Hollywood Babble-On 61

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin are All Hallows, doppelganger style."
Runtime: 1:45:20
Recorded Sat, 26th Nov. 2011
Released Mon, 28th Nov. 2011

Sponsor: ManGrate.
Intro by Kyle Hebert.

0:45 Thankgiving show. Kevin fed turkey to his dogs.
2:00 Black Friday Madness. 
3:25 Quote: "He's rising! He's rising!"
4:00 Ralph starts the ManGrate plug.
4:50 Kamen brought ManGrates for his in-laws.
6:45 ManGrate Theater: Jimmy Stewart in It's A Wonderful Life. Kevin confuses Ralph doing many voices.
7:10 Quote: "Let us eat your hearts and brains!"
10:08 Shout-outs: 
10:25 Quote: "I'm not even looking anymore ..."
10:55 Nehamiah celebrates his birthday.
11:52 Chris and Monica celebrate their third anniversary. Indiana Jones and Sallah.
13:30 Jeff, Megan, John and Amy yell their asses off! Pacino margaritas to loosen up.
15:40 Manni, Cecilia, Aaron and Liza at the Lovitz. Manni has a badge, is mocked for his career. Ralph Pacino and Kevin's Creepy Sexy voice.
17:55 Quote: "Bruce Willis sucks cock!"
19:08 Matt and Gellin.
19:44 Quotes: "Magellin," "Happy Dranksgiving," "Greek Uppercut." Ed Wynn Creepy Clown.
21:00 Quote: "I'm gonna elbow you, dude!"
21:10 Cliff, Jeff and Andrea celebrate Jeff's 38th birthday. Ralph imitates Mumford and Sons.
23:25 Zoe returns. Dave is a no-show. Jerry Lewis calls Dave a fucking idiot.
24:20 Quote: "Dave's not here, man ..."
25:45 Email bag: David Martinez Halloween costume. Prop.
27:20 Kevin mistakes Billy Shears. Lt 2° Class Billy Sheilds morale boosted by HBO over thanksgiving.
28:10 Quote: "Frag that bitch."
29:00 Declan Ailward in Amsterdam does Munchkin Yoda. Ralph does Drunk Bitch.
29:07 Quote: "Whut?"
30:20 Doug Bernard (Florida Panthers) on Randy Moller quotes Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! (Fuck yeah!)
31:52 Quote: "Tell 'em Steve-Dave!"
32:35 Ben sends in Arnie's Total Recall Commentary.
34:45 Exquisite Acting: Amityville Horror.
37:46 Tinseltown Stiffs: Mark HallDanger Mouse intro.
38:50 Tinseltown Stiff: John NevilleBaron Munchausen.
40:15 Ralph forgets that he played the intro. Kevin goes to take Ralph's drink. Ralph on spank-songs.
41:10 Tinseltown Stiff: Andrea TrueMore, More, More.
42:25 Quote: "Only you would masturbate to cake!"
44:50 Quote: "It would've been more poetic ..."
46:09 Shit That Should Not Be: Game of Death. (Ralph forgets the theme).
49:00 HBO Headlines. 
49:15 Dan Louisell wrote a HBO Headlines theme. 
49:50 **first appearances** HBO Headlines theme.
50:15 Kardashian Khristmas Kancelled. Kevin judges Ralph's impressions.
52:20 The Situation is flat-broke. Schadenfreude ensues. Not in demand.
53:50 Quote: "Situation sounds bad ..."
54:00 Michaele Salahi in tremendous court case.
55.10 Jessica Simpson strikes a deal with Weight Watchers. Ralph imagines he's a woman. Kevin wants to be the Weight Watchers spokesman.
57:00 Quote: "Your mom don't like the vag?"
58:40 Quote: "Weed Watchers."
59:00 Angelina Jolie's obsessions, as told by her ex-assistant.
1:00:15 Quote: "I'll eat it here!"
1:02:00 Courney Love pissed in BrazilVideo. Kevin quotes Celebrity Skin.
1:05:00 Elizabeth Shue on CSI Las Vegas. Kevin on Karate Kid.
1:06:20 Michael Cera not playing Gilligan in Gilligan's Island movie.
1:07:30 Rocky: The Musical on the way. Foolin' Nobody. Ralph on Fly Now. Kevin creates new lyrics.
1:09:30 Ralph asks about Clerks: The Musical. Kevin has been thinking about the Apocalyptic Ending of Red State on-stage. 
1:11:20 Liam Neeson to narrate The War of the World's. Ralph has never heard of Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds. @HBOHelper completely shocked!
1:13:00 Quote: "Spider-Man II: Turn off the Fire."
1:14:15 The Splendor available to charter. (Natalie Wood). Ralph as Christopher Walken. The water did it.
1:16:10 Lindsay Lohan completing her community service.
1:17:22 Francis Ford Copolla says there should only have been one Godfather movie. Ralph and Kevin defend Godfather III from the audience.
1:19:30 Nicolas Cage (Raising Arizona) of a Serbian biology textbook.
1:21:27 Kristina Ray wants to be Jessica Rabbit.
1.24:00 Dude like Buzz LightyearStuck-Up. Kevin quotes Woody and the aliens.
1:26:00 Ralph on frightening a kid to death with sex education. Flux Cap-ass-itor.
1:27:45 Geek News: Australia has superhero licence plates. Ralph likes didgeridoo's. Ralph references Yahoo Serious. Possible Australian dates. Ralph plugs the New Years Eve date.
1:31:00 Christian Bale interviewed by the Filipine Daily Enquirer.
1:31:30 Quote: "OH, GOOD FOR YOU!" **first appearance**
1:32:45 Teenagers set up pedophiles dressed as Batman. Episodes 12 and 3. Kevin references Hard Candy.
1:35:10 Quote: "Who are you waiting for?"
1:36:16 The Six Million Dollar Man to be headed by Brian Singer.
1:38:00 Carrie Fisher on Shatners kidney stone.
1:39:55 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.