Hollywood Babble-On 148: November 23, 2013

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Recorded live at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on 11/23/2013."

Runtime: 1:53:59
Recorded Sat, 23rd Nov. 2013
Released Mon, 25th Nov. 2013

0:00 SModCast ad; SlingBox.com/babble

2:15 Kyle Hebert intro.
3:00 Kevin has wrapped Tusk, and Kevin's entire family is present, including his sister who lives abroad. Kevin talks about his brother, Don, marriage at the SModCastle.
8:25 Don and Jerry to the stage. Kevin audibly emotional as he describes his views on his brother and gay marriage.
13:00 The HardCore Legal.
14:35 Pope Head.
14:55 What Strain Is Kevin On?: 2x White Widow. 1x Girlscout Cookies.
16:05 Season 2 of Spoilers starts filming tomorrow.
17:00 Shout-outs: (Kevin describes his parents watching Chasing Amy, and he will record with his mother).
19:40 Eddie Firth moved to L.A. to see Hollywood Babble-On. 
20:30 Sarah, Jason, Matthew and Jessica plan shenanigans. "Stupid impersonations." Sexy Kevin and Huell Howser.
22:50 Christie and Rojellio from Mobile, AL. Al Pacino.
24:30 Jennifer, Brooke, Gary and Jen celebrate Brooke's birthday. Bowie shout-out.
26:55 Email bag: Dan from Melbourne, Australia asks for the New Years Eve show. There will be two shows, in Orange County. "I'm not wearing any pants."
29:00 Ryan from Joplin, MO asks for David Lynch to sing Mahna Mahna.
29:50 Troy Bailey sends in BieberTinseltown StiffsTadolf Switler.
31:05 Jaden Walker sends in the Escape Plan posterContrasted. "Greedy and Nazi!"
32:50 Todd Haney in North Carolina asks for an Adam West/Bane Dynamic Duet.
33:50 Dynamic Duets: You Don't Bring Me Flowers.
35:45 Tinseltown Stiffs: Leroy Patterson's video. Marc Breaux. Step In Time video unavailable. Kevin critiques the dancers.
39:33 Kevin shouts out Chris Hardwick's dad, who passed a week ago.
40:19 Hollywood Helpers: Bradley Cooper wishes fan a happy birthday.
43:00 Shit That Should Not Be: Jenn Schmidt sends in UnbreakableStill. Mexicans giving birth.
47:20 Exquisite Acting: Daniel from Rio De Janiero sends in Stanley Tucci in The Core.
50:35 Kev-In: JFKThanksgiving and Dukes of Hazzard.
55:00 HBO Headlines: Justin Bieber's Brazillian hooker on hotmovies.comTudu bem! Kevin needs the bathroom. "Justin never touched the girl ...!" Kevin says Mewes is a germaphobe. No interest in Bieber's live dates in Australia.
59:50 Party at Bieber's: Confidentiality agreements handed out ($3m fine).
1:01:00 Fuck-Tapes star Kim Kardashian trying to rehab her image. eBay ad. "10%!" "PS: I'm an asshole."
1:04:10 Kendall Jenner is 18, so here are her tits. Ralph pimps Spearmint Rhino.
1:06:15 Creative Jenious Kanye West interviewed in Philly. DJ James with the Double Tap. Bound 2MegaForce. "It's got a roofie in it!"
1:10:50 Jeff Dunham takes a hit. Lindsay "Airtight!" Lohan denies she is afraid of midgets. "Lindsay loves all people!"
1:13:40 Miley Cyrus celebrates her 21st birthday. Kevin unimpressed. No eyebrows.
1:16:00 Monty Python's Flying Circus to perform on-stage for the first time since 1980 (Mostly). Holy Grail imitations. Ralph is going. Babble-On scheduled for London.
1:19:00 Rudy Huxtable is 34 years-old. Bill Cosby warms up the crowd. "Tiggerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr's ..." "Tigger, please!"
1:21:50 DJ James with a great plug. Scientologists open new Super Power building. "Bullshit!" "You'll float!"
1:25:10 Sean Penn is not a zoo animal.
1:26:15 Brandy Brandt 's drug smuggling ring. "Extricated ... extra ... they moved her!"
1:28:00 Daniel Day-Lewis' son, Gabe Day releases Green Auras. "I do." Daniel Day-Lewis rap battle.
1:31:50 Movies That Will Suck: It's A Wonderful Life; The Rest Of The Story. Temple Run: The Movie.
1:36:10 Death Wish remake. MGM fires Joe Carnahan for this amazing email. Kevin plugs NARC.
1:38:45 Geek News: Spider-Man; Turn Off The Dark will be closing in January. "WHAT?!" Theme played. Moving to Las Vegas.
1:40:50 Camila Luddington receives death threats for her participation on Tomb Raider.
1:42:22 JJ Abrams R2D2. Kenny Baker hates Anthony Daniels, apparently.
1:45:15 English Batmobile.
1:48:00 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.