Hollywood Babble-On 20

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Don't you believe Garman's performance for a minute: He told Kev to do it."
Runtime: 1:14:10
Recorded Sat, 29th Jan. 2011
Released Mon, 31th Jan. 2011

0:00 Red State commercial.

4:58 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
5:45 Email Bag: Eric from Texas gets a "Happy Birthday!"
7:30 Christopher and Tiffany announce they Tiffany is pregnant.
8:05 Quote: "Drink up, Tiffany!"
8:20 Hollywood Helper: "Tiffany's husband!"
8:30 Keith and Elaine are newly engaged, Ralph congratulations. Round Robin of impressions.
8:45 Quote: "Don't do it!" (audience guy).
10:50 Phil doesn't know jokes or pop culture references. He digs cock jokes, though.
11:48 Mark from Palm Springs sets up his friends.
12:50 Earman Trout Happy birthday!
13:38 Red State has premiered at SunDance. Ralph bought Kevin a gift
15:45 Red State will be self-distributed. Tour starts March 5th at Radio City Music Hall.
17:45 Kevin states he needs to self-promote a lot.
19:00 Talentless Cunt Update: Chelsea Handler and the Deathly Australias.
20:00 Mick asks that the US pumps it's raw sewage somewhere else.
20:25 Someone met Chelsea Handler, on a roof.
21:23 **first appearance** GARMY!
21:50 Jenna Jameson Vs. Chelsea Handler. Has new show, and finished with 50 Cent. Rick edited her Wikipedia page. 
24:00 Kevin admits he needs to go on Chelsea Handler's show, on Monday.
24:35 Quote: "Good Will Cunting."
25:10 Ralph takes his gift back.
25:50 Sad Hulk Music.
26:05 Ralph asks Kevin to find out if she knows what Ralph calls her. Sad Hulk Music again.
26:43 Email Bag: Hollywood Helpers: Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith. Soldier X in Iraq uses HBO to pass time.
28:00 Brian Lipko made new HBO art
29:00 Dug Smith presents ... Hollywood Babble-On Acid.
30:20 John Barrios asks if HBO will be from San Diego Comic-Con.
30:40 What's you're favorite cookie, Kevin? Chipless Wonder
31:15 Kevin Murphy names his bongs.
32:20 John Lovegro mixes Ralph and Kevin rapping Vs. Run DMC.
34:00 Tom Hanks did a rap. Kevin loves and has loved the track.
36:48 Nick's father can't stop talking about Anne Heche's asshole. Screencap. Ralph asks to stop suggesting movies.
39:00 **first appearance** Anne Heche's butthole. Dan Louisell writes a song
42:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: Rich Pizer (?) writes for his wife; Anna Klenman.
43:40 Tinseltown Stiff: Jack LaLanne. Ralph had him on the show once.
46:08 Tinseltown Stiff: Gladys Horton.
48:15 Tinseltown Stiff: Bernd Eichinger.
49:35 Quote: "Falcooooor!"
49:55 Charlie Sheen is in rehab, after 36-hour cocaine and booze bender. Lindsay Lohan says she's worried about him. Kacey Jordan describes life with Charlie.
54:18 Roger Corman announces Piranhaconda.
55:00 Jesse James to marry Kat Von D. Flat Stanley. Will be on the History Channel.
58:00 Mamie Gummer news.
58:58 The Oscars are some broads Superbowl.
59:23 Oscar 2011 chat, discrepancies, overestimation.
1:05:00 First Porns: Kevin's was Inside Desiree Cousteau. Ralph's: Taboo.