Hollywood Babble-On 23

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Let's all go inside!"
Runtime: 1:32:38
Recorded Sat, 19th Feb. 2011
Released Mon, 21st Feb. 2011

0:00 Red State USA Tour commercial.

2:04 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

2:30 **first appearance** Garmy Strong.
3:10 James Moore from Manchester pops in, with a story about divorce.
5:25 Jamie Marsh and Chris Ruckser pop in, with a cast on his foot.
6:00 Josh and Steve Millon pop in for a nice, bromantic evening.
7:52 Mason from Australia is in the hizz. Ralph apologizes for prison joke.
8:10 Damon and Nicole are at The Lovitz on a double-date.
10:15 Maritza had crazy dreams about Ralph and Kevin.
11:50 Colleen and Tommy drove in from Vegas.
12:25 Susannah and Kara mention Kara has the hots for Ralph, and for anyone else, apparently.
13:25 Sean, Ralph and Justin. Sean has 25th birthday.
14:00 Quote: "Airtight!"
14:00 Gary tries to get him some ass.
14:40 Tom St. Jacques gets an Adam West shout-out.
15:10 Neil Tyner and Mistletoe celebrate their two-year anniversary. Neil created the HBO Drinking Game.
16:25 Email Bag. Crystal corrects Ralph on the quadriplegic story from last week.
18:00 Quote: "Dude! Paras and Quads are like crips and bloods, yo!"
18:40 Matt Harbudd (?) recreates the HBO theme.
19:30 The Canadians are pissed off with Ralph; Stoner-Talk with Kevin Smith.
20:55 Matthew apologizes to the world for Bieber, and reminds us of the good Canada has provided.
22:55 Charlton Heston doing Neil Peart. 
23:55 Mark Mills has had enough of Anne Heche's Butthole. Ralph promises Kevin will never see his asshole.
25:10 Segment Proposal: Cameltoes in Movies: Jacqueline Bissett in The DeepCameltoe. (Close-up).
27:27 Ralph says the episode images are now on the SModCast webpage.
27:54 Dan Louisell upgraded Anne Heche's Butthole ... Kevin waits for it to be animated.
29:40 Ralph went to see Cedar Rapids.
30:00 Show starts.
30:21 Tinseltown Stiffs: Joanne Siegel.
33:23 Tinseltown Stiff: Perry Moore.
35:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Len Lesser.
35:45 Tinseltown Stiff: John Strauss.
37:40 Tinseltown Stiff: Betty Garrett. (Pic).
39:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Kenneth Mars.
40:25 New Movies Big Momma's 3I Am Number Four, and Unknown.
43:23 Liz Taylor is a future Tinseltown Stiff.
44:52 Aaron Carter is out of rehab.
45:20 Cynthia Nixon and Christine Maranoni have a baby.
46:15 Rod Stewart has baby #8.
47:10 Jessica Alba pregnant again.
48:40 Charlie Sheen is on hot mess alert. Talks to the UCLA baseball team with an anti-drug speech.
51:00 Charlie on Dan Patrick.
54:20 Lindsay Lohan tried to return the stolen necklace.
55:20 El DeBarge in rehab.
57:30 Frankie Muniz and girlfriend scrapping. #FreeMalcolm
1:00:15 Justin Bieber talks shit in Rolling Stone.
1:06:10 Roseanne will make a return to TV.
1:07:00 Talentless Cunt News: NBC buy the rights to Chelsea Handler autobiography.
1:08:25 Watson destroyed 2 Jeopardy champions. Time article.
1:11:00 MGM announces Bond, Hansel and Gretel: WitchHunters, Mr. Mom, The IdleMaker, Hercules, Poltergeist IV, Robocop. Detroit wants a Robocop Statue.
1:14:00 Olivia Wilde to play Lara Croft.
1:14:55 Three Stooges remake, and casting news.
1:16:00 Dark Shadows casting news.
1:16:30 Ice Cube will be in the new 21 Jump Street movie.
1:16:50 Die Hard 5 in the works. Kevin discusses Willis, momentarily.
1:17:30 Adrianne Palicki will be new Wonder Woman. Ralph plays the 70's theme.
1:20:10 Michael Rosenbaum will return to SmallVille.
1:21:30 SpiderMan Turn Off The Dark: Dangling SpiderMan for 20 minutes. Kevin pimps Wicked.
1:23:30 Rewrites due.
1:24:08 Shane Black due to direct Iron Man 3.
1:25:10 Robert Blake had to be escorted out from a con. Eddie Munster scrapped with Kenickie from Grease,
1:27:45 Dora Goes XXX. Al Pacino seduces Dora, as does Chuck Heston.