Hollywood Babble-On: #196 January 16, 2015

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Description: "Recorded LIVE at the Hollywood Improv on January 16, 2015."
Runtime: 1:39:21
Recorded Fri, 16th Jan. 2015
Released Sun, 18th Jan. 2015
Show notes by @HBOhelper

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2.22 Kyle Hebert intro.
3:20 Kevin has shaved; unimpressed with self-appearance.
4:10 Mewes was impressed that Ralph was on Agent Carter - new episodes filmed.
5:50 "It's called timing, bitch!"
6:10 Johnny Depp mentioned Yoga Hosers on Jimmy Kimmel.
7:45 Kevin on looking for distributors.
8:20 Shout-outs: "Long hair, don't care. Scruff is rough."
9:05 Ms. Dwyer returns; has fan club; art.
10:20 Guy in top hat draws Ralph's attention.
10:50 Kandice and Keven get their names scrutinised. Keven thanks Kandice. "Brown bubble-gum button." "You filthy fucker, man!" "If he loves ya, he'll let you use the whole fuckin' fist!"
13:55 Jarryd and James from Aus. Vulcan mentioned. Sexy Kev used in the hunt for single ladies. Coriolis Effect Fucking and Sydney Push. Boomerang Jizz at The Troub. "You have glasses." "The look sensitive." Pimped out to Ms. Dwyer.
17:20 Travis and Deanna provoke nostalgic discussion. Looking for a third. "When we were in our twenties, you were lucky to get a handjob!" 
19:10 Dynamic Duets: Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Cheer.
22:10 Amanda and Lucy from Orlando, FL check out the Aussies. Running in the Star Wars half-marathon; Ralph enquires. Kevin running as Porkins. Harrison Ford wishes Amanda luck. "Just nerds in costume running."
25:00 Scott, Lolo The Terrible and Weeping Dave running The Spartan Beast. "Ten minutes into the show, I'm thinking the same thing." The Germans immitate Jar-Jar Binks. 
26:45 Sean and Kiva celebrate Sean's birthday. Ralph advises trying to avoid his 40's. Kevin confused. "Lick my taint!" Irish snow video.
31:20 Marines Kevin Stucker and Kevin Stollen in attendance. Ralph on Disney. "Gareen Corps." Bowie wishes happy 40th birthday.
35:39 Email bag: Robert from Liepzig sends in Wildly inappropriate Tigger.
36:30 Bob Tyson sends in Thin Kev. Super Soldier Serum.
37:40 Chris from Australia sends in The Rock. "Close ya cunt!"
39:16 Kevin distances himself from the Schwarzneggers. Arnold sings Achy Breaky Heart. 
41:40 SModCo ads. vegas.com code: babble
44:00 Tinseltown stiffs:Taylor NegronArea rug. Kevin references HBO 99 and Taylor Negron's tribute to Catherine Davis. "Fuck cancer!"
47:44 Tinseltown stiff: Kim FowleyCherry Bomb. Stuttering in song.
50:21 Tinseltown stiff: Anita EkbergThe Sweet Life.
53:00 Tinseltown stiff: Robert KinoshitaRobbie the RobotLost in Spaaaace!
55:30 Hollywood Helper: Eminem. Pictures of Lily referenced. Gage GarmoEmnem on iTunes.
58:30 Shit That Should Not Be: Pleasant DeMoss sends in Batman Returns moving gravestone.
1:00:30 Exquisite Acting: "BASTAAARD!"  Enter The Ninja
1:03:25 HBO Headlines: Oscar Nominations. Birdman and Beetlejuice. Boyhood and Slacker. The Imitation Game and the lack of imitation. "Benedict Cumberbitch!" "Wheel right to the theater." Ralph as Hawking. Whiplash drooled upon. "Titular." Dick Poop.
1:12:30 Naya Rivera sez: "White people shower a lot more than ethnics." Wal-Mart knocked.
1:13:45 Miley Cyrus: wants to pose for PlayBoy. Tub. "Old-school and creepy with the polaroids." "Clean her up a little bit."
1:16:00 Bill Cosby protest. Refunds offered. Chloe GoinsCosby on Spanish Fly. "Hello, America!"
1:19:45 Woody Allen makes first TV series for Amazon Prime.
1:20:50 Justin Bieber: "Sunken Chest and Tiny Wienie." LOL burn.Trainer seen him nude, often. Balls. Johnny Rapid offers $2m for a scene. "Commit sodomy ..."
1:25:30 "Completely unrelated, according to my lawyers ..." John Travolta working out at 3am. "Blown away." "Ran from the building." "Woodworking." "Woodworker." Selfie. "Man-pussy." "Shut up, that was funny."
1:28:40 E-nable prosteticsLiam Porter attachmentPresentation. Ralph blasts Olaf. (Geek news).
1:31:00 Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. "I might suck dick to see that early." Stan Lee to make Agent Carter cameo. Big Hero 6 cameo.
1:32:33 Vixen to be animated. Flash Appreciation Day. Trading CardBat-throneZoom.
1:35:55 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. Condom.