34:15 People want to see Kevin's Bowie sexy dance. Ralph is a fan of redheads.
35:20 Quote: "I saw The Butthole Cornocopia at the Troubadour, last night ..."
35:35 Kay and Casey shout "Ooo-Ahhh!" They ask to see Ralph's penis, and want to do a wobbly H with Ralph. Reminds Kevin of Howard Dean.
38:50 Quote: "I'm more of a sphincter protector."
39:10 Justin from Cambridge, Ontario makes a lot of firsts, tonight. Taylor Lautner gives advice what to do in LA.
42:35 Email bag: Pavel Somagi from Poland drew Ralph. "All the international flavors ..."
43:30 Barry from Ireland lost lots of weight with listening to HBO. Fries Girl, Jerry Lewis and Taylor Lautner 3-way.
45:05 Quotes: "When you do the fingers ..." "The first one, not the black one ..."
46:30 Karl in Sweden drew some art. Kevin wonders about robust robots. Ralph references Bicentenial Man and Cocoon.
48:40 Crystal from Brisbane, Australia on Jack And Jill. Ralph on Little Nicky, Devil's Advocate and Charlize Theron. Kevin on Ralph's ticks when he does impressions.
50:15 Quote: "Blood Diamonds come poopin' out of it!"
51:00 Randy from Portland, Oregon found thisZoom.
52:00 Shit That Should Not Be: (It's midnight). Beyond The Law. Kevin defends, and explains a Damon-double in Dogma.
57:00 Ralph has been ignoring Shit That Should Not Be's about Kevin, specifically Mewes in Dogma.
59:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: Lee Pockriss. Ralph on modern music. Ralph used to jerk off to Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, and spank-history.
1:03:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Karl Slover. Ralph does Drunk Chick. Pic.
1:04:30 Quote: "Wizaaard?!"
1:06:15 Kevin plugs Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. Ralph does Yoda.
1:08:10 Quote: "Munchkin Death Pool."
1:08:30 Hollywood Helper (Old Theme): Leonardo DiCaprio charity birthday.
1:09:38 Quote: "37!?"
1:11:00 Hollywood Helper: Michael J. Fox playing Johnny B. Goode.
1:13:30 Quote: "Did that camera look shaky to you?"
1:13:50 Hollywood Helper: Justin Bieber auction's his snake.
1:15:30 New Releases: The Descendants, Happy Feet Two and Friggin' Werewolf Movie.
1:16:00 Quote: "FUPA - Fat Upper Pussy Area: Front Porch."
1:16:50 Quotes: "Bella and Irving," "R-Pat. K-Stew. T-Laut."
1:17:35 Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are done. Kutcher on relationship advice in a magazine.
1:20:20 Jesse James cheated 20 times. Ralph warns against tattoos.
1:22:45 Natalie Wood case reopened, and history, by Ralph.
1:23:30 Quote: "Splendor in the Ass."
1:25:10 Ralph as Christopher Walken. Lana Wood.
1:26:30 Quote: "I killed her! Did I say that?"
1:29:00 Ralph does Jack Klugman.
1:30:25 Justin Bieber free from paternity charge.
1:30:00 Joseph Gordon-Levitt asked on a dateFollow-up.
1:33:30 Chelsea Handler's show extended. Ralph not pleased. Kevin tries to defend.
1:35:30 Kim Kardashian has an acting coach.
1:36:40 Rebecca Black new single, Person of Interest.
1:37:30 Quote: "It's shit!"
1:38:40 Lego: The Movie, announced. Kevin defends the Lego games.
1:39:25 NBC bringing back The Munsters. Kevin pimps Pushing Daisies.
1:41:10 The Man From UNCLE going down the tubes.
1:42:10 PETA angry with Nintendo. Al Pacino watching turkeys having sex.
1:45:10 Arnie tweeted that he injured his head. Ralph spits on Kevin.
1:46:25 Johnny Depp fulfills Hunter S. Thompson's wishes for his ashes. Imparts his own wishes, and Ralph's.
1:47:40 Quote: "I'd drink you, Ralph."
1:48:15 Tori Spelling's husband tweets his kid. Zoom. Ralph needs to pee.
1:49:45 Human Centipede Art Exhibit. Kevin met him in Iceland.
1:51:35 Quote: "Sperm lunch." Cactus Penetration.
1:52:30 Geek News: David Yates to make a Doctor Who Movie. Ralph says Alan Rickman for the new Who.
1:53:40 Quote: "Ludvig Von Assholen."
1:55:39 Nic Cage selling his Action Comics #1. $1.3m current bid. Ralph not currently impressed with the new Superman movie. Creepy Superman inner monologue.
1:57:25 Quote "Looooois!"
1:58:00 Mike Myer had his Superman collection stolen. Culprit sentenced to 6 years in prison.
1:58:45 Quote: "With the fingers again."
2:00:00 The longest HBO, to date. New Years Eve tickets on sale.
2:01:00 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.