Hollywood Babble-On 188: Babble-On Comic Con Theater

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Description: "
Oct 5, 2014 - Kevin, Ralph and special guests bring Batman 66 Meets the Green Hornet Issue #5 to life. Recorded live at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on October 17, 2014."
Runtime: 1:07:13

Recorded Sat, 17th Oct. 2014
Released Mon, 10th Nov. 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 SModCo ads: Time's Up! Party Game Coupon Code: DAVEschool.com

2:30 Babble-On Comic Con Theater Intro.
3:55 Batman Housekeeping: **Spoiler Alert** Extra reveals filming details. Details discussed.
7:50 Ralph tries to cool Kevin down. Upcoming DC movies discussed.
9:30 Ralph on Schumacher's Batman. Matrix references.
10:40 Call for addidional voices.
12:31 Page Turn sounder played.
13:25 Theme Music played. Start (Page 3).
15:14 Page Turn (Page 4).
17:45 Next Page (Page 5).
18:38 Page Turn (Page 6). Ralph berates Kevin.
20:11 Next Page (Page 8). "Monologuin' like a motherfucker!" "Fuck!" Celery.

21:43 Page Turn (Page 9)
22:17 Next Page (Page 10). 
22:53 Page Turn (Page 11).

23:30 Casting: Cash plays Chief O'Hara, Sean plays Commissioner Gordon (Christopher Walken), Jacob plays Alfred and D.A. Scanlon. Voice requests. Don makes an appearance (sort of).
26:45 Alfreds debut. Direction from Kevin. Cuts aplenty.  28:27 Page Turn (Page 12). Bat-Phone stolen. Commissioner Gordon debut. Direction. Sean steps on Adam West's neck.
30:37 Page Turn (Page 15).
31:30 Page Turn (Page 18). Chief O'Hara debut. No direction. "Swallowing." Balloon repeat. "Can Robin bring me in?" Cuts. Harley Quinn voice.

36:55 Page Turn (Page 19). Scanlon surrenders! Cuts "PAY THE BYATMYAN HIS MONEY!" Ralph chides Scanlon.Commissioner Gordon edits. "Enforcer."  
42:48 Next Page (Page 20). "Pump up the Oirish!" "Thank God for That Guy!" Exquisite acting. 

46:08 Next Page (Page 22). Kevin directs Ralph. Kevin directs Kevin.
49:00 Page Turn (Page 23). Sam plays Chortle (Bebob from Turtles). Jessica to voice female reporter. Kevin directs Chortle. Ralph directs Chortle. Tic. Female reporter gets backstory. Direction from Kevin. Female reporter tic."The Hic-hic girl!" "Can I get you a lozenge?!" 
57:00 Page Turn (Page 24). Kevin on Barabas. Direction from Kevin. 

1:00:20 Page Turn (Page 25). 
1:00:50 Next Page (Page 26). 
1:01:28 Page Turn (Page 27). "What's that?!"

1:02:50 Next Page (Page 28), Batzooka debut.
1:04:45 Page Turn (Page 30). Issue ends.