Hollywood Babble-On 58: Babble-On Las Vegas 2

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin drop a grand in grand Vegas style. Recorded at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, 11/5/11."
Runtime: 1:38:46
Recorded Sat, 5th Nov. 2011
Released Mon, 7th Nov. 2011

0:00 SModCo Ads.

4:18 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
5:00 Quote: "Give me back my fucking money!"
5:10 Ralph lost $1,000 in 2 days; drank $3,000 in free drinks. Kevin broke even. Ralph on would-be Vegas rules. No HBO next week (Kevin is in Iceland). Babble-On Comiccon Theater #2 following week.
8:14 Shout-outs: Ben from Australia tells his friend Ed, "Fuck you!"
10:15 James and Sarah drink a lot. Ralph educates Kevin on the Gun Store.
11:30 Someone really like Liberace, and his museum.
13:15 Micah, Mason and Traqvis celebrate Travis' drinking age.
13.45 Quotes: "Young, dumb and full of cum ..."
14:30 Harrison Ford singing Happy Birthday. A Harrison Hallowe'en.
16:20 Brian and his bachelor party get berated by Ralph. Cop Out takes a hit.
17:20 Quote: "Lucille."
17:55 Quote: "She escorts the cum out of your dick!"
19:50 Quote: "Highland Blizzard."
20:15 Email bag: Marshall Bowen sends in another HBO Drinking Game rule.
21:00 HBO Drinking Game: If Ralph forgets a theme, take a drink!
21:30 Mike asks for a soundbyte, and donates to The Wayne Foundation.
22:45 Sean misses HBO by a week or so. Chuck Heston ordering from The Fries Girl.
24:58 Zakk says Mandy won't give up the balloon knot. Kevin's Creepy Sexy voice. Will send a link to porno if Mandy agrees.
28:40 Roy from West Hartford, Conneticut dug The Raven, by David Bowie.
30:25 Hollywood Helper: Barry Manilow (The Justin Bieber of the 70's). donates money to buy musical instruments.
32:10 Quote: "Who is the old lady who is giving us instruments?"
33:28 Tinseltown Stiffs: (Kevin plays Scott McCumber's Tinseltown Stiffs intro) Cory Smoot.
36:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Gil Cates.
37:33 Tinseltown Stiff: Andy Rooney.
38:00 Quote: "A lifectomy."
39:20 Kim Kardashian, Mewes and porn. (77/72) Kim divorced. ($10,339 per hour). High-tailled it to Australia. Chris Humphries offered work.
39:25 **first appearance** Porn Star Kim Kardashian.
43:00 Short-lived celebrity marriages.
45:50 Quote: "First he got locked out of the NBA, and then locked out of his house."
48:30 Kardashian impressions.
48:45 Rob Kardashian on dancing with the stars gets promoted by Kim.
49:30 Quotes: "America's Sport," "The skanctity of marriage."
50:00 Jessica Simpson pregnant. Kevin calls foul on her earnings.
52:45 Justin Bieber the subject of a paternity lawsuit. Ralph explains California sexxx-laws.
58:00 Selena broke up with Justin (Dear Lord ...!)
58:15 Hugh Grant is a father.
59:20 Michael Lohan in court; bail refused. Celebrity Boxing Match tonight.
1:01:50 Quote: "I will pay that if you give them weapons."
1:02:15 Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 30 days. Community service center rejects Lindsay Lohan.
1:04:30 Photos rejected from Playboy. Ralph likes naked celebrities.
1:06:00 Photo of Taylor Swift. Kev on Kanye.
1:08:00 Britney Spears gives a lapdance to Joe Jonas. Video. She wants to make movies again. Would like to play a Detective or Assassin.
1:10:38 The Head of Universal says he makes shitty movies.
1:12:00 Lady Gaga has her own Thanksgiving program.
1:13:10 Clint Eastwood on gay marriage.
1:14:20 Bret Ratner and Olivia Munn, shrimp-fuckin'. Kevin believes it to be true.
1:17:10 Amanda Siegfried is going to play Linda Lovelace.
1:19:05 Martin Campbell to direct The Fall Guy.
1:20:25 Jennifer Lopez to make Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego? (Personally, I always preferred this theme).
1:21:50 MC Hammer unveils Wiredoo.
1:23:20 Geek News: Phoenix Jones fired from his job because of his arrest.
1:25:00 Star Trek in pre-production. Benicio Del Toro implicated. Kevin offers guesswork.
1:26:15 Popeye to return ... in 3D!
1:27:05 Quote: "Jeez! I gotta tie off!"
1:27:15 Hans Zimmer wants your help. The prison chant from The Dark Knight Rises is played for the first time.
1:29:15 Quote: "Bitches! Poptarts!"
1:29:45 Star Wars will get you killed.
1:31:35 Quote: "Fuck with the BatCave, you get the hammer."
1:32:00 Ralph wishes his wife a happy birthday.
1:33:20 Ralph does Ting Tong Macadangdang.
1:33:40 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.