Hollywood Babble-On #198: January 30, 2015

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Description: "Recorded LIVE at the Hollywood Improv on January 30, 2015."
Runtime: 1:37:01
Recorded Fri, 30th Jan. 2015
Released Mon, 3nd Feb. 2015
Show notes by @HBOhelper

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2.01 Kyle Hebert intro.
2:15 Kevin looking forward to HBO all day after spousal fight.
3:10 Rain in L.A. East coast winter. Ralph's jizz puddle. K-ROQ money.
4:30 Shout-outs: Kevin back to the fight. Robert and Katrina Rosales are on their honeymoon. Ralph confused.
Dual emails. "Sphincter." "Bat-Cave." Sexy Kev welcomes them to marriage.
9:00 Stephen Morgan from Aims, Iowa is dodging the IRS. "Lifeless ex-wife." Mega weight-loss. Ralph's mindset. Ex and boyfriend living in basement. Sly Stallone Life Advice.
12:30 Fighter Pilot Jeremy and Katie on the dynamics of flight. The Germans on fighter pilots. Kevin lost on The Luftwaffe.
16:30 Mike from Tampa brings and entourage, Steven Hawking responds. "Black hole." S.A.T. week."
18:25 Email bag: Inappropriate Toys: "Tramp stamp." SuperBlowSuperBrony. "LunchMoney." SuperBallGag. Call for theme song, and toys blowing each other.
21:20 Steven Sellig marks the 30th anniversary of We Are The World by Arnie and Friends.
24:30 Tinseltown Stiffs: "Bad batch." Rod McKuen. Seasons in the Sun, "Now you're dead!" A Boy Named Charlie Brown referenced.
26:30 Tinseltown stiff: Joe FranklinThe Ramone Boys. "No cartoons on."
30:15 Tinseltown stiff: Trevor Ward-Davies. Death Proof referenced. Hold Tight. Ralph loves the 60's. "Anyway, he's dead."
33:00 Exquisite Acting: Cathy in Sydney, Aus. sends in this weeks Sydney, Australia. Kevin berates a 'stralian heckler. Kerry Russell in The Babysitters Seduction. "Smelled a fart."
35:54 Shit That Should Not Be: Sixteen Blocks extra on phone. Still.
39:00 HBO Headlines: Gwyneth Paltrow urges a Mugwort V-Steam. "Mini throne." "She ruined all the sexy!" "Steamed clam." "A-Steam." "If you're eager to have your dick steamed ..." "Because, you know .. science!"
43:50 SModCo ads. http://www.proflowers.com/ code: babble
46:00 Sam Smith's Stay With Me is a lot like Tom Petty's Won't Back Down. Kevin and Ralph sing Won't Back Down over Stay With Me. "Smith and Garman: Music Detectives."
49:45 More Cosby accusations. "Legit accusations."
51:20 LiLo and the partially started parole. "Meet & greet." "That does not fucking count, as Community service." Wants to become a witch. "Slytherin."
55:10 Promposals: Ralph irate. Cole LeBrandt irks Ralph. Ralph casts aspersions on Cole's sexuality. Cole is now Ralph's enemy.
58:15 Kim Kardashian ad. "Shit." Angry Ralph."Eeeewww!" "Replicant." Bruce Jenner.
1:02:40 Tadolph Switler has a belly button. Kyle XY mentioned. Trademarked a lot of ridiculousness. Harley played Switler for Kevin. "Shake It Off Asswipes."
1:07:33 Tila Tequila wins awards. Farrah Abraham is pissed. 
1:09:30 Ghostbusters reboot discussed. Kevin-pro. Ralph-con. Ralph and Kristin Wiig are friends.
1:13:00 Chris Pratt could be the new Indiana Jones.
1:14:10 Movies That Will Suck: The Go-Bots
1:17:11 Justin Bieber apologises. "Swaaag exterior." 
1:21:10 Geek News: Fantastic Four trailer. Ralph con FF. Kevin pro. Franchise rights discussed.
1:25:30 Jimmy Olsen. Kevin on Chris Rock in Dogma.
1:26:17 Julia Roberts buys the rights to BatKid. Ralph displeased.
1:28.00 Burton's Bulky Batmobile iPhone case. VidPictures. McDonalds Fries Girl. Ralph pro-Batmobile. Valentines anal.
1:31:00 Liam Neesons Cock jokes. WalesVagankle.