Hollywood Babble-On 172: June 20, 2014

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Description: "Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on Friday, June 20, 2014."
Runtime: 1:43:43
Recorded Fri, 20th June 2014
Released Mon, 23rd June 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 Smodco ads. DAVEschool.com
1:45 Kyle Hebert intro.

2:30 Kevin reads a tweet from Carlos Vasquez for Angél Hernandez. "Thank you, that is all."
3:30 old-out streak continues. "Rectally-fresh." Kevin less-than-comfortable. "Stowaway turd." "Air Force Number 2!"
4:50 Ralph calls Kevin out on his plugging via Twitter. SMod-teeth.
10:07 Shout-outs: "Mike Cock in the Morning." 
10:50 Peter Tassler celebrates son Zack's 20th birthday.
11:54 Anthony, John, Alan and Ryan attend Bot-Con. The Germans advise on how to have a good time in L.A. Ralph critiques the new movie. "What? No!" "Decepta-bullshit!"
16:10 Mike and Krysta couldn't make it. 
16:45 Ernest V. has been with his wife for 20 years. Huell Howser and the Spincter Fairy.
20:15 Eric and Molly celebrate Eric's 37th birthday. Molly pregnant. Sexy Kevin. Josh The Sound Guy ribs Kev.
22:35 Alex Rishé is mocked by Ralph. Daughter is a new doc. David Bowie wishes.
26:05 Email bag: Alan Berk sends in Sad Hulk. Ralph's Lou Ferigno impression; Kevin aggitated. "Fuckin' piece of shit, man!"
28:15 Arnold sings: Scooby Doo Where Are You?
30:20 Diego and Carina become parents. Bill Cosby family advice. 
31:20 Sean sends in Chocolatey Wolverine.
32:20 PeeWee Herman covers Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive.
34:34 Dynamic Duets: Brad Jackson sends in Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys ... by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.
36:50 Tinseltown Stiffs: Gerry Goffin. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
39:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Francis MatthewsCaptain Scarlet. "Looks like a fuckin' fleshlight."
41:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Casey Kasem. "Zoinks!" Batman. Snuggles. Ghostbusters mentioned.
47:28 Hollywood Helpers: Emma "Underwear Soup" Stone and Andrew Garfield shout-out their favourite charities.
49:17 SModCo ads. lootcrate.com/babble code: babble
51:30 Shit That Should Not Be: Lucas sends in Pearl Harbor. Kevin on Ben in Pearl Harbor.
54:52 Exquisite Acting: "Pretentious Turd," Possession. BatFleck mentioned.
57:40 KevIn: BabblRinthZoinks! Drunk and Smokier.
59:50 HBO Headlines: Ralph asks Kevin about Fathers Day. Bruce Willis' daughter tweets a photo of dad on Fathers Day. #FreeTheNipple discussed.
1:02:00 Three people arrested for disorderly conduct outside Tadolf Switlers house.
1:02:52 Netflix signs up Chelsea Handler. Ralph unamused, and yet, amused. "Knitting needles."
1:04:50 Justin Bieber "Let's get 'im!" to be charged with criminal vandalism for egg-throwing. Untouchables references. "Fabergé eggs!" "Death Penalty!" Kevin on the tourbus outside his house. "The guy with the FleshLight on the balcony ..." Jen throws an egg. "Fuckin' egg!"
1:09:50 True Blood musical on the way, for HBO. 
1:10:30 Rob Ford, The Musical casting. Ralph's Rob Ford sings Let It Snow.
1:11:25 Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile app takes a hit. PhotoTrailer. "Ouch, my asshole hurts!" Ralph and Kevin's Kardashian impressions. Kanye at BonnarooImage. "Where da press at?!" Kim's video critiqued.
1:18:20 Lindsay Lohan in London, still. Considering working in The West End.
1:19:45 LifeTime Network announces The UnAuthorized Saved By The Bell story. "I wanna know!" Ralph discloses some rumours. "He fucked one of her names right off her!" 
1:22:00 Miley Cyrus in trouble in Madrid, Spain. WhoringSlutting.
1:23:50 Movies That Will Suck: TransFormers takes another hit. Scooby Doo live action franchise to be rebooted. Felix The Cat annoys Ralph. Heathcliff takes a hit. "A cat with a purse." "Dinner in Asia." Silent Bob likes Felix, and wears a Felix cap in Clerks. Grumpy Cat movie takes a hit. Marylin Monroe Zombie Hunter. "Shut the fuck up!" 
1:30:40 Geek News: Harrison Ford recovering well after broken leg surgery. Ryan Johnson will write/direct Star Wars EP 8.
1:32:50 Aquaman to appear in Batman Vs. Superman.
1:33:55 Bob Kane to get a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Ralph runs through the list of names to get a star. Unimpressed by some names. "Fucking Snoopy." Kevin defends Felix and Snoopy. "Red Thing."
1:36:00 New Batman Unlimited Cartoon. Kevin liked Beware The Batman. Batman Tour cowls.
1:38:14 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. It's a Madhouse!

Hollywood Babble-On 171: June 13, 2014

Episode: Link.
Description: "Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on Friday, June 13, 2014."
Runtime: 1:38:40
Recorded Fri, 13th June 2014
Released Mon, 16th June 2014
Show notes by @Forgeticus

0:00 Smodco ads.
1:45 Kyle Hebert intro.
2:30 The LA Kings won.
4:00 Kevin told Haley Joel Osment he sees dead people.
6:04 Is there a record for sellouts at The Improv?
6:50 Shout-outs: Sebastian es from Chile, gets a picture. Chilean Jason Mewes/Kevin Smith.
11:30 Ilene from Norway is here to see Ralph and buy him a shot, basically...
15:45 Kara and Brian, celebrating her 30th gets Bill Cosby, Creepy Clown Time. Audience member terrified.
18:44 Rory and beautiful, sexy Cathy. Cathy wants to be Kev's dietitian.
Ralph: "She says she could help him throw away the fat pants, still smoke unlimited weed and eat the occasional chicken cheese steak."
Kev: "What the fuck makes you think I'm wearing fat pants?!" ..."That was a joke! I don't own fat pants. Who am I, John Travolta?" Germans give Rory an assist. Yusef buys a round.
22:10 Cathy also wrote in, and there is good news in Rory's future. Dick wrapped in kale. Bowie wishes Happy Anniversary. Fucking Berkeley hippies.
24:47 Email bag: Ray sends in Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow.
27:25 Colette sends in The Tonight Show doing Arnold Schwarzenegger singing Let It Go. Ralph's is way better. "They will be hearing from our lawyers."
29:15 Nathan wants to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger sing "The Rainbow Connection". 
31:19 Stephen from Ireland wants to hear Pee Wee Herman do the speech from Taken.
32:38 Tinseltown Stiffs: Ruby Dee. American Gangster clip. Kev wants to watch that movie.
35:24 Tinseltown Stiff: Rik Mayall, UK comedian. Clip unavailable.
37:25 Dynamic Duets: Shawn, professional karaoke DJ, requests The B-52's "Love Shack".
40:28 Exquisite Acting: Sylvester Stallone unintelligible in First Blood.
42:50 Smodco ads.
44:58 Shit That Should Not Be: Washs invisible steering wheel in Firefly.
46:53 Kev-In: Reboots: Ted, Twins, Xena: Warrior Princess.
49:09 HBO Headlines: Tracy Morgan injured in crash. Kevin has fond memories working with him. "He's the black Jason Mewes". Clip from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
56:35 Harrison Ford ankle broken by falling door on the Millennium Falcon. Phone interview.
59:10 Justin Bieber avoids robbery charge from that time he grabbed a woman's cell phone.
1:01:06 Bieber was baptized in a bathtub in NYC by pastor of the stars Carl Lentz.
1:03:20 Lindsay Lohan is partying in England. Ralph/Kev should fuck her. May get freckles removed.
1:05:36 I Wanna Marry Harry cancelled. "Who said 'woo!'? Get the fuck out." Worst ratings ever.
1:07:02 Glee star Lea Michele has a new boyfriend who is actually a male hooker. Couple. Website. Story.
1:08:55 Bill Murray crashes SC couple's engagement photo shoot. Photo.
1:11:40 Movies That Will Suck: Lifetime movie, Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever"I want the girl to die. I want the cat to die. I want the director to die. I want everyone involved in this project to die."
1:14:48 Music News: Lana Del Ray "wishes she was dead already".
1:16:38 Robin Thicke can't get over his ex wife. Names new LP, Paula, after her.
1:18:30 Mick Jagger has a new girl friend. Photo. Kevin mimes Mick Jagger on stage.
1:20:33 Psy (Gangnam Style) has a new song with Snoop Dogg, "Hangover". Don't watch.
1:22:22 Geek News: Super geek Tom Murphy puts Star Wars words in alphabetical order in this stupid video. Ralph is angry about this.
1:25:57 Australian builds first street legal Tim Burton Batmobile. Video.
1:28:36 Nikki Finke has layout for all the next DC movies. So does Kevin. Confirms this list.
1:30:45 Daredevil series coming to Netflix. Kingpin photo. As Private Pyle.
1:31:47 Spider-man statue in South Korea has a huge boner. Photo 1, 2. Artist refuses to change it.
1:34:00 Liam Neesons cock jokes.

Hollywood Babble-On 170: June 6, 2014

Episode: Link.
Description: "Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on Friday, June 6, 2014."
Runtime: 1:48:33
Recorded Fri, 6th June 2014
Released Mon, 9th June 2014
Show notes by @Forgeticus

0:00 Smodco ads,
1:45 Kyle Hebert intro.
2:35 He's Ralph Garman, professional comic book writer. Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet.
5:32 "Daddy don't get up till noon." "Who's Daddy?" "...I'm Daddy".
8:23 Shout-outs: Joshua and Darlene celebrating 10 years. Huell Howser congratulates.
10:55 Christian, photojournalist, is here but his bitch wife left him. Ralph wants to fuck.
14:00 David and Andrew wanna hear the Ealge's fight song by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
15:35 Mel and friends. IVF is discussed. Ralph jerked off in a cup, and on the freeway. http://www.gofundme.com/demskibaby
21:45 Jason & Jhon. Ralph takes issue with that spelling. Kevin apologizes for Ralph. Ooah
26:25 Email bag: Amanda's friend having her boobs reduced. Bowie sings farewell song.
30:40 Alan sends in Cheech & Chong meets Jay and Silent Bob mashup.
32:25 Louis sends in Wonder Woman Scissors.
33:06 Duvall wants to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger sing the Spider-man theme song.
35:29 Gillian sends in an inappropriate photo of Pluto in Disneyland.
36:10 Jacob Zeba animates another HBO clip, "Smith's Tits". Clip.
38:10 Dynamic Duets: Brenda requests the Brady Bunch theme. The guys add Alice.
41:22 Tinseltown Stiffs: Ann B. Davis. Brady Bunch nanny. Clip.
46:30 Smodco ads.
48:52 Hollywood Helpers: Jessica Alba threw a baby shower for military mothers.
50:37 Hollywood Helper: Charlize Theron didn't have cash, grabbed Sean Penn, then tipped $100 at Pink Berry.
53:07 Shit That Should Not Be: 60's Robin cant fake putting away the Bat Shield. Clip.
56:13 Exquisite Acting: Mykelti Williamson (Bubba) in 12 Angry Men. Kevin Files.
1:00:49 Kev-In: A Million Ways to Die in the West, The Full Monty, Batman.
1:04:30 HBO Headlines: Justin Bieber had 2 racists videos come out this week. Clip.
1:10:06 Smodco ads.
1:12:17 Kim Kardasian and Kanye wedding. New York Post great story photo.
1:14:04 Jayden Smith wears white Batman costume. "He's the hero nobody wants!" Painting.
1:19:23 Kendall Jenner looked up to supermodels. Celebrating 18th birthday by taking her top off.
1:21:36 Gwyneth Paltrow compares dealing with the internet to surviving a war. Thinks water has feelings.
1:24:50 Casey Kasem's wife, Jean, is fucking crazy. Throws raw hamburger, quotes scripture at his kids. Clip.
1:27:02 Detroit celebrates Robocop, builds huge ass statue.
1:28:56 Madonna is getting older. Doesn't recognize her chauffeur.
1:30:00  Miley Cyrus house broken into. Maserati stolen. Photo.
1:31:39 Geek News: Agents of Shield tour at Times Square. Captain America.
1:33:32 Thanos to be voiced by Josh Brolin. Still looking for Antman director.
1:36:49 Dr. Strange to be directed by Scott Derrickson. Photo. Ralph takes us into the darkness.
1:38:40 Star Wars 2nd standalone movie (maybe Han Solo) to be directed by Josh Trank. ...Rambo... Casting news. TMZ set photos. JJ Abrams responds to leak photos, posts some himself. Photo.
1:43:20 Liam Neeson's cock jokes.