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Description: "
As we Babble break until December 12th, we fill the gap with Babble on Hollywood - interviews with a current crop of movie-makers. In this episode, Kev talks to Josh Boone about directing THE FAULT IN OUR STARS and we get the scoop on his next film, Stephen King's epic THE STAND."
Runtime: 1:58:03

Recorded ?
Released Mon, 17th Nov. 2014

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Description: "
A special Hollywood Babble-On Home Show recorded for the week of November 23, 2014."
Runtime: 59:54

Recorded Sat, 22nd Oct. 2014
Released Mon, 24th Nov. 2014

0:00 SModCo ads: Time's Up! Party Game, Babble-Eve.
1:30 Kyle Hebert intro.
2:00 Ralph recently celebrated his 50th birthday and new HBO is unavailable as he is off due to other commitments.
3:10 The Brady Bunch: Relevant or no? Happy Days. TV-land old shit.
8:00 WTF happened to T.V?
11:30 Tinseltown Stiffs: Glen A. Larson. "Bettah. Fastah. Strongah."
19:00 Tinseltown stiff: Mike Nichols.
23:50 Tinseltown stiff: Bill Cosby's career. "Yes. You are .. idiots!"
28:25 Ralph defends Philly. Kevin explains the current Cosby situation.
42:10 The Wonder Twins Emo Kev tapes. "They're packed with bullshit!" -Ralph.
45:20 Ralph reads the transcript. "Drivers Ed! What's up?!" "I am interviewing Martians!"
48:45 Willow explains time. Jaden delivers proof.
51:00 Ralph on the attack via 'Music.' "Yes. But fuck them!" -Ralph. Willow writes her own novels.
53:30 Willow explains "Whip My Hair Back." "Universal Truths."
56:30 Ralph plugs the upcoming shows for Dec. 12th - ComicCon Theater #6. New Years Babble Eve at the Brea Improv on Dec 31st.

Episode: Link.
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Description: "
As we Babble break until December 12th, we fill the gap with Babble on Hollywood - interviews with a current crop of movie-makers. In this episode, Kev talks to filmmaker Tommy Avallone and producer Mick Foley about their Christmas documentary, I Am Santa"
Runtime: 1:31:34

Recorded ?
Released Mon, 1st Dec. 2014

Hollywood Babble-On 188: Babble-On Comic Con Theater

Episode: Link.
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Description: "
Oct 5, 2014 - Kevin, Ralph and special guests bring Batman 66 Meets the Green Hornet Issue #5 to life. Recorded live at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on October 17, 2014."
Runtime: 1:07:13

Recorded Sat, 17th Oct. 2014
Released Mon, 10th Nov. 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 SModCo ads: Time's Up! Party Game Coupon Code: DAVEschool.com

2:30 Babble-On Comic Con Theater Intro.
3:55 Batman Housekeeping: **Spoiler Alert** Extra reveals filming details. Details discussed.
7:50 Ralph tries to cool Kevin down. Upcoming DC movies discussed.
9:30 Ralph on Schumacher's Batman. Matrix references.
10:40 Call for addidional voices.
12:31 Page Turn sounder played.
13:25 Theme Music played. Start (Page 3).
15:14 Page Turn (Page 4).
17:45 Next Page (Page 5).
18:38 Page Turn (Page 6). Ralph berates Kevin.
20:11 Next Page (Page 8). "Monologuin' like a motherfucker!" "Fuck!" Celery.

21:43 Page Turn (Page 9)
22:17 Next Page (Page 10). 
22:53 Page Turn (Page 11).

23:30 Casting: Cash plays Chief O'Hara, Sean plays Commissioner Gordon (Christopher Walken), Jacob plays Alfred and D.A. Scanlon. Voice requests. Don makes an appearance (sort of).
26:45 Alfreds debut. Direction from Kevin. Cuts aplenty.  28:27 Page Turn (Page 12). Bat-Phone stolen. Commissioner Gordon debut. Direction. Sean steps on Adam West's neck.
30:37 Page Turn (Page 15).
31:30 Page Turn (Page 18). Chief O'Hara debut. No direction. "Swallowing." Balloon repeat. "Can Robin bring me in?" Cuts. Harley Quinn voice.

36:55 Page Turn (Page 19). Scanlon surrenders! Cuts "PAY THE BYATMYAN HIS MONEY!" Ralph chides Scanlon.Commissioner Gordon edits. "Enforcer."  
42:48 Next Page (Page 20). "Pump up the Oirish!" "Thank God for That Guy!" Exquisite acting. 

46:08 Next Page (Page 22). Kevin directs Ralph. Kevin directs Kevin.
49:00 Page Turn (Page 23). Sam plays Chortle (Bebob from Turtles). Jessica to voice female reporter. Kevin directs Chortle. Ralph directs Chortle. Tic. Female reporter gets backstory. Direction from Kevin. Female reporter tic."The Hic-hic girl!" "Can I get you a lozenge?!" 
57:00 Page Turn (Page 24). Kevin on Barabas. Direction from Kevin. 

1:00:20 Page Turn (Page 25). 
1:00:50 Next Page (Page 26). 
1:01:28 Page Turn (Page 27). "What's that?!"

1:02:50 Next Page (Page 28), Batzooka debut.
1:04:45 Page Turn (Page 30). Issue ends.

Hollywood Babble-On 187: November 1, 2014

Episode: Link.
SoundCloud: Link
Enhanced Show Audio Presentation: Link
Description: "Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Hollywood California on 11/01/2014."
Runtime: 1:21:38
Recorded Fri, 1st Nov. 2014
Released Mon, 3rd Nov. 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 SModCo ads DAVEschool.com Times Up! Code: Hollywood.
 Kyle Hebert intro.
4:00 The Elephant In The Room.
5:00 Southland Tales gets a mention! Harley and The Uncles. Harley's party.
9:45 Bry, Ming, Mike and Rob Bruce from Comic Book Men are at The Improv. The last Babble-On for a while.
11:20 Banks sends in a Kev Blues Clues image.
12:05 Ralph's schadenfruede: The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club closes it's doors for the last time.
13:45 Shout-outs: Woody and Alison check out QotSA, and mention Ben Fitton.
15:15 James, Marron and Mia celebrate James and Marron anniversary. Flash Gorden wedding theme played.
17:15 Adrian Powers and Jess from Sydney, Australia hear Ralph's Austin Powers impression. Bane shout-out.
19:30 Alex and Emily are dressed as female Jay and Silent Bob. The Female Garman. Bowie shout-out.
22:40 Email bag:Iggy Azaelia disowned by our Austrailian brethren.
24:15 Dustin Siskey asks for Pee Wee Herman to perform Casablanca. "Old movie, old man ..." "Grandpa, why are we watching this?" "9 1/2 weeks ..."
27:45 Camope sends in Jada Pinket Smith on The Smiths. "Black people don't know who you are!"
29:20 Matt sends in another inappropriate toy; Buzz Lightyear dildo.
30:10 Andrew Jansen asks for Arnold to sing Puttin' On The Ritz from Young Frankenstein. "PUTTIN' ON THA RIIIITZ!"
31:50 Tinseltown Stiffs: Correction: Judd Nelson still alive.
32:55 Tinseltown stiff: Marcia Strassman. "Honey I Blew the Kid."
34:45 Tinselton stiff: Jack Bruce.
35:55 Exquisite Acting: Al Pacino in Frankie and Johnny. Video unavailable. "The Al Pacin-O Face."
37:20 Shit That Should Not Be: Burning Fight on Neo Geo. Bum-blow.
39:25 Kev-In: Village People Kev, (Ralph's Gay voice), The Wooly Willy, Kev Alone. (Images Unavailable).
42:00 HBO Headlines: Ralph does a little Rudy Cesnaros. Natalie Wood haunting the boat, The Splendour which has been put up for sale; details. Chris Walken bi theory.
48:45 Kasey Casem still not buried. Chris Walken makes a return.
50:15 Farrah Abraham celebrates Halloween at Hustler in Hollywood.
51:30 Third Pee-Wee Herman movie in the works.
52:45 Paul McCartney songwriting class. Ralph takes a swipe at Let 'Em In. Ralph plays Meat-Free Monday.
55:05 Lindsay Lohan nude pose by street artist Pegasus. Oprah Winfrey hit someone with a car.
56:55 Tadolph Switler playing Times Square for New Years - Now the SpokesPerson for NYC. Horrible fucking song played. Picture unavailable.
59:25 Justin Bieber: "You look like Princess Jasmine." Image unavailable. "Casablanca's not looking so bad now, is it, asshole?"
1:01:55 Kim Kardashian instigatesThe return of Angry Ralph. Video unavailable. Bruce Jenner smokin'!
1:09:31 Geek News: Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange. "Doesn't take Sherlock to figure that out ..." 
1:11:11 Black Panther to be played by Chadwick Bozeman. Marvel titles released. Kevin discusses the wealth of comic book movies which are being/will be released. "Kardashian Crusher."
1:15:30 Toledo Walleye jerseys. Keanu Reeves wants to be Wolverine, and Batman. Ralph apologizes to Affleck.
1:17:35 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.