Hollywood Babble-On 146: November 9, 2013

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"Recorded live at The Improv in Brea, CA on 11/9/2013."

Runtime: 1:51:21
Recorded Sat. 9th Nov
, 2013
Released Mon, 11th Nov, 2013 
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 SModco ad for DAVE School.
0:54 Kyle Hebert intro.

1:30 Kevin struggles to remember the day, but remembers doing a Why, Bry? with Bryan Johnson of Tell 'Em Steve Dave! Kevin jealous because Ralph had podded with Adam Carolla in the past, at the Brea Improv.
2:50 Kevin gives a Tusk update, now week one of shooting has finished, and comments on Michael Parks and Justin Long.
3:35 Kev on the Man Of Steel Blu Ray promotion. "Fat Nerdist." Kevin's jersey stitched with the Superman crest. "E-fuckin' Bay."
8:00 News: "Kevin Smith ruined it again!" Vid. Zack Snyder shows Kevin Affleck in the bat-suit, with "a very *** *** influence." 
16:00 "Kevin Smith also said that DareDevil was an awesome movie!"
16:19 What Strain Is Kevin On? **first appearance** Sam Boz (?) sends in a new theme. White Widow/All Zack Snyder.
18:19 Shout-outs: (Ralph to fly out for Tusk, tomorrow).
20:45 Ralph to audition for Tusk.
21:16 Serious Mash's Bane Vs. Adam West comp.
22:50 Juliet and Regina and "Suarez": "I kissed you at Comic-Con!" "I missed you at Comic-Con!" "Twins is the ultimate goal, sir!" Ralph talks about his cock. "All-girl Catholic High School." Ralph performs Drunk Chick Mk. III. Ed Wynn birthday celebrations. "Take the chain off ..." Ralph on leaving Catholic School.
27:45 Ralph the Lizard.
28:20 Heather Rose neglects to mention Josh in her anniversary email. Fork/Garbage disposal. Huell Hoswer. 
29:40 Karen and Nestor  Ralph loves Bates Motel and thinks of Nestor Carbonell when he hears the name "Nestor." The Germans and "more surprises." Invasion.
32:45 Ryan, Brian and Ricky at The Improv. Ralph takes a swipe at father-to-be, Ricky. Sly Stallone fatherly advice.
34:45 Livia, Nina and Luka Kuns are subject to a Suzanne Vega pun. Sweden takes a swipe. "Augustus Gloop." "You get nothing, sir!" Kevin asks the Swedes to review Jackass Bad Grandpa, to hear their accent. Kevin's sexy voice and Al Pacino. Chocolate gifted. "This chocolate tastes like Kuns!"
39:55 Nathan Gonzalez celebrates his 19th birthday. David Bowie Birthday wishes.
42:15 Email bag: Mike and Mel from Toronto, CA, ask for Lucius, The Stuttering Pimp to perform Mahna Mahna. 
44:10 Christopher from Tuscan sends in the Swaggy Avengers t-shirt. Marvel -13pts
44:50 Chris Sanchez from Sydney Au. went to a wax museum in NYC. (Image unavailable).
45:45 Graham sends in Harrison Ford on the Empire Magazine podcast
47:30 Candice Anton asks for Bane and Adam West to perform "I'm A Little Bit Country," by Donnie and Marie.
49:10 Tinseltown Stiffs: Nick Cardy"Eight-teen's a teen, maaan!"
51:51 Tinseltown Stiff: Lee CrystalBad Reputation. Ralph reveals he is a former drummer.
53:40 SModCo ads: godaddy.com promo code: babble.
54:30 Hollywood Helpers: Ralph interacts with the crowd. Gary Sinise's Lt. Dan Band raised money for a wounded veteran. Kevin plugs Truman.
58:15 Shit That Should Not Be: Jake Zee sends in Major League. no high-five. (Video unavailable).
1:00:30 Exquisite Acting: Jeff Dominguez sends in Lex Luther of Superman Returns. "WROOONG!"
1:02:10 Kev-In: Anders Jacobson sends in Kevin The Pooh, Troy Bailey sends in Janet Jackson Rolling Stone cover, and on Nevermind, by Nirvana.  (Images unavailable).
1:05:20 HBO Headlines: Justin Bieber terrorizes South America (Because he knows HBOHelper isn't there to defend it). Deets of Panamanian Prostitute #1.
1:08:45 Quote: "Whuuut?!"
1:09:30 Hooker #2. SwaaagTatiana Neves Barbosa. Ms. Bikini Wellness.
1:13:45 Wanted in Brazil for tagging a building with graffiti. Free BreezyWater bottle.
1:17:17 Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson split up after UK visit. Dourtney custody battle.
1:18:00 Kim Kardashian's sister Kendal, turns 18. Porn companies with various offers.
1:20:00 Roots to get a remake. Ralph want to play Chicken George.
1:21:05 Hunger Games theme park in the works. Twilight theme park pondered.
1:22:45 Live action Jungle Book remake in the works. Kevin on Iron Man/John Favreau.
1:24:35 Movies That Will Suck: The Rock in Seal Team 666. Kevin defends.
1:26:30 Music That Will Suck: Duck Dynasty presents Duck The Halls.
1:28:00 Ark Music Factory's Alison Gold's ABCDEFG.
1:29:40 Geek News: San Fran to turn into Gotham for sf.wish.org .. Myles
1:31:45 criticalcare.comics.org
1:32:10 Upcoming Marvel TV shows, DareDevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and The Defenders.
1:33:00 CW announces Hour Man.
1:34:20 Batman in Musselburgh.
1:35:40 Thor <3's Loki.
1:37:10 Ralph's Tusk audition. "Now that's the real noose on the moose, eh?" Billy Joel mentioned.
1:40:12 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. Liam Neeson explained to the Swedes. Swede "How big is it?" New segment theme recorded.