Hollywood Babble-On 21

Episode: Link.
Comments: "The Garmy mobilizes, but naughty Kev needs love, too."
Runtime: 1:25:18
Recorded Sat, 5th Feb. 2011
Released Mon, 7th Feb. 2011

0:00 Red State USA Tour commercial.

2:04 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

3:20 Hollywood Helper: Ralph Garman. Ralph pimps the Red State USA tour.
4:50 Quote: "Garman is the new Silent Bob."
5:10 **first appearance** Shout-outs.
5:40 Andrew Feitch gets called a nazi. Promise of anal from wife, Gigli.
6:55 **first appearance** Balloon knot.
7:15 Carol and David celebrate one-year anniversary. 
8:22 Kia Loa may be part of a three-way. Kevin berates Ralph for shouting out everyone.
9:00 Lesley and Keith came from Sacramento. Kevin sings the theme to Eight Is Enough. Ralph berates Keith.
10:15 Harrison Ford wishes them a happy anniversary.
10:48 Jessica and friend berate other friend Chris. Chris is banned.
11:40 Justin supplies some Art.
12:55 Ralph brings up that Kevin was on the Chelsea Handler show. Video here.
13:22 **first appearance** Chelsea is my girl-friend!
13:30 Talentless Cunt Update: Ralph dissects a Handler monologue. Kevin defends.
17:55 Ralph quotes Aristotle.
18:45 Garmy splintered into different factions.
19:16 Jay D sends a poster.
19:40 Doug writes in with a poster.
20:10 Uri supplies some art. Says Kevin did a good job. #GoGarmy
20:50 Mark supplies poster and bumper sticker. Kevin lost some weight.
21:50 Tinseltown Stiffs: Boyd Kirkland.
23:15 Kevin alters his stage-etiquette to improve his editing. Ookla the Mok.
26:45 **first appearance** Life is for the living.
26:55 Tinseltown stiff: Maria Schneider.
27:50 Tinseltown stiff: John Barry. Kevin claims Ralph's jerks it to the James Bond theme. Bond-chat and  various themes, and filmography.
31:00 Quote: "Stiiiink-fingah!" Kevin sings Sade.
34:00 New releases: The RoommateSanctum.
35:20 **first appearance** File. James the sound guy pitches in.
36:30 Comic-Con tickets on sale. ticketleap.com servers go down. Nerds mad.
38:39 Charlie Sheen news: rehab at home, Ralph parrots a joke Chelsea Handler had previously told, teeth falling outSpent 500k on hookers and drugs in 6 months. Lindsay Lohan thinks he needs help.
43:45 Lindsay Lohan steals necklace. James supplies crickets.
44:40 Corey Feldman upset
46:25 Henry Cavill will be Superman. Fan pic. Tudors discussed.
48:20 Brit Vs. US heroes.
49:20 **first appearance** Kevin doesn't know who Olivia Wilde is.
50:45 Joseph Gordon-Levitt may be cast as Dr. Hugo Strange in Batman 3. Further casting news. Kevin initially doubts Bane. Airport pic.
52:22 Kevin will be away to promote Red State. There will be guest-hosts.
53:20 **first appearance** Babble-On Star-Sightings: Kevin saw Chris Pine filming in Los Angeles. Chris Pine will be the new Jack Ryan.
58:00 **first appearance** Ralph's dislike of Tyler Perry; will be Alex Cross.
1:00:15 Quote: "Hate-Tank." (Kevin used to refer to his vehicle by this name).
1:01:15 Dumbest Casting Choices.
1:02:40 Best Actress Curse.
1:05.10 Dave made this.
1:06:45 Mr. Skin has top 10 best browneye shots.
1:09:35 Frivolous case against Diddy.
1:13:00 Donna D'Errico is in training to search for Noah's Ark.
1:15:00 Fletch reboot news and chat.
1:17:35 Teen Wolf reboot news. June 5th the TV series.
1:19:00 Diamond Foxxx filmography.