Hollywood Babble-On 148: November 23, 2013

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Recorded live at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on 11/23/2013."

Runtime: 1:53:59
Recorded Sat, 23rd Nov. 2013
Released Mon, 25th Nov. 2013

0:00 SModCast ad; SlingBox.com/babble

2:15 Kyle Hebert intro.
3:00 Kevin has wrapped Tusk, and Kevin's entire family is present, including his sister who lives abroad. Kevin talks about his brother, Don, marriage at the SModCastle.
8:25 Don and Jerry to the stage. Kevin audibly emotional as he describes his views on his brother and gay marriage.
13:00 The HardCore Legal.
14:35 Pope Head.
14:55 What Strain Is Kevin On?: 2x White Widow. 1x Girlscout Cookies.
16:05 Season 2 of Spoilers starts filming tomorrow.
17:00 Shout-outs: (Kevin describes his parents watching Chasing Amy, and he will record with his mother).
19:40 Eddie Firth moved to L.A. to see Hollywood Babble-On. 
20:30 Sarah, Jason, Matthew and Jessica plan shenanigans. "Stupid impersonations." Sexy Kevin and Huell Howser.
22:50 Christie and Rojellio from Mobile, AL. Al Pacino.
24:30 Jennifer, Brooke, Gary and Jen celebrate Brooke's birthday. Bowie shout-out.
26:55 Email bag: Dan from Melbourne, Australia asks for the New Years Eve show. There will be two shows, in Orange County. "I'm not wearing any pants."
29:00 Ryan from Joplin, MO asks for David Lynch to sing Mahna Mahna.
29:50 Troy Bailey sends in BieberTinseltown StiffsTadolf Switler.
31:05 Jaden Walker sends in the Escape Plan posterContrasted. "Greedy and Nazi!"
32:50 Todd Haney in North Carolina asks for an Adam West/Bane Dynamic Duet.
33:50 Dynamic Duets: You Don't Bring Me Flowers.
35:45 Tinseltown Stiffs: Leroy Patterson's video. Marc Breaux. Step In Time video unavailable. Kevin critiques the dancers.
39:33 Kevin shouts out Chris Hardwick's dad, who passed a week ago.
40:19 Hollywood Helpers: Bradley Cooper wishes fan a happy birthday.
43:00 Shit That Should Not Be: Jenn Schmidt sends in UnbreakableStill. Mexicans giving birth.
47:20 Exquisite Acting: Daniel from Rio De Janiero sends in Stanley Tucci in The Core.
50:35 Kev-In: JFKThanksgiving and Dukes of Hazzard.
55:00 HBO Headlines: Justin Bieber's Brazillian hooker on hotmovies.comTudu bem! Kevin needs the bathroom. "Justin never touched the girl ...!" Kevin says Mewes is a germaphobe. No interest in Bieber's live dates in Australia.
59:50 Party at Bieber's: Confidentiality agreements handed out ($3m fine).
1:01:00 Fuck-Tapes star Kim Kardashian trying to rehab her image. eBay ad. "10%!" "PS: I'm an asshole."
1:04:10 Kendall Jenner is 18, so here are her tits. Ralph pimps Spearmint Rhino.
1:06:15 Creative Jenious Kanye West interviewed in Philly. DJ James with the Double Tap. Bound 2MegaForce. "It's got a roofie in it!"
1:10:50 Jeff Dunham takes a hit. Lindsay "Airtight!" Lohan denies she is afraid of midgets. "Lindsay loves all people!"
1:13:40 Miley Cyrus celebrates her 21st birthday. Kevin unimpressed. No eyebrows.
1:16:00 Monty Python's Flying Circus to perform on-stage for the first time since 1980 (Mostly). Holy Grail imitations. Ralph is going. Babble-On scheduled for London.
1:19:00 Rudy Huxtable is 34 years-old. Bill Cosby warms up the crowd. "Tiggerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr's ..." "Tigger, please!"
1:21:50 DJ James with a great plug. Scientologists open new Super Power building. "Bullshit!" "You'll float!"
1:25:10 Sean Penn is not a zoo animal.
1:26:15 Brandy Brandt 's drug smuggling ring. "Extricated ... extra ... they moved her!"
1:28:00 Daniel Day-Lewis' son, Gabe Day releases Green Auras. "I do." Daniel Day-Lewis rap battle.
1:31:50 Movies That Will Suck: It's A Wonderful Life; The Rest Of The Story. Temple Run: The Movie.
1:36:10 Death Wish remake. MGM fires Joe Carnahan for this amazing email. Kevin plugs NARC.
1:38:45 Geek News: Spider-Man; Turn Off The Dark will be closing in January. "WHAT?!" Theme played. Moving to Las Vegas.
1:40:50 Camila Luddington receives death threats for her participation on Tomb Raider.
1:42:22 JJ Abrams R2D2. Kenny Baker hates Anthony Daniels, apparently.
1:45:15 English Batmobile.
1:48:00 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.

Hollywood Babble-On 147: Babble-On Comic-Con Theater 4

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Babble-On Comic-Con Theater kicks off the Batman: Widening Gyre series. Recorded live at the Prince Music Theater on November 1, 2013."

Runtime: 1:17:52
Recorded Sun, 1st Nov. 2013
Released Mon, 18th Nov. 2013

0:00 SModCast ad. SquareSpace.com code: hollywood
0:18 Comic-Con Thearer intro.
1:10 Kevin tickled by the prospect of Babble-On Comic-Con Theater, and intros Ralph.

2:10 Ralph plugs Comic Book Men, Tell 'Em Steve-Dave and Power Records.
5:15 Belinda McClaine writes in for Jeff Alt, and he will play incidental characters.
7:30 Female roles to be portrayed by Jenn Schmidt.
8:25 Kevin working the sound effects, via help from DJ James.
8:45 Eddie plays the page turn ring.
9:15 Quote: "Are there any jews in the house?!"
9:40 Ralph corrected on his pronunciation of 'Gyre.'

10:05 Start. Kevin narrates. (Page 7).11:35 What Strain Is Kevin On?: Barry White and White Rhino.
11:50 Jeff criticized already. Jewish dialect practise.
13:00 Page turn (Page 8 and 9). The Germans! Walt Flanagan shout-out.
14:19 Page turn (Page 10).
15:27 Page turn (Page 11). Burt Ward steps in.
16:40 Page turn (Page 12).
17:03 Page turn (Page 13).
17:35 Quote: "Happy birthday ...!" Ralph gets a slap.
18:33 Page turn (Page 14). 
19:10 Next page. (Page 15). Audience laughs at Dick. As does Kevin.
21:23 Page turn (Page 16 and 17). Kevin's clever wordplay.
23:33 Page turn (Page 18). Full Aryan. Jeff came in his pants.

25:48 Next turn. (Page 19). Arnie steps in.
27:27 Page turn (Page 20). 
28:54 Next page (Page 21).
30:40 Page turn (Page 22). Snake Lake.
32:01 Next page (Page 23).

32:13 Page turn (Page 24). "Airtight!"
33:10 Next page. (Page 25). Motorboatin'. "Dick!" CB Radio File Request. "Stop it, you uncut bastards!" Suddenly Orphaned Dick.
35:55 SModCo ads. SquareSpace.com offer code: hollywood

37:47 Babble-On Comic-Con returns.
38:20 Page turn (Page 26). Ralph's excuses. Alfred Heston. "Pharma ... pharma ... drug studies!"
41:58 Next page (Page 27). 
43:00 Page turn (Page 28). Swamp Thing brought up.

44:22 Next page (Page 29). He did The Mash!
44:45 Page turn (Page 30). Jerkin'. Sly Stallone as Harvey Dent.
46:45 Next page (Page 31). Praise for Ralph. 
48:20 Page turn (Page 32). 
50:05 Next page (Page 33). Poison Ivy by Jenn Schmidt. Kevin gives direction.
53:53 Page turn (Page 34). "Vagina." Ralph knows Dick. Kevin wins. Huell Howser Killer Croc.
57:00 Next page (Page 35). "Fucked-up skin."
59:21 Page turn (Page 36). 
1:01:16 Next page (Page 37). Direction from Kevin. Bat-rape. Kevin as Etrigan the Rhymin' Demon.
1:04:28 Page turn (Page 38). "You're not suckin' his cock, you're eatin' his head!" "Hard. Ly!"

1:06:37 Next Page (Page 39). Grappling gun.
1:08:08 Page turn (Page 40 and 41). Thriller.
1:10:27 Page turn (Page 42). 
1:11:08 Next page (Page 43).
1:11:56 Page turn (Page 44).
1:12:30 Next page (page 45). Christian Bale steps in.
1:13:30 Page turn (Page 46). Thanks to Jenn, Jeff and Ralph Garman - The Man of Nine Voices! Kevin advocates brick and mortar comic book stores.

Hollywood Babble-On 146: November 9, 2013

Episode: Link.
Enhanced Audio Vision: Link.
"Recorded live at The Improv in Brea, CA on 11/9/2013."

Runtime: 1:51:21
Recorded Sat. 9th Nov
, 2013
Released Mon, 11th Nov, 2013 
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 SModco ad for DAVE School.
0:54 Kyle Hebert intro.

1:30 Kevin struggles to remember the day, but remembers doing a Why, Bry? with Bryan Johnson of Tell 'Em Steve Dave! Kevin jealous because Ralph had podded with Adam Carolla in the past, at the Brea Improv.
2:50 Kevin gives a Tusk update, now week one of shooting has finished, and comments on Michael Parks and Justin Long.
3:35 Kev on the Man Of Steel Blu Ray promotion. "Fat Nerdist." Kevin's jersey stitched with the Superman crest. "E-fuckin' Bay."
8:00 News: "Kevin Smith ruined it again!" Vid. Zack Snyder shows Kevin Affleck in the bat-suit, with "a very *** *** influence." 
16:00 "Kevin Smith also said that DareDevil was an awesome movie!"
16:19 What Strain Is Kevin On? **first appearance** Sam Boz (?) sends in a new theme. White Widow/All Zack Snyder.
18:19 Shout-outs: (Ralph to fly out for Tusk, tomorrow).
20:45 Ralph to audition for Tusk.
21:16 Serious Mash's Bane Vs. Adam West comp.
22:50 Juliet and Regina and "Suarez": "I kissed you at Comic-Con!" "I missed you at Comic-Con!" "Twins is the ultimate goal, sir!" Ralph talks about his cock. "All-girl Catholic High School." Ralph performs Drunk Chick Mk. III. Ed Wynn birthday celebrations. "Take the chain off ..." Ralph on leaving Catholic School.
27:45 Ralph the Lizard.
28:20 Heather Rose neglects to mention Josh in her anniversary email. Fork/Garbage disposal. Huell Hoswer. 
29:40 Karen and Nestor  Ralph loves Bates Motel and thinks of Nestor Carbonell when he hears the name "Nestor." The Germans and "more surprises." Invasion.
32:45 Ryan, Brian and Ricky at The Improv. Ralph takes a swipe at father-to-be, Ricky. Sly Stallone fatherly advice.
34:45 Livia, Nina and Luka Kuns are subject to a Suzanne Vega pun. Sweden takes a swipe. "Augustus Gloop." "You get nothing, sir!" Kevin asks the Swedes to review Jackass Bad Grandpa, to hear their accent. Kevin's sexy voice and Al Pacino. Chocolate gifted. "This chocolate tastes like Kuns!"
39:55 Nathan Gonzalez celebrates his 19th birthday. David Bowie Birthday wishes.
42:15 Email bag: Mike and Mel from Toronto, CA, ask for Lucius, The Stuttering Pimp to perform Mahna Mahna. 
44:10 Christopher from Tuscan sends in the Swaggy Avengers t-shirt. Marvel -13pts
44:50 Chris Sanchez from Sydney Au. went to a wax museum in NYC. (Image unavailable).
45:45 Graham sends in Harrison Ford on the Empire Magazine podcast
47:30 Candice Anton asks for Bane and Adam West to perform "I'm A Little Bit Country," by Donnie and Marie.
49:10 Tinseltown Stiffs: Nick Cardy"Eight-teen's a teen, maaan!"
51:51 Tinseltown Stiff: Lee CrystalBad Reputation. Ralph reveals he is a former drummer.
53:40 SModCo ads: godaddy.com promo code: babble.
54:30 Hollywood Helpers: Ralph interacts with the crowd. Gary Sinise's Lt. Dan Band raised money for a wounded veteran. Kevin plugs Truman.
58:15 Shit That Should Not Be: Jake Zee sends in Major League. no high-five. (Video unavailable).
1:00:30 Exquisite Acting: Jeff Dominguez sends in Lex Luther of Superman Returns. "WROOONG!"
1:02:10 Kev-In: Anders Jacobson sends in Kevin The Pooh, Troy Bailey sends in Janet Jackson Rolling Stone cover, and on Nevermind, by Nirvana.  (Images unavailable).
1:05:20 HBO Headlines: Justin Bieber terrorizes South America (Because he knows HBOHelper isn't there to defend it). Deets of Panamanian Prostitute #1.
1:08:45 Quote: "Whuuut?!"
1:09:30 Hooker #2. SwaaagTatiana Neves Barbosa. Ms. Bikini Wellness.
1:13:45 Wanted in Brazil for tagging a building with graffiti. Free BreezyWater bottle.
1:17:17 Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson split up after UK visit. Dourtney custody battle.
1:18:00 Kim Kardashian's sister Kendal, turns 18. Porn companies with various offers.
1:20:00 Roots to get a remake. Ralph want to play Chicken George.
1:21:05 Hunger Games theme park in the works. Twilight theme park pondered.
1:22:45 Live action Jungle Book remake in the works. Kevin on Iron Man/John Favreau.
1:24:35 Movies That Will Suck: The Rock in Seal Team 666. Kevin defends.
1:26:30 Music That Will Suck: Duck Dynasty presents Duck The Halls.
1:28:00 Ark Music Factory's Alison Gold's ABCDEFG.
1:29:40 Geek News: San Fran to turn into Gotham for sf.wish.org .. Myles
1:31:45 criticalcare.comics.org
1:32:10 Upcoming Marvel TV shows, DareDevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and The Defenders.
1:33:00 CW announces Hour Man.
1:34:20 Batman in Musselburgh.
1:35:40 Thor <3's Loki.
1:37:10 Ralph's Tusk audition. "Now that's the real noose on the moose, eh?" Billy Joel mentioned.
1:40:12 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. Liam Neeson explained to the Swedes. Swede "How big is it?" New segment theme recorded.

Hollywood Babble-On 145: November 1, 2013

Episode: Link.
Enhanced Audio Vision: Link.
Recorded live at the Prince Music Hall in Philadelphia, PA on 11/1/2013."
Runtime: 1:39:27
Recorded Fri. 1st Nov
, 2013
Released Mon, 4th Nov, 2013
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 SModco ad for DAVE School.
0:40 Kyle Hebert intro.
1:42 Tumultuous welcome for Ralph from the Philly crowd.
2:00 BREAKING NEWS: Ralph's wife and daughter at LAX at time of a shooter in Terminal 3.
3:52 Quote: "Ralphie ..."
4:30 What Strain Is Kevin On? Barry White and White Rhino. Kev bugged himself out from previous week's reaction to the Justin Bieber lookalike surgery.
6:45 First Appearance: Babble ReDo.
8:45 Tusk update. More Instagrammin'! Kev lives on the edge, and is saved by his fat. "Just like Winnie the Pooh ..." DJ Transpo reaches for his camera phone .. Signs takes a hit.
14:50 Quote: "My wife escaped a gunman today."
15:40 Kevin lived at The Phoenix Hotel in Philly, whilst filming Jersey Girl. Kevin admired the Prince Music Hall from a distance.
17:18 Shout-outs: Danny and Laura celebrate their anniversary with Doug. Ralph's circa 1984 hardcore North-Eastern Philly accent.
19:30 Dominic celebrates his anniversary.
20:20 Joe, Cathy and John Morton celebrate Cathy's birthday.Nazi-chat. The Germans recall Die Vaterland.
22:19 Andy, Bill, Drew, Mike et al. have a boys night out.
23:14 Babble Story Time. Sly Stallone reads Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
25:29 Adam Kimmelman wrote 3 book on the history of The Flyers.
26:10 Ralph's Green Lantern Oath: Lucius, The Stuttering Pimp.
27:40 Puppetmasters Dan and Nate in attendance with their S.O.'s demand Kevin's Sexy voice and Bill Cosby.
30:07 Dangling Chad tries to bogart Chad, Kevin and Shelby's shout-out. File rebuffed. David Bowie Wedding song.
33:05 Email bag: Chad Blakely created a new Star Wars Trading Card. 
34:30 Sam Berger asks for Sean Connery baby advice.
35:30 UK Steve submits tea-towel holder as a euphemism for the asshole. 
36:30 Troy asks for Bane and Adam West to sing Don't Go Breaking My Spine. "Do an album!"
38:53 SModCo ads. http://www.godaddy.com code: babble.
39:45 Tinseltown Stiffs: Lou Reed. Kev jerked it to tranny porn.
42:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Marcia Wallace. (Video unavailable).
44:15 Tinseltown Stiff: Graham Stark. (Video unavailable).
46:00 Hollywood Helpers: Kevin Hart donates $250k to public school computers.
48:15 Shit That Should Not Be: Marta from Guatamala sends in Les Miserables crawling ghost. Video.
50:45 Exquisite Acting: Tim from Richmond, Virginia sends in The Pope of Greenwich Village. Kevin requests a repeat viewing.
52:34 Kev-In: (Comic Book Movies) Thor: The Dark World. The Thing. Avengers 2. Kevin seems unimpressed with the Kev-In segment. (Images unavailable). 
55:07 HBO Headlines: Lou Bega confused with Lou Reed and sent condolences. "I'm not dead, my career is ..."
56:45 Cardinal Rabisi tweets lyrics to Perfect Day. Ralph's Italian impression.
57:49 Chris Brown photobombed and broke a dudes nose. Possible time on the horizon.
59:30 Miley Cyrus: Complainin' to Cosmopolitan: Underdog. Halloween pumpkins and costume.
1:01:46 Hugh Hefner's Halloween party. (Images unavailable). Lovitz trying to get a youtube channel. Mic is malfunctioning at this point. Ironic, much?
1:06:00 Jonas Brothers split. HBOhelper ecstatic. Ralph plays Jonas Brothers music. HBOhelper depressed. "Jewish accountants/Mexican gardener."
1:08:30 Farrah Abraham grilled for waxing her 4 year-old eyebrows. (Clip unavailable). "She was sleeping ..."
1:11:10 Lara Flynn-Boyle succumbs to face-augmentation. "Why so serious?!"
1:12:45 Kevin on losing weight.
1:14:20 Kim Kardashian wants to pose for PlayBoy to mock those who said she was fat.
1:15:25 Kanye West went into K-ROQ, and Ralph berates himself for not laying into him. "Kim Kardashian should have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame." Bwahahaha!
1:17:00 Bieber theme sang by the crowd. "Die?!" Bieber in Guatamala building schools, shirtless. "Swaaaag!"
1:19:20 Emile Hirsch cast as lead in Jim Belushi lead. (Image unavailable). "Bat-lushi!" "He's a cryer!"
1:21:00 Movies That Will Suck: Tusk gets a jab. Pet Semetary remake. Knight Rider/Christine spawn. Sleep Away Camp remake. (Image unavailable). Shoes.
1:24:30 Geek News: Captain James Kirk to take command the USS Zumwalt. 
1:25:55 Superman theme by Ohio State.
1:27:45 Man Of Steel with Kevin Smith, Zack Snyder et al. on Saturday, with possible announcements. 
1:31:30 Liam Neeson's cock jokes.

Hollywood Babble-On 144: October 25 , 2013

Episode: Link.
Enhanced Audio Vision: Link.
Comments: "Recorded live at the Improv in Hollywood, CA on 10/2
Runtime: 1:43:57
Recorded Fri. 2
5th Oct, 2013
Released Sun, 27th Oct, 2013
Show notes by @Forgeticus

0:00 SModco ad for DAVE School.
0:40 Kyle Hebert intro.
1:40 Kev just flew in from NC from pre-production on Tusk.
2:40 Kevin has a long story about James Laxton's (cinematographer on Tusk) mother Aggie Guerard Rodgers, costume designer.
3:58 Kev diverts with another story about not making a catch in little league because he was talking about Star Wars.
4:45 Back to Aggie Rodgers. She worked on Return of the Jedi and designed slave Leia costume.
8:15 The Walrus costume is still fucked up (looking). The makeup person on Tusk worked on Evil Dead 2.
9:00 Kevin might be dying and Tusk is his Make-A-Wish. "You gotta a lotta years left in you." "You think so?" "Nope."
10:00 What strain is Kevin on? Obi-Won.
10:52: Shout-outs: The gay ghost is here. Can Sylvester Stallone convince Melissa to give Rob anal? "Cut me, Mick! It doesn't fit, Mick!"
13:33 Gareth Brooks. "I'm alooone!" Small world guy trapped in a drive-thru talking to McDonald's fry girl.
15:36 Ralph and Kev discuss seating in Hell.
16:10 Matt and Bo request LA info from The Germans.
17:58 Ryan and friends. Get the fuck out, Ryan, for not having a drink. Dudley Moore advice. "Kids, this is a guy who was in a movie 38 years ago".
21:18 Shandra and Mike. Al Pacino gives some suggestions?
24:25 Email bag: Idan from Israel. Could David Bowie sing a song describing what Kevin's doing during the song?
28:25 Kevin's brother Don and his husband Jerry are here, and it's Jerry's birthday.
31:02 **First Appearance** Kevin's Phillip Seymour Hoffman impression.
33:07 Erik Fluger drew Liam Neeson's cock sticking its tongue out at Miley Cyrus.
34:30 Benjamin Rose dresses up his dog as Miley wrecking ball.
36:02 Brady Clark wants Bane and Adam West to sing Summer Nights from Grease.
38:20 Kevin loves the show tunes but Don is the gay one. Kevin details to the audience sucking his own dick.
40:05 Kevin came in his own mouth and didn't know what to say afterwards.
41:20 Tinseltown Stiffs: stuntman and director Hal Needham.
46:28 Tinseltown Stiff: actor singer Noel Harrison.
48:35 Tinseltown Stiff: character actor Ed Lauter. "Creeew!
51:00 Tinseltown Stiff: producer, founder of Filmation animation studio Lou Scheimer.
55:17 Hollywood Helper: James Franco (not our James Franco) helps teen spite boyfriend.
57:55 Shit That Should Not Be: American Psyco can't spell-check business cards.
1:00:39 Exquisite Acting: Christopher Reeve FEELS SOMETHING.
1:03:35 Kev-In: was Quasimodo in Hunchback of Notre Dame. "She gave me weed".
1:05:36 Kev-In: twin sister in The Shining.
1:06:00 Kev-In: A ghost in Ghostbusters.
1:07:05 HBO Headlines: Kayne proposed to Kim Kardashian in a small intimate ceremony.
1:10:21 Bruce Jenner might wear women's panties.
1:11:25  White Jesus at Kayne's concert.
1:13:40 Paul and Linda Hogan, Crocodile Dundee, to divorce.
1:14:14 TV Shows That Will Suck: Charmed to return. Will Ralph reprise his role?
1:15:33 NBC to reboot Murder She Wrote with black Jessica Fletcher.
1:17:20 Tom Hardy to play Elton John in biopic Rocket Man. Bane: "Hold me closer, tiny dancer".
1:18:34 Lindsay Lohan photographed reaching for wine bottle.
1:20:05 Top earning dead celebrities. Angry Ralph has a problem with Peanuts. "Try to kick the football. Aaugh -Fuck you, 37 million dollars!"
1:22:45 33 year old man spends $100,000 on plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber. BeforeAfter.
1:24:39 Beetlejuice 2 in the works. Tim Burton, Michael Keaton sign on. Kevin once turned down that script.
1:26:33 Movies That Will Suck:  20th Century Fox buys movie rights to 3 websites: The Knot, The Bump & The Nest.
1:26:35 Britney Spears can't sing. Video of isolated vocal track.
1:30:20 The people who brought you "Friday" bring you Alison Gold's song "Chinese Food".
1:31:40 Debuted at #29 in hot 100 songs. Kevin: "Good for her." Ralph: "NOT good for her!!"
1:34:02 Geek News: Ralph isn't done with Chinese Food yet.
1:35:08 Michael Arndt fired as writer for Star Wars 7.
1:36:33 Maine Police captured Joker for DUI. He struck Stephen King.
1:38:30 Liam Neeson's cock jokes.