Hollywood Babble-On: Babble-On Philadelphia

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin return to Ralph's beloved homeland. Recorded at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA 10/17/11."
Runtime: 1:44:44
Recorded Mon, 17th Oct. 2011
Released Wed, 19th Oct. 2011

0:00 SModCo Ads.
5:10 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

6:25 Kevin references The Honeymooners.
7:35 Ralph thanks Kevin for booking the Philly date. Kevin praises Ralph.
9:45 Quote: "DJ Silent Bob on the 1's and 2's (12" for the uneducated).
10:25 Shout-outs: Geekadelphia gets a shoutout for this post.
11:50 Silent Bob dies from jizz.
13:00 Andy and Jody Coombes celebrate 5 years of marriage. Kevin makes Ralph extend the Bowie shout-out.
15:20 Stefan and Sarah from York, PA, bring a bag of food. Ralph educates on polka. Creepy Clown time.
16:50 Kevin compares his eating habits to Brad Pitt's. Kevin talks through a full mouth.
19:55 Kevin's death.
20:10 Dan asks for Jason Statham singing Space Oddity. Ralph uses Creepy Clown as a weapon against the audience.
21:20 Adam and Samantha (Rhythm is a Dancer), celebrate their anniversary.
23:15 Quote: "The strapper."
23:25 Jeff and Tom have several lovely evenings together, and Ralph performs the theme to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air as Ed Wynn.
25:00 Kevin says Ralph must read The Night Before Christmas as Ed Wynn at Christmas.
25:20 An audience member asks about Ralph in Red State.
26:30 Danny and Kristin's father had a secret life.
28:00 Jim from Jersey would like a Fries Girl/Bowie shout-out.
29:03 Email bag: Andrew from Wisconsin like Ralph on House. Asks a Red State question.
33:00 Keith and Allan ask for the Hollywood Helpers theme.
33:45 Tinseltown Stiffs: Mikey Welsh. Dreamt that he would die in a Chicago Hotel Room.
34:30 Quote: "Say it ain't so!"
35:05 Quote: "I can't doot and talk!"
35:50 Tinseltown Stiff: David HessAll Shook Up.
38:15 Tinseltown stiff: Sue Mengers.
39:00 Hollywood Helpers: Sean Combs. Ralph's Wonka impression. Richard Gere.
43:15 Shannon Doherty has been married.
44:50 Paul McCartney married again. Patron mad. Ralph sings "Hey Jew."
46:45 Sara Leal still on about Ashton Kutcher. Demi grumpy. Gave details to magazine. Kutcher's moves. Moving truck outside their home. 
50:25 Crewmember makes joke about the situation on The Expendibles 2.
51:25 Bree Olsen given up making porn. Charlie Sheen fallout.
53:15 Los Angeles is looking for a new Mayor. Colonel Klink ready to clean up the city.
55:11 Arnie was in Austria for the Museum for the dedication.
56:00 Kirsten Dunst now has German nationality. "Summerteeth."
58:00 Phone hacker caught: Christopher Cheney. Star Wars debate. Kevin eating chips.
1:00:40 Quote: "I thought Lucas was raping my childhood ..."
1:02:00 Kevin's teacher eating potato chips.
1:04:10 Lovitz impressions.
1:04:30 Lindsay Lohan due in court. She has explaining to do.
1:07:05 Rihanna named Sexiest Woman Alive. Still a fan on Chris Brown.
1:08:20 Die Hard 5: A Good Day to Die, Hard. Kevin defends. Ralph should be John McClane Jr.
1:10:35 Kevin Smith: You Can't Fucking Retire: FarmVille - The Movie. Angry Birds movie.
1:12:50 Jean-Claude Van Damme drove into a canal.
1:14:00 Justin Bieber dolls have stupid hair.
1:15:30 Tyra Banks due to take Chelsea Handler's crown, for ModelLand.
1:19:40 Quote: "MurderLand!"
1:20:13 Geek News: Gay Spock. Zachary Quinto is out.
1:22:30 Skyfall villain is Javier Bardem. Kevin sings A View To A Kill.
1:24:30 Random Task cooked a fool.
1:25:39 Vincent Crabbe in London riots.
1:26:35 Multiple injuries on the new Resident Evil movies. Kevin talks blank rounds and Nick Braun hit on the head during the filming of Red State.
1:31:50 Phoenix Jones has been arrested, and unmasked.
1:35:30 Ralph reflects.
1:36:30 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.