Hollywood Babble-On 30

Episode: Link.
Comments: "To Kevin's horror, Ralph get sexy and spooky."
Runtime: 1:23:58
Recorded Sat. 23rd April 2011
Released Mon, 25th April 2011

0:00 Red State USA Tour commercial.
4:13 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

4:55 Quote: "Make 'em laugh ... make 'em breakfast!"
5:30 Quote: "Find a fuckin' chubby chaser!"
5:55 Lovitz standing in for Kevin next week.
6:40 Shout-outs: Aaron and Jen celebrate a friends birthday with Ed Wynn. Ralph quotes 50 cent. Kevin misquotes.
8:25 E from California signs in from the future.
9:00 Sergio and Danny write in. 
10:55 Quote: "Too deep!"
11:15 Reina and Jay M in the house. Jay asks Arnie for help with anal.
12:25 Quote: "You should let your boyfriend do what I did to California!"
13:12 Barry from Boston asks Ralph to deliver with a comedy show.
14:10 Quote: "Pushy."
14:25 Katie-Jean and cousins pop their HBO cherries. Ralph sings the Badger song.
16:30 Rochelle et amis celebrate Daniels birthday with the McDonalds Fries Girl.
17:15 Quote: "Caution: Contents may be hot!"
18:00 Travis and Elizabeth with HBO virgins, and they were friends with Ed Wynn's grandson. Ralph steps in.
19:05 Kevin and Lucas Miller try to ask someone to buy beer for them.
19:55 Quote: "Fuck you, bitch!"
20:14 Email bag: Nick Clarke from Denver, CO asks about SIR radio plays. Ralph dislikes and country and rap. Video.
24:10 Ralph is called a bad self-promoter; promotes twitter handles.
24:50 Jessie Lumberg made some art.
25:25 Comic book geek succeeds into movies. Would like to know what upcoming movies Ralph and Kevin are looking forward to.
27:05 Ralph quizzes Kevin on Thor. Kevin buys in, right away.
27:45 Pictures of assholes. Shane in Monaco sent in this.
28:40 Emily. has an Ohmibod.
30:15 Cheryl in Toronto spoken of the Rectum Bar in Vienna. Pic 1 and 2,
32:10 Anthony and Robin want Ralph and Kevin to name their upcoming child. "Harlot SlamHound," or "Babelonia."
33:35 Tinseltown Stiffs: Tim Hetherington.
34:50 Tinseltown Stiff: Sol Saks.
35:40 TInseltown Stiff: Madelaine Pugh Davis.
36:35 Tinseltown Stiff: Michael Sarrazin.
37:20 Tinseltown Stiff: Elizabeth SladenVideo.
39:35 Hollywood Helper: Steven Tyler grants dying man's wish.
41:20 Quote: "He killed him!"
41:55 New Releases: The Greatest Movie Ever SoldAfrican CatsWater For Elephants and Madea's Big, Happy Family.
46:45 Quote: "Perscripture. x3" Kevin defends Tyler Perry again.
49:20 HBO Headlines: McDonalds Fries Girl on Lindsay Lohan. Sentenced to jail, and 120 hours at the LA County morgue. She will be in the Gotti movie.
54:25 Quote: "Garbage." (Sean the indignant HBO Guy).
55:50 Evan Rachel Wood is bi. Ralph's creepy/sexy voice.
58:35 20's Ralph. 20's Kevin.
59:20 Charlie Sheen: Losing week. Lost Bree Olson, custody of sons, bombs on-stage.
1:01:10 Justin Bieber on Time's 100 Influential People. Kevin does his Justin Bieber impression.
1:03:10 Arnie depressed over his physical appearance.
1:04:45 Rebecca Black has had death threatsStar Wars parody.
1:08:35 Geek News: Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark off for a month to retool.
1:10:00 Marion Cotillard to star in The Dark Knight Rises.
1:11:20 New Graphic Novel: Kidnapping Kevin Smith.
1:12:25 Ron with a bong. (Later confirmed as not real).
1:13:00 Rachel Wiseman news. Catherine Zeta Jones in Rock of Ages. Affleck out of The Great Gatsby.
1:15:45 Robert Pattinson is afraid of clowns.
1:17:50 **first appearance** Creepy clown.
1:18:00 Liam Neeson's Cock Jokes. **first appearance** theme music.