Hollywood Babble-On 22

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Kev and Ralph learn it's a small world after all."
Runtime: 1:47:55
Recorded Sat, 12th Feb. 2011
Released Mon, 14th Feb. 2011

0:00 Red State USA Tour commercial.

2:04 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

2:45 Kevin says this time of the week is his favorite.
4:10 Ralph talks about sending in pictures to Captain Noah as a young boy, and his delight when his picture would be shown on television.
5:35 Shout Outs: Kim celebrates birthday.
6:30 Ian gets a shout out for Desiree. Adam Carolla chat, and he will guest in March.
7:45 Michael and Rachel celebrate Valentines Day at The Lovitz.
8:25 Quote: "That's been explored before!"
8:58 Scott and Sarah get Albie from Cuba shit for being a Communist.
9:45 Frank and Mary-Lou get a "Fuck you," from Ralph.
10:15 Layton and Tiffany made a movie together. (The Wanderers.)
11:35 Chez and Melinda celebrate first anniversary.
11:45 Quote: "Shut up, bitch!"
12:15 Daniel and Kevin do not attend.
13:15 Email bag: Rob Terry art.
14:15 Antonio tried to give his penis a sandwich.
14:30 Dug McUgly submits art. Also, The Garminator, and The Garmy of Darkness, (Kevin detailled). 
17:00 Anne Heche's asshole could be a stunt hole. Kevin is crestfallen.
18:30 A portion of Anne Heche's Butthole by Dan Louisell is played.
19:15 Nicole made an illustration. Kevin is willing to pitch the idea as a children's TV program.
20:50 Lynch says Christopher Maloney spread it in Oz. Screenshot.
21:40 Quote: "Dude-brown."
22:30 Kirsty Fitzpatrick emailled about linking Ralph and Kevin. Screenshot. Sorry. Screenshot.
25:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: (Ralph is disappointed when there is no "Good" deaths.) Peggy Rea.
27:00 Ralph makes fun of Peggy Rea.
27:45 New Releases: Cedar RapidsThe EagleGnomeo & JulietNever Say Never and Just Go With It.
28:00 Kevin discusses Chuck and Buck.
31:15 Quote: "Talentless Blunt." James interacts a lot.
32:00 Ralph makes several inappropriate comments which I shall not repeat.
36:50 Suspension of Desbelief stretched. Ralph tells someone to kill themselves. BoxOfficeMojo numbers read from the audience. Cell phone troubles.
40:20 Kevin Saw Two Movies: Buried and Monsters. Ralph saw No Strings Attached and
43:15 **first appearance** "...they learn lessons of life and love ..."
44:10 Superbowl surpassed M*A*S*H* in the ratings.
44:45 **first appearance** Twenties Ralph.
45:10 Christina Aguilera fluffs the US National AnthemJeremy Renner's bedroom.
48:00 People cheer for the Puppy Bowl. Video.
52:30 Lindsay Lohan, Teflon bitch in court. Guilty of giving Ralph a boner. Abreast of foreign affairs.
56:33 Harrison Ford pops in.
57:10 **first appearance** "DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY!"
58:00 Dina Lohan on the radio.
58:20 Charlie Sheen finally divorced. Will pay 1/3 of the crews wage, while absent from the show.
1:00:50 Charlie has a sex-tape. Would like to make a series called Charlie's Devils. Security details.
1:03:30 Kelsey Grammar needed to pay $2.3m to divorce.
1:04:40 Ashlee Simpson to divorce. #IrreconcilableDifferences
1:06:28 Olivia Wilde to divorce. Ascot.
1:09:00 Arnie to return to movies.
1:10:30 The Situation will leave Jersey Shore to pursue a career in moving pictures.
1:12:30 Various people will be on reality TV.
1:14:23 Khewbacca and Lamar unveil new Eau de Toillette.
1:17:00 Sly Stallone announces new film.
1:18:50 New Charlie's Angels bit.
1:18:30 Amanda Peet in horrible new show. Minnie Driver to be in new show.
1:19:45 Ricky Gervais would like Will Arnett to lead The Office after Steve Carrell.
1:20:00 Charleze Theron to star in Prometheus.
1:20:45 Al pacino to play Matisse.
1:21:15 SpíderMan: Turn off the Life Support still in limbo, and receives harsh reviews.
1:23:00 Fantastic Four news.
1:24:00 Smallville is to end this season. Ralph likes the Little River Band.
1:26:15 Wonder Woman script leaked.
1:28:30 Lady Gaga's new single sounds like Madonna's Express Yourself.
1:30:20 Austin Solid Waste Centre named after Fred Durst.
1:31:42 Keifer Sutherland says Ron Howard will direct the new 24 movie.
1:33:00 The Beaver won't be seen until May.
1:34:40 Smithsonian Update: Eddie Van Halen's guitar. Farrah Fawcett's bathing suit, and various Fawcett memorabilia.
1:36:20 Logans Run remake news. One Night Stand Chuck Heston.
1:38:45 Annie being remade with Willow Smith.
1:40:55 Justin Bieber nail polish sold out.
1:41:40 Quadraplegic stranded on a ride at DisneyLand.
1:43:25 Quote: "Captain Quad." Ralph does a killer groan of anguish.