Hollywood Babble-On 25

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Kevin is on the road, so Ralph welcomes special guest host Jon Lovitz to babble on."
Runtime: 1:29:21
Recorded Sat, 12th Mar. 2011
Released Mon, 14th Mar. 2011

Guest Host: John Lovitz
0:00 Red State USA Tour commercial.

4:34 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

5:24 **first appearance** Jon Lovitz.
6:13 Listener wrote a song to welcome Jon to HBO ... 
7:00 Chris and Christina enjoy their fist live show. 
7:50 Vincent is a fan of The Critic. 
8:15 Hollywood Babble-On Drinking Game: Everytime Jay Sherman says "It stinks!" take/buy a drink.
8:37 Quote: "It stinks!"
8:45 Frank and Arriana celebrate Arriana's birthday. Jon gets her a glass of water on the rocks.
9:55 Michael and Ariel would like to see Ralph's impression of Jon. It's discussed.
10:55 Quote: "It stinks!"
11:20 Quote: "It stinks!"
11:45 Email bag: **first appearance** Email bag theme, by Doug Smith.
12:20 Shane sent in Garmy Propaganda.
12:50 PooDog from Australia, comments on Diggers and Gaggers,
13:25 Dan Louisell put Anne Heche's Butthole on iTunes.
14:19 Quote: "It stinks!"
15:24 Nate from Alaska sent in a photo, of celebrity ass.
16:35 Quote: "It looks like it's smiling!"
16:40 Dave asks Ralph to read some rap lyrics as Chuck Heston. Ralph and Jon briefly mention Phil Hartman.
18:35 Tinseltown Stiffs: Don Adams and daughter.
18:50 Tinseltown Stiff: Mike Starr.
19:50 New Releases: Battle Los AngelesMars Needs Moms and Red Riding Hood
20:30 Quote: "It stinks!"
21:20 **first appearance** Jon plays Who I Know.
21:25 Who I Know: Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Seth Green, Alyson Hannigan, Joan Cussack, Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman, Billy Burke, Charlie Sheen, Marty Singer, Les Moonves, Gary Busey, Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan, Al Pacino, Julie Taymore, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian.
21:40 **first appearance** "Did you fuck her?!" "No, she wanted to ... she's only human."
24:10 Showbiz News: Charlie Sheen meltdown. Gregory Brothers track is frigging amazing. John Cryer discussed.
26:15 Did you fuck him?
27:10 Rappin' Jonny Lovitz.
28:04 Jon would like some chips. Charlie files suit against Chuck Lorre and Warners.
29:50 Quote: "CRUNCH!"
31:20 Gary Busey is worried about Charlie Sheen.
32:50 Jon is amazed to know Ralph dated Ginger Lynne. She is selling this.
34:00 Ginger's sexual history, and history of Ralph and Ginger. Jon won't let up.
38:00 Quote: "That's the ticket!"
38:20 Quote: "How the Garmy deserts you when you're under fire ..."
41:45 Charlie Sheen Live tour has begun.
43:00 Charlie Sheen on Funny Or Die. Jon continues on about Ralph and Ginger.
46:00 Quote: "What has he won, James?!"
47:00 No-one paid Mel Gibson attention at court.
48:00 Lindsay Lohan due in court. The store sold the security footage
49:25 Quote: "No-one has seen your show ..."
51:40 Jon rails against TMZ and Harvey Levin, after he sees Ralph with thisJon at TMZ
56:50 Jon tells an Anderson Cooper joke.
57:40 Pete Rose divorcing. He is now dating again. Pete Rose discussed.
1:00:00 Jon sings a baseball song about Ralph and Harvey Levin.
1:01:00 Kelly Osbourne would like to have kids.
1:01:50 Jon tells how he saved Sharon Osbourne's life.
1:04:00 **first appearance** Quote: "Too tsunami!" Ralph promotes the Red Cross in Japan.
1:05:10 A Chilean man has 82 tattoos of Julia Roberts. Tattoo's discussed.
1:10:15 Casting News: Rihanna not in The Bodyguard. 
1:11:10 Martin Scorsese owes $3m in taxes. Jon on Mexicans.
1:14:00 **first appearance** SpiderMan Turn Of the Dark theme. Julie Taymore fired and replaced.
1:15:45 **first appearance** Jon and his birthday cake.
1:19:20 The people demand more.
1:19:40 Captain Australia.
1:20:00 Britney Spears gives an interview. Seriously, fuck her. This music sucks, I'm not even gonna link it.
1:24:25 Kim Kardashian's new song. Ugh. Ralph rails against her, Jon defends, and Master Thespian.