Hollywood Babble-On 26

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin learn all the days of the week from a teenage girl."
Runtime: 1:21:56
Recorded Fri, 18th Mar. 2011
Released Mon, 21st Mar. 2011

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5:54 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

7:30 Ralph is not feeling good tonight.
8:30 Shout-outs: John Loaf from Boulder, CO celebrating 21st birthday.
9:20 Roger trained his daughter to immitate Ralph Pacino.
9:55 Quote: "Oh, that's young!"
10:25 Alex De La Rosa visits for the first time.
11:05 Kevin, Willy, Nick, James and Tony have been laid off.
11:45 Gillian and Karen ask Ralph to blast their friend, Chris. And it's Karen's birthday.
12:55 Angela and Lyle celebrate 18 years together. Kevin's math is really bad.
13:40 **first appearance** Ed Wynn.
15:30 Debbie and Eric are celebrating ... something.
15:50 Anthony brought his mother, Annette. Ed Wynn as Barbara Streissand.
16:45 Email bag: Kevin takes offense with the email theme. Kevin bought Anne Heche's Butthole from iTunes. 
18:40 Victor from Hungary made this.
19:23 Shane would like Ralph and Kevin to use "Anhechiously."
20:00 Malc from Scotland made this.
21:00 David Lester will throw a Gar Mitzvah for his child.
21:30 Michael made a new Garmy Logo.
21:50 Mike asks about SIR, and old time radio plays.
24.04 John Tavern made a FaceBook page to get Kevin to host Saturday Night Live.
24:50 Leon saw this.
25:40 Bethany writes "Does Kevin Still Want My Balls?"
29:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: Ronnie Hammond. Kevin has never heard the Atlanta Rhythm Section.
30:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Michael Gough.
31:15 Quote: "Big bucket of age."
32:20 Tinseltown Stiff: Nate Dogg.
33:45 Quote: "I am the whitest fucker alive!"
33:50 Hollywood Helper: Jack Black sends 68 kids to Disneyland. Kevin met with him to discuss Ranger Danger.
36:50 New releases: Win WinLimitlessThe Lincoln LawyerPaul and Sharktopus
38:00 Kevin speaks about "Flowers for Algernon."
40:25 Someone yells "Boothe!"
40:45 Quote: "It's not funny, man ... I worry about that every week!"
41:30 Kevin praises Rogen. 
42:25 Ralph hands out plush Sharktopi. Kevin digs.
44:04 Charlie Sheen news: selling out his tour; stands to make $7m in the next month. Lawsuit in the shitcan. Will not be in Hangover 2.
47:45 This feels like Network to Kevin.
50:15 Lindsay Lohan is turning to God.
51:10 There is an arrest warrant out for Michael Madsen. Owed money to Pierce Brosnan and QT.
52:30 Gilbert Godfried fired from Affleck. Will be on Carolla's podcast this week.
53:55 Quote: "I was a duck, now I'm fucked!"
54:50 Courtney Love returned to Twitter.
56:25 Ralph denies Courtney's Garmy application.
56:40 Jeff made a newsreel of Chelsea Handler in Australia.
58:08 Two fans enter Justin Bieber's hotel room. Ralph describes what he would do if he were Justin Bieber.
1:00:00 Geek News: DareDevil has a new director, and casting news.
1:02:05 Darren Aronofsky out of the next Wolverine movie. Radiation Public Service.
1:04:47 Kevin Costner will be Jonathan Kent.
1:05:20 Yale and Princeton battle it out for who owns Bruce Wayne.
1:08:40 New WonderWoman photos.
1:09:50 American Pie 4 in the works. Sarah Jessica Parker wants another Sex in the City movie.
1:10:45 Steven Soderberg is retiring from film. Ralph calls Matt Damon gay. Kevin defends.
1:11:40 Ralph will be filming Ted in June. Kevin promises to bring Chelsea Handler to replace Ralph.
1:12:45 Friday by Rebecca Black is discussed.
1:16:40 **first asppearance** McDonalds Fries Girl.