Hollywood Babble-On #195: January 9, 2015

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Description: "Recorded LIVE at the Hollywood Improv on January 9, 2015."
Runtime: 1:29:15
Recorded Fri, 9th Jan. 2015
Released Sun, 12th Jan. 2015
Show notes by @HBOhelper

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3:25 Kyle Hebert intro.
4:30 Kevin recounts Ralph acting in Yoga Hosers alongside Johnny Depp.
6:30 "This week's Schwartznegger is singing 'It's Raining Men!'"
8:10 Harley passes Ralph on the stairs.
9:07 "You're excellent, man."
9:35"Make-A-Wish Foundationing me."
10:38 "I would be happy if I just made movies for the rest of my life with Kevin Smith." -Shit Depp Said About Us.
11:15 The entire third act of Yoga Hosers is completely Babble-centric.
11:45 Emotional Ralph.
12:30 Trevor Crabbe intrigues Kevin, and explodes with cum. "Dirty Chimney."
15:25 Jaycob & Jayson get their names scrutinised. The Germans advise on the show.
18:00 Vrai is accused of being a dancer. With friend Alyssa. Brokeback Mountain referenced. "Pardon the redundancy." "Brokeback Doughnut/Bagel." Vagitarianism discussed. Louis Black welcomes.
22:40 **First appearance** Louis Black.
23:15 Andrew and Reed "Captain One-Date," Ackerman in attendance. Sexy Kev helps Reed.
24:45 Christie Remus calls dogs with her enthusiasm. Ralph kicks everyone out. "Get out! I worked with Johnny Depp! I don't need this!" McDonalds Fries Girl makes an appearance. "Motor Oil." "Remus? You hardly even know us!"
27:44 Weston and Beth serenaded by Bowie.
30:00 Email bag: Doug Hoxter Jr. sends in Kev Jambi. Jay wants  Kevin shaving off his beard for YouTube.
31:57 Pee Wee Herman read Willy Wonka.
32:35 Ralph on Agent Carter - Ralph is in The Marvel Universe. Kevin impressed. (RadioMan).
34:00 Drew gets called a dick.
35:00 Babble Story Time: Peter Falk reads Are You My Mother? Kevin intrigued. Continues in character. Ralph does the Peter Falk eye. Child Services called.
39:20 Paul Quinn sends in Kushing Tiger Drunken Dragon. Kevin's weight Loss touched upon.
40:00 Arnold Sings: The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats.
41:40 SModCo ads: squarespace.com/babble
44:10 Tinseltown Stiffs: Stuart ScottPic.
45:35 Tinseltown stiff: Andraé Crouch. Ralph plays Like A Prayer.
47:00 Tinseltown stiff: Rod Taylor.  Ralph plays The Birds.
49:00 Tinseltown stiff: Donna Douglas. Beverly Hillbillies explained. Twilight Zone explained.
52:30 Shit That Should Not Be: Joshua Paul Hawkins sends in Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back. "Spacebar." Kevin expains. "Do you think anyone is watching that closely?" -Mosier.
55:30 Exquisite Acting: PiecesVideo. Linda Day-George in "BAAASTAAARD!"
57:50 HBO Headlines: Shia LeBeouf in Elastic Heart. "It's weird, but it's not really pedophilia, because it's not very sexy." "We just saw a dark snapshot ..." Leon/The Professional mentioned. "I would have said that better, if I hadn't been so turned on by it."
1:01:50 Sophia Grace draws Ralph's ire with Best Friends. Ralph's nightmares.
1:03:40 Willow Smith releases Heart. "But not from people."
1:06:00 Mrs. Huxtable defends Bill Cosby. "Forget these women." Performed in Canada, and leaves sarcastic comment.
1:08:35 Farrah Abraham tweets lip-procedure. LeelaMoe'Zone.
1:10:10 John Travolta returning to TV, playing Robert Shapiro. Kevin gets his line stolen.
1:12:55 Nicholas Sparks getting divorced. Fans tweets scrutinised.
1:14:12 Sly Stallone making Rambo: Last Blood. Clerks VII mentioned. Pitching to the mirror.
1:16:10 Kim Kardashian: Charlie Sheen attacks Kim Kardashian.
1:18:18 Miley Cyrus sharing blood. Patrick Schwartznegger risks losing his trust fund. "Like the maid." Arthur comments. Table full o' drugs. "Looked how fucked up I was! WoooOOOooo!" Coke Vs. Weed.
1:23:15 Taylor Swift Vs. Katy Perry. "The juiciest First World Problems ever." "I read it in the internet." Pic.
1:24:45 Justin Bieber: new face of Calvin Klein underwear. Ad'shoppedHair.
1:27:20 Geek News: DareDevil to be released on Netflix. Motion Poster.
1:28:40 Gambit to be released in 2016. "I worked with Johnny Depp!" "Troat!"
1:29:35 Back To The Future Pt II Buzzfeed article. "He uses me to soak up the leavings." Reverse-microwave. Power laces.
1:33:30 Ant Man posterTrailer. Kevin on Marvel.
1:36:10 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. Measure.