Hollywood Babble-On 27

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Kevin's away again, but Ralph babbles on with his old roommate, Adam Carolla."
Runtime: 1:31:28
Recorded Fri, 25th Mar. 2011
Released Mon, 28th Mar. 2011

Guest Host: Adam Carolla
0:00 SModCast ads.
2:15 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

3:00 Batmobile chat.
3:42 Quote: "Uncle Ralph in the Bat-Cave."
5:30 Shout-Outs: Ed and Natasha come from Fresno, for Ed's birthday.
6:45 Hector and Erica celebrate their 6th anniversary.
7:30 Josh, Anthony and Vince  from Fresno. Josh would go gay for Adam.
8:30 Jessie arrives. Caitlin couldn't make it.
8:55 Angie celebrates her birthday.
9:13 Krista, Rachel and Kelly are there. Adam discusses indifferent friends.
10:00 Email bag: Someone saw Adam on the Brawny Towel Guy. Old Brawny Guy. Towel-chat. Ginsu-chat. Glue.
14:00 Jason in New Jersey on the McDonalds Fries Girl. McDonalds-chat. Greeters. Jason autotuned Ralph to the music of Friday (18:40)
15:25 Quote: "One of those ..."
17:33 Ralph replays Friday by Rebecca Black for 17 seconds (If you would like to forward). Adam's McDonalds history.
18:00 Quote: "Their needs: A slinky and a hockey mask!"
21:45 Tinseltown Stiffs: Elizabeth Taylor. Adam is angry with her. White Diamonds-chat. Pic.
27:20 Westboro Baptist Church plan to picket her funeral.
29:40 Hot mess news: Charlie Sheen has 3m followers on twitter. New girlfriend. Possible return to CBS. Adam did a test chat show for Earvin "Magic" Johnson.
35:20 Michael Lohan arrested for domestic violence. Dina Lohan announces Lindsay to drop Lohan.
37:15 Daughter of Whitney Houston has a cocaine problem. Getting a reality show.
40:10 Dancing With The Stars chatter. George Lopez and Kirstie Alley twitter fight
45:55 Lovitz is in the house!
46:20 Victoria Jackson in the news against Glee. Adam makes anti-gay talk, which would later go on to draw some complaints. Past Victoria Jackson-isms.
53:11 Reese Witherspoon gets married.
54:10 Crystal Harris allegedly seeing another dude.
56:15 Selena Gomez receiving death threats.
58:00 Tiger Woods' ex buys new house, and Tiger Woods has new girlfriend.
59:40 Last 10 Dr. Drew rehab patients Vs. Last 10 Nic Cage movies.
1:01:34 Casting News: Obama 2008 movie in the works.
1:02:00 Fran Drescher has a pilot in the works. Christina Applegate in new series. New Alex Cross movie.
1:03:15 Dots on face, by Adam, and critique of Tyler Perry.
1:06:40 Megan Fox in the news. Due to be in thisArmani pic.
1:08:30 Snoop chat. Blast.
1:12:00 Quote: "You call it a stereotype, but those folks don't disappoint."
1:16:50 Natalie Portman in Your Highness. Trailer digitally altered.
1:18:40 Geek News: Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play a bad guy in Dark Knight Rises. (haha)
1:21:45 Adam wonders why all superheroes are being shipped out to the brits.
1:23:10 SpiderMan: Turn Off The Dark news and image.
1:25:10 Sammy Hagar abducted by aliens. Fontana takes a reaming.
1:27:25 Jenna Rose's My Jeans.