Hollywood Babble-On 19

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin kick it old school in a freestyle rap battle."
Runtime: 1:24:28
Recorded Sat, 15th Jan. 2011
Released Mon, 17th Jan. 2011

Intro by Kyle Hebert.

1:49 Email Bag: Someone sends a strong Gerry Rafferty joke in. The prospect of outside work is mentioned.
2:40 Other movies with brown-eye. Once Upon a Time in America has Elizabeth McGovern's asshole for 4 seconds. Alan Jensen: Sphincter Corespondant.
3:40 Quote: "Murky."
3:55 James the Sound Guy chimes in with the Psycho theme.
5:05 Somebody asks for Ralph to say "Happy Birthday Booger!"
5:55 Quote: "Cocky."
6:17 Quote: "You guys rock like Fraggles!"
7:16 Kevin has had confirmation about Anne Heche's butthole.
7:55 Stephen Phillips sez: "SModCruise."
8:29 Quote: "Too fat to float!"
9:27 Kevin's toilet remains in the Prince Charles Theatre.
10:00 Ruben asks Ralph to say "Brandi is a bitch!" Brandi is a Bitch Roulette: Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, Dudley Moore, Adam West and Sean Connery.
12:00 Kristlyn Geit (?) sends in a V/O.
14:08 Someone asks Ralph to be Universal Studios Tour Guides.
15:50 Bubba Wheat made a picture of "Tigga Please." 
17:15 Someone confirms the story of Kopi Luwak.
18:20 Quote: "That's fuckin' gross!"
18:33 Daniel Price made a jingle for the Talentless Cunt Update.
19:10 **first appearance** Talentless Cunt Update: Listener AJ bought http://www.talentlesscunt.com/ and redirected to http://www.chelseahandler.com/ (Link no longer valid).
20:15 Kevin makes an amazing Batman analogy.
20:35 Someone comments on the difficulty of finding movies mentioned on HBO. Kevin recommends Valley Girl.
23:50 **first appearance** Ralph as Nic Cage: "I'm more of a ****** protector ..."
23:55 Stalker is unfair. Celebrity Awareness Booster is acceptable.
24:32 Male Breast Cancer chat. Follow-up to Montel Williams story. Listener Chuck from Kentucky provides another example.
27:45 Tammy would like Ralph to sing something by Steven Sondheim. 
29:30 Ralph obliges with "Send in the Clowns."
30:25 Another screaming woman.
30:50 Tinseltown Stiffs: David Nelson, and the singing/closing eyes combo.
35:40 Tinseltown Stiff: John Dye.
36:35 Quote: "In Heaven ..."
36:50 Tinseltown Stiff: Peter Yates. Mustang/Charger car chase discussed. Ralph vouches for The Deep
40:00 Quote: "NIPPLES!!!"
40:40 New Movies: Barney's Version, The Dilemma and The Green Hornet.
40:42 Ralph vouches for Paul Giamatti.
41:20 Quote: "Blaaart!"
43:30 AJ McClean back in rehab. Kevin references songtitles, and sings.
45:15 Quote: "You're so jealous about Send in the Clowns ..."
45:55 Lindsay Lohan in Venice. Donald Trump said no to her on Celebrity Apprentice. Ralph announces the new cast.
50:14 **first appearance** Ralph as Marlee Matlin.
51:53 David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman series has been shit-canned.
52:25 **first appearance** "The Vice-President of ..." In this case: showbiz.
52:55 Lone Rangers News. New Logo.
54:44 Colin Farrell in new Total Recall. Arnold weighs in.
55:32 Quote: "Winter Warlock."
57:00 Charleze Theron to star in Prometheus. She lives up the street from Kevin. She and Ralph were pseudo-friends.
59:15 Ralph brings in the cover of New Yorker magazine. New ending, opening night pushed back; Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. Walt Flanagan loved it.
1:00:30 New SpiderMan photo
1:03:20 Almost everyone from the Lord of the Rings is returning to The Hobbit.
1:05:10 Abraham Lincoln; Vampire Hunter Casting News: Adrien Brody and Josh Lucas. Liam Neeson to Play Abe in Lincoln.
1:07:30 Kevin impersonates Abe Lincoln. Ralph does Nixon.
1:08:10 Fox is working on Missile Command.
1:08:25 Sega developed ToyLets. General insulting japanese impressions.
1:12:00 James Bond is returning. Bond 23 November 2012.
1:13:45 The Simpsons XXX Parody about to be released.
1:15:45 Tom Hanks son, Chet Haze released White and Purple. Plays West Side LA.
1:19:08 Quote: "Another kid who was born on third base and thought he hit a triple."
1:19:30 Rap Battle: Ralph Vs. Kevin!