Hollywood Babble-On 145: November 1, 2013

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Recorded live at the Prince Music Hall in Philadelphia, PA on 11/1/2013."
Runtime: 1:39:27
Recorded Fri. 1st Nov
, 2013
Released Mon, 4th Nov, 2013
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 SModco ad for DAVE School.
0:40 Kyle Hebert intro.
1:42 Tumultuous welcome for Ralph from the Philly crowd.
2:00 BREAKING NEWS: Ralph's wife and daughter at LAX at time of a shooter in Terminal 3.
3:52 Quote: "Ralphie ..."
4:30 What Strain Is Kevin On? Barry White and White Rhino. Kev bugged himself out from previous week's reaction to the Justin Bieber lookalike surgery.
6:45 First Appearance: Babble ReDo.
8:45 Tusk update. More Instagrammin'! Kev lives on the edge, and is saved by his fat. "Just like Winnie the Pooh ..." DJ Transpo reaches for his camera phone .. Signs takes a hit.
14:50 Quote: "My wife escaped a gunman today."
15:40 Kevin lived at The Phoenix Hotel in Philly, whilst filming Jersey Girl. Kevin admired the Prince Music Hall from a distance.
17:18 Shout-outs: Danny and Laura celebrate their anniversary with Doug. Ralph's circa 1984 hardcore North-Eastern Philly accent.
19:30 Dominic celebrates his anniversary.
20:20 Joe, Cathy and John Morton celebrate Cathy's birthday.Nazi-chat. The Germans recall Die Vaterland.
22:19 Andy, Bill, Drew, Mike et al. have a boys night out.
23:14 Babble Story Time. Sly Stallone reads Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
25:29 Adam Kimmelman wrote 3 book on the history of The Flyers.
26:10 Ralph's Green Lantern Oath: Lucius, The Stuttering Pimp.
27:40 Puppetmasters Dan and Nate in attendance with their S.O.'s demand Kevin's Sexy voice and Bill Cosby.
30:07 Dangling Chad tries to bogart Chad, Kevin and Shelby's shout-out. File rebuffed. David Bowie Wedding song.
33:05 Email bag: Chad Blakely created a new Star Wars Trading Card. 
34:30 Sam Berger asks for Sean Connery baby advice.
35:30 UK Steve submits tea-towel holder as a euphemism for the asshole. 
36:30 Troy asks for Bane and Adam West to sing Don't Go Breaking My Spine. "Do an album!"
38:53 SModCo ads. http://www.godaddy.com code: babble.
39:45 Tinseltown Stiffs: Lou Reed. Kev jerked it to tranny porn.
42:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Marcia Wallace. (Video unavailable).
44:15 Tinseltown Stiff: Graham Stark. (Video unavailable).
46:00 Hollywood Helpers: Kevin Hart donates $250k to public school computers.
48:15 Shit That Should Not Be: Marta from Guatamala sends in Les Miserables crawling ghost. Video.
50:45 Exquisite Acting: Tim from Richmond, Virginia sends in The Pope of Greenwich Village. Kevin requests a repeat viewing.
52:34 Kev-In: (Comic Book Movies) Thor: The Dark World. The Thing. Avengers 2. Kevin seems unimpressed with the Kev-In segment. (Images unavailable). 
55:07 HBO Headlines: Lou Bega confused with Lou Reed and sent condolences. "I'm not dead, my career is ..."
56:45 Cardinal Rabisi tweets lyrics to Perfect Day. Ralph's Italian impression.
57:49 Chris Brown photobombed and broke a dudes nose. Possible time on the horizon.
59:30 Miley Cyrus: Complainin' to Cosmopolitan: Underdog. Halloween pumpkins and costume.
1:01:46 Hugh Hefner's Halloween party. (Images unavailable). Lovitz trying to get a youtube channel. Mic is malfunctioning at this point. Ironic, much?
1:06:00 Jonas Brothers split. HBOhelper ecstatic. Ralph plays Jonas Brothers music. HBOhelper depressed. "Jewish accountants/Mexican gardener."
1:08:30 Farrah Abraham grilled for waxing her 4 year-old eyebrows. (Clip unavailable). "She was sleeping ..."
1:11:10 Lara Flynn-Boyle succumbs to face-augmentation. "Why so serious?!"
1:12:45 Kevin on losing weight.
1:14:20 Kim Kardashian wants to pose for PlayBoy to mock those who said she was fat.
1:15:25 Kanye West went into K-ROQ, and Ralph berates himself for not laying into him. "Kim Kardashian should have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame." Bwahahaha!
1:17:00 Bieber theme sang by the crowd. "Die?!" Bieber in Guatamala building schools, shirtless. "Swaaaag!"
1:19:20 Emile Hirsch cast as lead in Jim Belushi lead. (Image unavailable). "Bat-lushi!" "He's a cryer!"
1:21:00 Movies That Will Suck: Tusk gets a jab. Pet Semetary remake. Knight Rider/Christine spawn. Sleep Away Camp remake. (Image unavailable). Shoes.
1:24:30 Geek News: Captain James Kirk to take command the USS Zumwalt. 
1:25:55 Superman theme by Ohio State.
1:27:45 Man Of Steel with Kevin Smith, Zack Snyder et al. on Saturday, with possible announcements. 
1:31:30 Liam Neeson's cock jokes.