Hollywood Babble-On #200: March 21, 2015

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Description: "Recorded LIVE at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto, ON on March 21, 2015."
Runtime: 1:56:45
Recorded Sat, 21st Mar. 2015
Released Sun, 22nd Mar. 2015
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 SModCo ads - DAVEschool.com The Brothers Brimm

1:50 Kyle Hebert intro (Extended). Garmy chants.
3:40 Ralph on comedic origins in Toronto. "I've been here a lot, so, whatever." Kevin on tourism in Toronto."Oooh, smell that Tim Hortons, eh?!"
7:00 Kevin on Jen picking up Harley from High School. (Homeless guy pulls his cock out). "I couldn't get a good picture!" "It was fucking huge!" "The guy looked exactly like Ralph with a beard!" 
11:11 Kevin and Harley's text exchange. "Big as a homeless man's dick!"
12:30 Mallrats II news. Shannen Doherty confirms she's in Mallrats sequel via twitter guy. "Fuck yeah!" - Shando. "Let's see if Ben Affleck wants to do the movie!" "Fuck you, man!"
16:40 Shout-outs: Corey on A/V detail. Martine, Sharon and Megan get Pee Wee Herman doing Mahna Mahna.
18:30 Adam and Toe-thumbs Serena prematurely celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss. Huell Howser digs toe-thumbs.
21:15 Keith and Amanda Bone invocate Sexy Kev to the Land of Freaks.
23:30 Billy DeTour "Oh, that's him!" and Susan from Rochester, NY, enjoy Asian Lady Hands.
25:47 Dynamic Duets: I Want You Back by The Jackson Five. (Difficulty Level: 9).
28:00 Dave Woodley killed upon identification. Creepy Clown Gollum. "That's better than Andy Serkis!"
31:50 Adam et al, and teacher wives recieve advice of disciplining students via The Germans. "Everything's better with a gun!" The True North Trilogy discussed.
34:10 Glen "Yaaaaargh!" has a ruptured achilles tendon. Bowie Birthday wishes. "Finish him!"
37:37 Email bag: Greg sends in the Super Golden Girls.
39:10 Lucia Pitalles artwork. RamboWalter WhiteScarface.
40:35 Ross Underwood sends in Jaques de Cock.
41:18 Arnie Sings: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, by Wham.
43:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: Gene Gene the Dancing MachineDance.
45:30 Tinseltown stiff: Lou SilverstoneBats Man.
47:20 Tinseltown stiff: Mike Porcaro. Africa by Toto played.
48:45 Tinseltown stiff: Andy Fraser. All Right Now by Free played.
49:00 Tinseltown stiff: A. J. Pero. We're Not Gona Take It Anymore video discussed, and played.
51:50 Exquisite Acting: Tony Banks sends in David Carusso "Glad he ate her." Video.
54:51 Shit That Should Not Be: Jonathan Lew sends in Monsters IncHoax debunked. "A proper rogering." "Fifty Shades of Boo."
58:40 HBO Headlines: Slew of D.I.Y. programmes. Mr. T. announces I Pity The Tool!
1:01:00 Harrison Ford to narrate a National Geographic documentary.1:01:53 Kevin Bacon is a spokesperson for eggsNational Egg Fuckers. Drink for Ralph. "I fuckin' love Canada!"
1:03:30 Ralph asks Kevin if he knows his Bacon number. "The Lowest American acheivement there is ..." Gift given.
1:05:30 Sylvester Stallone announces S.T.R.O.N.G. Kurt Cobain takes a hit, as does Sly. Nirvana-puns. Sly asks to be on Mallrats. The David Carusso noise by Sly and Arnie. Ralph and Kevin unlikely to watch.
1:09:13 AP on Robert Durst. All for the nookie
1:11:04 Dustin Diamond allegedly stabbed a dude on Christmas. Smirnoff Ice. "Stabbed By The Bell."
1:13:45 Michael Phelps showering in goldDominatrix.
1:15:40 Sharknado 3: Oh, Hell, No! announced. Kevin worked with Tara Reid this week. Potential part in Moose Jaws.
1:16:45 Kim Kardashian: KUWTK Series 10 premiere. Bieber is dessert. Full Time Job. Angry Ralph peeps out. I'm so luckyCongratsSwish. Kayne to headline Glastonbury. PetitionScott Disick in AtlantaIt's all about the Benjamin's.
1:22:30 Jessica Simpson videoFull video. Full Carusso.
1:24:30 JoGoLev in Fraggle Rock.
1:26:30 Movies That Will Suck: Ralph fucks with Kevin. Alex Winter announces Bill & Ted 3. "Shooting soon or never." Kevin advocates John Wick. Ralph blasts 47 Ronin. Pixels trailer released. Ralph unimpressed. Audence split. 
1:30:10 Tadolph Switler attacked by cat. meOW.
1:31:40 Alanis Morrisette inducted into the Canadian Music all of Fame. 
1:32:40 Heather Mills pissed at being asked about Paul McCartney. "Changing the world." Wow.
1:34:25 Justin Bieber: Egg guy suing Bieber again, Fight in Vegas with David ArquetteThumbs#BieberRoast. "Fuck you, Justin Bieber!"
1:39:20 Geek News: New Avengers CommercialFrame.
1:41:45 Darth Vader robs a bank. "Shit just got real." "This is not the Vader you're looking for." "Shut up and let Frank talk!"
1:44:15 Burt Reynolds upset over the death of Leonard Nimoy. Takes a swipe at Shatner.
1:45:45 Jeremiah Rivera wins the internet with Friends/Harry Potter crossover.
1:47:30 Clerks 3 shoots in June, Mallrats 2 begins at the end of 2015. Ralph is in Mallrats 2!
1:49:25 Kevin and Harley text back and forth. "Mice and the Affleck duck." Joke filed. "I'll be dead by then." Old Ralph.
1:52:30 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.