Hollywood Babble-On 59: Babble-On Houston

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin mess with Texas. Recorded at the Alamo Drafthouse in Houston, TX 8/27/11."
Runtime: 1:42:18
Recorded Sat, 27th Aug. 2011
Released Mon, 14th Nov. 2011

0:00 SModCo Ads.

3:50 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

4:40 Quote: "Planet Hooston."
5:10 Red State showing after HBO.
5:20 Ralph has some art by The Wonder Brothers. (Please check out their site, as they are rooted in SMod history). Zombie RalphZombie KevCheck it.
6:20 Ralph tries to sound local. HBO is one year-old at this date.
7:43 Shout-outs: Kevin berates Texas for their form of speech. Eric brings Tiffany to meet Ralph.
9:45 Trevor, Holly and Stephen would like to hear Edelweiss.
11:20 Kevin references Alive. (Ralph calls them Peruvian, when they were actually from Uruguay.)
11:40 Corey writes in and Kevin sides with Wendy. Wendy writes in. 
12:00 Quotes: "Brownmazing," "Accidently," "Don't cross the streams," "Pooper-plunger-problem." 
14:30 Jessie Torres and Nicole, saw Red State in Austin. Jon Lovitz is Nicole's celebrity free pass. Asks what Lovitz smells like.
16:40 Mike and Matt of WonderBros made a poster for the gig. Alamo Drafthouse cellphone chick, Al Pacino mimics the call.
20:40 Email bag: Andrew in London lost his cherry to HBO.
21:40 Al in France writes in to reprimand Ralph on French stereotypes.
22:10 Quotes: "shut up ... cheese-eatin' surrender monkeys."
22:40 Chris from Australia wants Ralph and Kevin to trade poisons. Kevin recalls drinking in high school. Had a mom-moment.
25:00 Quote: "Wonder Woman and the lasso ..."
26:10 Jimmy Kimmel's Uncle Frank.
28:05 Tinseltown Stiff: Jerry_Leiber. Leiber song-fest.
30:40 Tinseltown Stiff: Nick Ashford. Ashford song-fest.
32:10 Quote: "I used to do that to neighbourhood kids!"
32:35 Hollywood Helper: Kate Winslet on Necker Island. Kevin wants a new Hollywood Helper theme. Ralph speaks in a British accent.
36:15 Hollywood Helper: Brad Pitt on the set of World War Z. Ralph speaks in a Scottish accent.
37:50 New Releases: Our Idiot BrotherDon't Be Afraid of the Dark and Colombiana.
38:30 Cinemas in Atlantic City closed due to Hurricane Irene. Kevin props Zoe Saldana.
39:30 Quote: "This bitch wants revenge, bitch!"
40:30 Kevin defends Cop Out against a heckler.
41:00 Jim Carrey sends a video to Emma Stone.
43:15 Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith to divorce.
45:20 Quote: "it is your fault."
46:10 Quotes: "Kevinette," "Ralphina is a beautiful name for a girl!"
47:00 Alec Baldwin and Hilaria, the yoga instructor. Ralph dated a contortionist, and a woman with two vaginas.
48:20 Ryan Gosling broke up a street fight. Video.
49:45 Worst Celebrity tippers.
55:50 Megan Fox removing her Marilyn Monroe tattoo. Kevin recommends a Ghandi tattoo.
57:10  Lindsay Lohan news: Suing Pitbull. Kevin would've liked to have seen his dad's dick.
1:01:00 Kardashian Sex Tape crazy downloads as she's getting married. (9/72).
1:03:35 Hustler has a sextape of Rihanna and J. Cole. Garman analyzes the situation. Ralph has made some sex-tapes. Ralph does Dudley Doright.
1:03:40 Quote: "Fucking ... ucking ...ucking!"
1:09:25 Quote. "It's had to fuck when you're sucking in your gut."
1:10:00 Snooki is to release a perfume.
1:10:30 Hollywood Walk of Fame says no reality TV stars on the walk. Stars with stars discussed.
1:13:00 Simon Cowell wants to be frozen when he dies.
1:14:40 Jerry Lewis wants to be back on the telethon.
1:15:25 Penis names.
1:18:25 New Sex and the City movie being planned.
1:19:45 Broadway musical based on Ghost.
1:22:15 David Bowie has retired from music.
1:23:47 **second appearance** David Bowie music.
1:25:15 Geek News: Dan Akroyd says Ghostbusters III will happen. With or without Bill Murray.
1:27:25 David Goyer will remake The Invisible Man.
1:28:45 Man of Steel photos released.
1:31:10 Kevin on Babble-On ComicCon. The Butt-fuckin' mom.
1:35:40 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.