Hollywood Babble-On 29

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph is joined by comedian Bill Burr."
Runtime: 1:39:04
Recorded Fri 16th April 2011
Released Mon, 19th April 2011

Guest Host: Bill Burr (Kevin is ill).
0:00 Red State USA Tour commercial.
2:31 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

3:35 **first appearance** Bill Burr.
5:15 Shout-outs: Clyde and Renée ask what Ralph's line from Red State was, which was cut. (Adam Carolla has it covered).
6:40 Erin is a no-show.
6:55 Garrett from Illinois would like to bang Katie Morgan and Kevin, while Ralph jerks off.
7:59 Alan is a no-show.
8:08 Brian and Christina from Oakland would like to use the podcast to remember that he was there.
9:23 Kristin's birthday. Brings a Sharktopus themed gift for Ralph.
11:30 Jonathan and Jesus no show.
12:00 Email bag: Dude would like more mention of Philly teams, and would like to hear Ralph's Philly accent. Bill comments on the Boston accent.
13:25 Vlad was dumped and asks Ralph to tell Carina to "fuck off!"
14:40 Tinseltown Stiffs: Jerry Lawson. Bill talks about school and teachers.
17:42 Tinseltown Stiff: Charles Laufer.
18:40 Tinseltown Stiff: Sydney Lumet. Lumet on Dog Day Afternoon.
20:40 New Releases: Rio, Scream 4 and The Conspirator.
22:30 Charlie Sheen was 85% sure that he'd be returning to 2.5 Men. Wiffleball on coke, with Bill Burr.
26:45 Bill talks about how Charlie should have planned his shows, Detroit. After-show breakdown.
29:40 Nicolas Cage arrested in New Orleans. 
32:00 Catherine Zeta Jones bipolar. Bipolarity in Hollywood List.
36:00 GLAAD Media Awards 2011. Bill tells the tale of dying on-stage. Chas Bono.
39:20 If Ralph was a woman, he'd like to be Sofia Vergara.
41.40 Donald Trump will announce whether he is running for president.
43:30 Jersey Shore "stars" to be paid $100,000 per episode in the new season. Jersey Shore-chat. Snooki paid $32000.
48:00 Scarlet Johansson moves in with Sean Penn.
49:20 Crystal Harris says no ex-girlfriends at their wedding. Hugh emails Kendra Wilkinson
52:00 Zsa Zsa Gabor and husband plan new baby.
53:15 CelebrityGene.Com sells DNA.
55:15 Hangover 2 hooked a monkey on cigarettes.
57:05 New Planet of the Apes trailer on the on-line. Bill had his keys stolen by a monkey.
1:04:00 Michael Shannon will play General Zod in the new Superman.
1:04:25 Bradley Cooper to reboot The Crow.
1:04:50 **first appearance** Only 2 actors in Hollywood; Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Gosling as the Lone Ranger.
1:05:20 Batman Live photos and stuff. Ralph thinks it looks too Joel Schumacher-y.
1:07:50 Handwritten lyrics to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds found
1:11:40 Bill saw 5 movies in his youth.
1:13:50 Justin Bieber frustrated in Isreal.
1:15:20 Rebecca Black has her own billboard. Planning new song, LOL.
1:17:30 Public Health Warning: Ralph advises you not to elect to get crabs.
1:19:15 Total Recall casting news. Bill tells a Colin Farrell-related story.
1:21:50 Life of Pi.
1:22:40 New Ben Stiller film.
1:24:00 Joaquin Phoenix in new film.
1:24:50 Ashton Kutcher wants to remake Smokey and the Bandit.
1:25:10 Jamie Kennedy to star in Good Deeds.
1:26:00 Lindsay Lohan to star in Gotti. Photo.
1:27:40 Sony announces 2 new Bond movies. Getting a slap discussed.
1:29:43 Sean Connery has retired from public appearances.
1:30:20 Quote: "I'm gonna play 9 holes and punch a bitch!"
1:30:55 Hulk Hogan has new series on TruTV. Hulk Hogan fact of the evening.
1:32:00 Karina Smirnoff in PlayBoy3-D Sex and ZenHong Kong China.
1:35:45 Liam Neeson's Cock Jokes.