Hollywood Babble-On: #197: January 24, 2015

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Description: "Recorded LIVE at the Hollywood Improv on January 24, 2015."
Runtime: 1:38:45
Recorded Sat, 24th Jan. 2015
Released Sun, 25th Jan. 2015
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 SModCo ads - DAVEschool.com 

2.04 Kyle Hebert intro.

3:00 Housekeeping: Babble-On 200 in Toronto. - Direction from Kevin.
4:20 Kevin's fingers - iMDB credits handed out willy-nilly.
5:20 Jason Mewes onto the stage to rapturous applause. "Boo-urns." "Put on the thin lens!" The process, unmasked.
6:50 Rehearsals. "Shut up." "Stop." "Don't fuckin' move!" "This is taking longer to shoot than Yoga Hosers." "We should've filmed that one." Lighting technicalities.
9:10 Kevin's stroke. Fingers. 
9:55 Ad Take 1. HBO 100.
10:34 Ad Take 2. Applause for Mewes.
11:42 Kevin went to SunDance, yesterday. SouthWorst mentioned. Camryn Manheim mentioned. "Oh, I know you, Mr. Southwest!" "Skypig." Kevin recalls Clerks at Sundance. 
15:00 Ralph receives mystery drink. Dr. Josh calls Ralph a chicken. "I'm drinkin' it, shut up!"
15:30 Zack Morrow and Mike keep the Sabbath. HBO needs more jews. Adam West Life Advice. "Ruben, The Boy Wonder!" "Good Torah!"
17:44 Pamela and Hugo get their email scrunched up.
18:14 Ross and Sharon went to see Paddington, The Flashing Bear. Ralph took his daughter, and enjoyed the movie. Al Pacino kills the Paul Blart 2 trailer. "I hope his head rolls off hi fuckin' shoulders!" "Look at his fuckin' eyes!" "Paul! Fucking! Blart!" "Blow him right now!"
21:15 Kevin reveals Ralph's writing process.
21:40 Grant Murray flies in from Taiwan. Ralph blasts Sherman Oaksians. Friends from all over. "I went North on the 5!" Buffy from Perth commended. Sexy Kev with bean-flicking material. Buffy into a 3-way with Kev and Gerard Way. "The number 10.""Welcome to LA, put me in your mouth!"
25:15 Matt and Jess from London travelling across the US and Mexico. Ralph loved the Apollo show. "New York! What a mindfuck!" Belated birthday wishes from Bowie. Kev' orgasm ruins a chair.
29:00 Email bag: Tate (Not taint), sends in eyebrowless, toothless Kev. CVS cheap toys. It's A Small World.
31:00 Paul Gubert from Guernsey sends in the fleshlight model. Fleshlight history at SMod. "There was fuckin' 12, and I tagged them all!" Kevin makes the worst sound in history. Vid 1. Vid 2. "You're ruining it, man!" "You had sex with her! Don't you want to meet her?!" "Wagina." "Smurf."
34:55 Foot fetish fleshlight. "Vagankle." Buffalo Bill mentioned.
36:20 Travis was at HBO 196: Yelled "file," and was told to have a car crash. Audio replayed. Had auto accident. "It wasn't you, it was Hawking!" "Look at the power I yield." Hawking impersonation. 
38:55 Arnie sings: I Ran by A Flock Of Seagulls.
40:30 SModCo ads: vegas.com code: babble.
43:30 Tinseltown Stiffs: Tony Verna. Kevin disparages his Instant Replay claim. "IF you look at it from another angle ..."
46:00 Tinseltown stiff: Don Harron. "Then Quebec didn't like that character ..." Wine, women and song.
48:00 Tinseltown stiff: Greg PlittPic. "He's just like Superman." "Never exercise." "Two, please!"
50:10 Tinseltown stiff: Edgar Froese. The Germans. Risky Business OST. "Are you ready for me, Ralph?" Kevin trick or treats Rebecca Di Mornay. "Bush." "Hiii." 
54:50 Exquisite Acting: Mike Dee sends in Whore. "I'm gonna fuck you up the aaaasssss! Bitch!"
57:45 Shit That Should Not Be: American Sniper. Plastic baby. "I don't give a fuck about babies!"
1:01:05 HBO Headlines: Sly Stallone on the Rocky steps. "Panhandling." Selfie. "Jedi laser sword."
1:03:24 Willow Smith t-shirt. "Miley would show you her actual cans." Raised by wolves.
1:04:25 Kim Kardashian - TitsPrada. The Shining crone.
1:06:25 Lindsay Lohan facing jailtime - hasn't completed her community service. Diseased.
1:08:10 Justin Bieber to get roasted on Comedy Central. "You're a fuckin' cunt!" "Close ya cunt!" Tweet
1:10:20 Joanna Krupa suing over defanatory remarks. "Her pussy smelled." "Bring 'em up!" "Chris Hardwick's pussy smells!"
1:12:45 The X-Flies to return. Recent movie referenced.
1:13:50 Grease live and cast announced. 
1:15:15 The Sound of Music to be available in theaters for the 50th anniversary.
1:16:20 New Pee Wee Herman movie - Pee Wee's Big Holiday. "I like bears!" Ralph acts out the x-rated version.
1:17:45 Movies That Will Suck: The Blob. Movies that sucked: The Blob (orig.), The Blob (1988). "Hope springs eternal."
1:21:00 Diplo annoys Taylor Swift fans tweetsPic. "It's not fuckin' funny, people!"
1:22:45 Chris Pratt and Chris Evans battling.over Superbowl. 
1:24:20 Supergirl from Glee, Kevin hasn't seen Arrow, Flash or Gotham. Mewes loved Smallville. "Sucked his dick off."
1:27:30 New X-Men Apocalpse casting. "The Unwatchable movie." "Blew Singer away early on." "XXX-Men."
1:29:30 Kevin Faux Pas. Scott Loxley Stormtrooper.
1:30:45 Disney bought all George Lucas' ideas and never used any of them. George Lucas Raped our Childhood played.
1:32:25 Josh Earl's Tumbler stroller
1:34:14 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. ParadeShadowCoke.