Hollywood Babble-On 115: Babble Unplugged

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin do a home show and talk about the Fox Shortcom."

Runtime: 1:15:13
Recorded Sun, 10th Feb. 2013
Released Mon, 11th Feb. 2013

0:00 ProFlowers.com ad.
4:18 Kyle Hebert intro.
4:40 Kevin won an award in Austin, which he accepted on behalf of his brother.
6:20 Breakdown of the show, and filming.
8:30 Ralph on his own TV pilots, the processes and pilots past.
13:35 Kevin thinks he is to be the lead.
16:20 Kevin mentions Roadside Attractions.
19:45 The Carol Burnett Stage of Dreams.
21:50 Kevin introduces the cast, and ergo; Shannon Doherty, Craig Robinson and band, etc.
25:40 High School Theater nightmares.
27:00 Kevin introduces the comedians, and brief history.
29:00 Kevin on Ca$h Vs. Podcasting.
31:45 Gary Halvorson.
33:35 SModCo ads. (fucknugget.com is unavailable).
38:19 Optimistic Ralph on his own pilots.
39:30 Ralph was on the final episode of Highway to Heaven, with Michael Landon, and was supposed to be on the reboot of Bonanza!
42:00 Show Lottery.
43:00 www.on-camera-audiences.com/ Shows > Fox ShortCom.
44:40 Ralph remarks on the change in Kevin's writing style, over time.
46:35 Kevin remarks on his change in writing style, and subject matter.
47:45 Kevin optimistic; Ralph trying not to be.
48:00 Kevin amazed to hear a show is cancelled so fast.
50:20 Lovitz pops into Kev's house.
52:00 TV tells you what to do. Bob Saget stand-up pimped.
54:30 Kevin says what happened with the Babble-On TV show, finally. Network wanted to cancel the podcast.
58:40 Kevin has more to say than Ryan Seacrest.
59:30 Ralph on working with Shannon in Charmed, and her work on this new project.
1:02:40 The Continuing Voyages of the StarShip Babble-On.
1:03:55 Ralph slights 2 Broke Girls (Did you know Ralph is my hero?)
1:09:35 Ralph filming a Western in March, for Hulu (Quick Draw).
1:12:20 "Have you ever seen a horses cock?"
1:13:10 Ralph kills the Fox ShortCom.