Hollywood Babble-On #206: April 10, 2015

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Description: "Recorded LIVE at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on Friday April 10, 2015."
Runtime: 1:48:44
Recorded Fri, 10th April, 2015
Released Mon, 13th April, 2015
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 SModCo ads - harrys.com code: babble seeSMod.com Jay and Silent Bob Monopoly

3:22 Kyle Hebert intro - Garmy out in full effect! Ralph besmirches adoring follower.
5:00 Kevin recounts the tale of Harley going to Coachella. Underwater text exchange read out.
8:49 Ralph sharing playing Panda Pop with his daughter. "Go away, old lady!"
9:50 Mallrats II updates. Writing in the bathroom, laughing at your own jokes. "Shit chamber."
12:40 Start of the bleeps. 
13:40 End of the bleeps.
14:10 Ralph's parts. 15/18 confirmed to return. Kevin watched 21 Jump Street. Bleep.
17:20 Shout-outs: Dr. Josh calls Ralph a chicken.
18:40 Sully from Oz comes to see the Star Wars celebration. Pee Wee Does Yoda.
21:30 Marion Jones from London catches HBO Stateside. Meets boyfriend from the first time. "Amazeballs." "I think I fucked Al Pacino last night." Sexy Kev. "Without the bottom hole." Airport fuck. 
25:30 Tom and son share HBO in the car. Sad Hulk Music. "You're not going to start cutting, are you?" Ralph educates Tom's kids. "Are you running from the law, Tom?" Bowie birthday greetings.
28:55 Ralph Sherriff and Samantha from TX. celebrate Ralph's birthday. Exes. "Let's make a fuck connection!" "__..." Pre-filed joke. Frank. N. Furter. Texas dates added in August. Nathan Phelps sends in an email, too. Joker impression. "Batman going through puberty."
35:09 Amanda and Zack celebrate 9 years together. Arnie Sings Oingo Boingo.
37:20 Email bag: Zardosz Kev. Chris Farley praised.
39:40 Game Fan art.
40:35 Inappropriate toys: Rockstar Minnie Mouse. Mickey's fetish.
42:30 Tinseltown Stiffs: Stan FrebergCommercial.
45:00 Tinseltown stiff: Richard DysartLA Law. "Holy fuck! Really?!"
46:45 Tinseltown stiff: Geoffrey LewisFletch.
49:00 Tinseltown stiff: James Best'Dukes. "Never be done."
52:10 SModCo ads: DraftKings.com
54:04 Exquisite Acting: Dale sends in John Travolta in Look Who's Talking, Now. "This is a piece of shit." "Wants a massage from a dude ..." Reboot in the works. Ralph on The Ten Commandments.
59:00 Shit That Should Not Be: Hardon ColliderStill.
1:01:28 HBO Headlines: Barry Manilow married his manager. 
1:02:50 Penn Jillette loses a tonne of weight. Kevin on Penn Jillette.1:05:20 **first appearance** Taydolph Switler: "Heil Switler!" Sick mom. "... tremendous douchebag." No profanity in the presence of her cats. "Professional pet psychic." 
1:08:20 Ralph's favourite hippie annoys Ralph. Kevin advocates beets. "Beet-dick."
1:10:39 Travelling with Al Pacino in the UK. Air Pacino.
1:14:10 Kim Kardashian gets restraining order from Florida. Plastic Jesus. Plastic Jesus is my new hero. Vandalism Vs. Hilarity.
1:18:19 Boy George to start a new reality TV show. Ralph on recent history. "Do you really want to hurt me?" 
1:20:14 Rock Horror Picture Show to be remade for TV.
1:21:26 Arrested Development to return via Netflix. Netflix chat.
1:22:19 David Lynch leaves Twin Peaks. Video. Kevin on Twin Peaks.
1:26:40 Disney announces live action Pinochio. One of three movies. Ralph ignores Jaden Smith. Class. Ryan Gosling/Haunted Mansion. Tron in the works. TWC announces She's All That. "She all Dat." Fans unimpressed.
1:30:45 Movies That Will Suck: Mariah Carey Time Travel Christmas movie by Brett Ratner. 
1:32:40 Justin Bieber handsyBig Sean pissed. Argentina issues arrest of Justin Bieber.
1:35:30 Geek News: DareDevil gets universal critical praise. Star Wars available digitally.
1:37:00 The Thing before and after. DareDevil costume. Affleck DareDevil mentioned.
1:40:00 The VisionPilot.
1:42:10 GoT Cosplay2. Joke filed.
1:44:00 Gnardians of the Galaxy.
1:44:55 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. MarathonIt's in the water!