Hollywood Babble-On 56

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin remember Bradley Cooper and debate the Cannonball."
Runtime: 1:23:17
Recorded Fri, 22nd Oct. 2011
Released Mon, 24th Oct. 2011

0:00 SModCo Ads.

5:00 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

6:40 Ralph plugs the upcoming November dates, and Hallowe'en show.
7:55 Shout-outs: Patrick celebrates bachelor party. Ralph did the whole bachelor party. Kevin; not so much.
10:30 Chase, Gabe and Zack enjoy an Ed Wynn shout-out.
11:40 **first appearance** Diplomatic Immunity!"
11:50 Bart and Chris ask for the Downs Clown.
12:39 Quote: "Help me, my fingers stuck!"
13:00 Travis Landry gets the Armed Forces a shout-out. Bones Clown. 
14:00 Quote: "I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer!"
15:00 John and Giovanni celebrate 19th birthday. 
16:43 Adam and Laura have been all over California, it seems.
18:25 Nicole and Jordan start a 5-week holiday at the Lovitz, and Nicole's birthday.
19:44 Email bag: David Selig asks for The Raven to be recited. 
20:55 Edward Roberts send in a TV ad for Shit That Should Not Be.
22:30 Tomás from Sacramento drew a sketch.
23:39 Batman and Kevin.
24:15 Peter from Poland has a Batman story. Ralph at 10, as Batman.
24:55 Quote: "Is this a Polish joke?"
26:20 James Thompson has spread his Get Your Cock Out on iTunes, Amazon and YouTube.
27:55 Exquisite Acting: Nicolas Cage in Vampire's Kiss. DJ James can't get the clip to load.
30:40 Hollywood Helper: Jon Bon Jovi opened the Soul Kitchen. Jovi-jokes.
33:33 Nic Cage clip has loaded.
34:50 Shit That Should Not Be: Grease. (Mike Cooper, London).
37:20 HBO Headlines: Gadaffi in Second Chance. Kevin peed a little. It's refusing to load.
39:15 Quote: "DJ Speedbump."
40:38 Lindsay Lohan in handcuffs. Completed first day at the morgue. Kevin ponders courts owning zoos.
43:50 Sesame Street YouTube videos replaced with hardcore porn.
44:44 Shia LeBeouf gets the shit kicked out of him in Vancouver. Transformer talk.
47:10 Antonio Banderas makes a comedy. Melanie Griffiths.
48:40 The Situation ejected from the Apple Store in Vegas. Siri joke.
49:50 Kim Kardashian has a new movie role, with Tyler Perry. Kevin perfoms Kim. (65/72)
51:10 Cannonball Run to be remade by GM Motors, and casting. Kevin says it'll work better in the Apatow Universe. Ralph would like to see Kevin do it.
54:30 DeLorean back in business. New car, and logistics. Ralph would go full-Fox in one.
57:10 The Man From U.N.C.L.E. to be remade with Bradley Cooper. Kevin doesn't know who he is. Kevin has spoken with him on-line, once.
59:30 Matt Damon is going to direct, a legal drama.
1:00:00 Tyra Banks still talking about ModelLand; had alopecia. Dual-puking. Theme song.
1:04:30 Ralph recites the lyrics.
1:05:00 Beatles memorabilia up for sale; John Lennon's tooth. Teeth debated.
1:08:00 Quote: "Gary Busey; All fuckin' horsetoothed!"
1:09:10 Harrison Ford on Uncharted 3.
1:11:55 Geek News: Reboot of BattleStar Gallactica.
1:13:45 The Punisher coming to TV. Kevin defends. Developing Superior.
1:14:30 The Dark Knight Rises new vehicle, The Bat. 6 minute trailer in front of the Mission Impossible.
1:17:30 Mark Hamill retiring as the voice of The Joker, and Answering machine message.
1:19:30 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.