Hollywood Babble-On 24

Episode: Link.
Comments: "With Sheen gone, Ralph and Kevin are the new Two and A Half Men."
Runtime: 1:31:45
Recorded Fri, 25th Feb. 2011
Released Mon, 28th Feb. 2011

0:00 Red State USA Tour commercial.

2:04 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

2:40 Heavy rain in Los Angeles. A few brave the weather.
3:35 Mr. Penis is in the crowd tonight. (HBO 17).
4:15 Zack Wilson celebrating Valentines Day tonight. Ralph, at first, refuses the shout-out. Kevin does Pacino.
6:33 Rod from St. Louis, MO, is there.
7:05 Jason gets a Chuck Heston shout-out.
7:55 Eric and Sam from NJ with a plethora of friends. 1920's Ralph gives a shout-out.
9:00 Adam asks for Jon Lovitz to guest when Kevin is away, (March 12th). No show next week. Adam Carolla on 26th March. Adam also asks if this looks like Ralph.
11:20 Al in Canada defends his homeland. Suggests Emma Stone as stand-in.
13:10 Tyler from Milwaukee mentions the bronze Fonz.
14:25 Kevin sounds like someone eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches wrong.
15:10 Opus writes in: Anne Heche on google.
16:00 Yuri made: this.
17:00 Joey has a Dream Team Project.
18:20 Tinseltown Stiffs: Nicholas Courtney.
19:10 Tinseltown Stiff: Dwayne McDuffie.
20:20 New Releases: Hall Pass and Drive Angry. Kevin likes the idea. Ralph, not so much. (Me; I dug it.)
22:30 Ralph explains where he got his Nic Cage impression from.
23:55 Charlie Sheen news: Kacey Jordan had an abortion.
27:40 Quote: "It won't be missed!"
28:00 Martin Sheen describes his suffering.
29:20 New girlfriend is here.
30:15 Charlie appears on Alex Jones radio show; full audio here
31:25 **first appearance** "Winning."
33:50 Charlie then talks about Chuck Lorre. Calls Thomas Jefferson was a pussy. 
39:00 Pat O'Brien audio. Warners cancelling Men. Jon Cryer discussed. 
41:40 HBO has offered a show to Charlie at $5m an episode. HBO denies.
42:55 Lindsay Lohan in the news: may go to jail. Michael Lohan said Dina used to snort coke with Lindsay.
44:40 Justin Bieber cut his hair.
45:30 Hugh Hefner announces wedding date. Playboy mansion experiences discussed.
49:50 Kelsey Grammar got married this evening in a Broadway Theatre. Paid $50m to ex wife. Cheers humor.
52:20 Alyssa Milano pregnant.
53:20 Owen Wilson now a father. Some dubiousness as to who the father is.
55:30 Catherine Zeta Jones hurt by paparazzi, Michael Douglas pissed.
58:00 SpiderMan death toll: 0. Bono and The Edge nervous. Paul Bogaev hired to fix the music.
1:00:00 Quote: "Thwip! Thwip, thwip!"
1:01:00 George Clooney won't be a politician.
1:02:00 Ginger Lynne discussed. 
1:03:10 Quote: (from audience) "Retreeeeat!"
1:04:25 In Manchester, The Statesman is a new superhero. Ralph and Kevin imagine themselves as superheroes.
1:08:00 Kevin Costner may be in the new Superman movie, as Jonathan Kent. His brit accent discussed.
1:11:50 Minnie Driver to star in Hail Mary.
1:12:30 Talentless Cunt Update: TV series news.
1:13:55 Gotti movie news: Kardashian in the movie. John Travolta is bald.
1:15:30 Kobe Bryant had prints outside Graumands Chinese Theatre. Kevin pissed.
1:17:25 **first appearance** Ralph has been trying to get Adam West a star on the Hollywood Hall of Fame. Support the cause here.
1:21:00 Bodyguard remake discussed.
1:23:15 Ralph ponders betting on the Oscars.
1:25:00 Staten Island Alfred.
1:26:00 The location for The Kings Speech has been used for a gay porn movie, Snookered. Stills here, here and here.