Hollywood Babble-On 62

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin get caught off guard."
Runtime: 1:26:46
Recorded Sat, 3rd Dec. 2011
Released Mon, 5th Dec. 2011

Sponsor: ManGrate.
0:00 SModCo Ads.

6:20 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
7:20 Craig Robinson's band playing after HBO. Ralph enjoyed Zack and Miri.
8:00 Ralph plugs New Years Babble Eve and Catherine Reitman on next week's show, and a poker tournament.
8:45 Kevin inquires if Ralph had a lonely New Years Eve.
9:40 Quote: "Dick Clark's Fuckin' New Year's Eve!"
10:15 Quotes: "Less Strokey," "... when half your brain is virtually tapioca."
10:47 Ralph is a modern day Patch Adams.
10:55 ManGrate plug.
12:50 ManGrate Theater: Rudolph the Red-Nosed ManGrate.
13:44 Shout-outs: Justin and Max celebrate Max' 18th birthday.
16:10 Steve, Tina, Frank and Dot from Canada have a friend with a broken foot. Kevin gives them a shout out for the Canadian Shecky (Benny). Ralph has the same dog.
17:09 Quote: "That's the Connery Way!"
18:20 Christine wishes Matthew a happy birthday.
19:30 Geraldine from Scotland, is at The Lovitz alone. Ralph mocks her accent.
21:40 Nathan from Chicago invokes, "Drilling for oil on the moon."
22:55 Chris and Teresa from England celebrate their honeymoon. Kevin says LA is not magical. Robot Presidents.
29:37 Jen is pissed at Steven.
27:30 Email bag: Makar mentions that Prince stayed at his hotel chain. 
28:40 Chad Silverstein Geek-A-Week trading card.
29:00 Corey's wife won't listen to HBO. Sweet-talkin' ensues.
30:05 Quotes: "So fine!" "Special!" "Rectal."
30:40 Jamie used Exquisite Acting to improve performance.
31:35 Exquisite Acting: Willem Defoe in the Boondock Saints.
32:49 Tinseltown Stiffs (Old theme): Ken Russell. Kevin didn't know, and waxes poetical over his career, and a link to Red State.
35:55 Quote: "Go to Wikipedia and look up 'Goat.'"
37:10 Tinseltown Stiff: Patrice O'Neal.
38:15 Tinseltown Stiff: Alan SuesPeter Pan Peanut Butter.
39:45 Shit That Should Not Be: Pee Wee's Big Adventure.
42:15 Hollywood Helper: Charlize Theron autographed cutlets.
44:44 Ralph would clone her. Kevin imitates the clone, and it is truly frightening.
45:45 Quote: "I like it when she cries ..."
46:00 HBO Headlines: Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 grosses $0.5bn in 2 weeks.
47:00 Quote: "Tween girls learning to masturbate."
47:20 Ralph asks about how Kevin feels now that Harley is growing up.
48:30 Brooke Mueller arrested for drug possession. Ralph educates Kevin on drug laws.
50:25 Courney Love is Lindsay Lohan's new sobriety coach
52:15 **first appearance** Kevin records the audio for the future Porn Star Kim Kardashian theme.
52:50 Ex husband seeking annulment and possible case for suing. Face-fart etiquette discussed.
55:00 Kourtney Kardashian pregnant, again.
55:30 Khewbacca being sued for beating up a transgender woman in Hollywood.
57:00 Miley Cyrus Bob Marley cake. Kevin judges the video.
58:45 Paulina Gretzky tweets. Kevin defends. Ralph's hockey smut.
1:02:00 Steve Frye suing the Playboy Mansion.
1:03:45 Jennifer Lopez pisses off the Bronx.
1:05:00 My Week with Marilyn success hangs in the balance.
1:05:40 David Bowie: Heroes; The Musical to go to Broadway, Dec 2012.
1:07:30 Hanson to sell their own beer. That horrible song is parodied several times.
1:09:10 Kevin mocks Ralph's Jack Wagner mix-tape choice. Mr. Wagner has a previously unknown 23 year-old daughter.
1:11:45 Brian Singer to direct the reboot of The Munsters. Spectacular one-hour drama.
1:12:35 Celebrity WifeSwap partners announced.
1:14:00 Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln.
1:14:35 Arnie wants to do all of his own stunts, at 64 years-old.
1:15:20 SkyFall will have a new Q. Ralph on Bond.
1:16:10 Flight of the Conchords Movie.
1:16:50 Geek News: Action Comics #1 sells for $2m+.
1:17:40 Spider-Man and Lizard. Ralph did the panel at ComicCon.
1:18:50 Star Trek casting news. Ralph on Benicio Del Toro.
1:19:50 Darth Volkswagen.
1:20:10 Herman Cain loves Pokemon.
1:22:40 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.