Hollywood Babble-On 28

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin reunite and ponder Liam Neeson's giant hog.."
Runtime: 1:37:23
Recorded Fri, 8th April 2011
Released Mon, 11th April 2011

0:00 SModCast ads.
3:39 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

4:15 Ralph has had complains about the McDonalds Fries Girl.
4:50 Shout-Outs: Jennifer and David in the house. Connery steps in.
6:55 Tito and Toddske from Alberta, Canada. Will see Red State at the Wiltern Theatre, tomorrow.
8:25 Sean, Alex and Hayley from Edinburgh, Scotland killed in a plane crash. Sean Connery sings Friday, and Sean Connery as the Fries Girl.
9:40 Jenny and Dave Mancini get instigated into a wife-swap. Dave defended his Masters Thesis, then instigated into a husband-swap. Ralph speaks in an accent.
14:30 Mitch wants Allie to take a facial.
15:40 Quote: "I want to make Hawaiian Islands on somebody's mug!" Mitch thanks Ralph, Kevin would like to fuck some fruit. Kevin advises Allie on what to do.
19:30 Adam and Tracy are a no-show after appearing on Sextreme Makeover.
21:15 Michael and Alyssa from Australia are a no-show.
22:00 Email bag: **first appearance** Dug Smith's Newer Email Theme (Featuring Kevin's Kevin's reactions).
23:15 Alistair from Perth Sends a picture of an orphan, and wants to see what The Lovitz looks like.
25:15 Greg Lamb from Texas complains that Kevin stole his seat at the Red State screening.
26:10 Curtis Carey made a new logo. Kevin mentions the Mumble of Doom, and asks Ralph to contact the guy about a new logo. Hollywood Babble-On will be going out on the road, at some point.
29:00 Mike Delaney asks about Planet of the Apes ManAss.
30:05 Dave writes in: he saw Liam Neeson's doppleganger. Kevin references Janice Dickinson on Neeson schlong.
31:48 John Maguire from Glasgow set up http://liamneesonscock.tumblr.com/
32:35 **first appearance** Liam Neeson's cock jokes.
34:09 Jen in Halifax, Nova Scotia made clay Kevin and Ralph.
34:45 Keller in Greenville, South Carolina has a Clerks reboot question.
35:55 Thomas from Copenhagen, Denmark is a cartoonist and drew this.
37:43 Ralph and Kevin are on Dee's celebrity sex list. Ralph and Kevin sex-chat.
39:04 **first appearance** Kevin's creepy-sexy voice.
41:19 No Tinseltown stiffs, but 1 Hollywood Helper: Ringo Starr presented Alex Kidd with a new drumkit.
45:53 New Releases: Soul SurferHannaYour Highness and Arthur.
48:43 Quote: "Boo."
52:00 Kevin talks about his history with David Gordon Green.
54:45 Kevin is not Jennifer Garner's cup o' tea.
57:55 Showbiz News. Charlie Sheen booed in Detroit. Sheen-chat. Shown Apocalypse Now.
1:00:20 Bree Olsen stars in Scooby Doo: A XXX ParodyImage 2.
1:01:30 Quote: "Bitch!"
1:02:30 Dr. Conrad Murray on trial for the death of Michael Jackson.
1:04:40 Elf-ears.
1:07:00 Miley Cyrus quit twitter for a while. Returned to follow Charlie Sheen. New sex doll, Finally, Miley.
1:10:30 The Crow to be rebooted.
1:11:10 Scarface 30th Anniverary to be released.
1:13:25 Bill and Ted's third movie to be released.
1:14:30 Hangover 2 news: Liam Neeson scenes cut, and trailer deleted.
1:18:50 Christian Slater Star Wars toys.
1:20:30 Blake Lively Will be brunette in the Green Lantern Movie. Kevin calls the Vice-President of Hollywood.
1:22:20 Drunk, tattooed guy.
1:22:40 Pittsburg, PA will be home of The Dark Knight Rises.
1:26:45 Arnie has created The Governator comic.
1:27:55 Ben Affleck to star in the remake of The Great Gatsby.
1:29:20 Romeo and Juliet to be made for the 69th time.
1:30:00 Jennifer Garner to play Miss Marple.
1:13:30 Forbes Fictional 15. Ralph and Kevin call foul on the list.