Hollywood Babble-On 31

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Jon Lovitz returns to fill in for Kev and help Ralph babble."
Runtime: 1:20:28
Recorded Sat, 30th April 2011
Released Mon, 2nd May 2011

Guest Host: John Lovitz
0:00 SModcast Ads.
4:38 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

5:10 Various Garman and Lovitz back and forth; Jon is eating already.
6:32 Shout-outs: Joanne and Carolyn Barrios come with their brothers ticket. Ralph welcomes in Bob Dylan voice, and is joined by Jon. Jon asks for clarification on the name, "HBO."
8:30 Philip would like a birthday greeting for Alethia. Her name discussed at length. Shout-out as Ralph Garman. Jon on work as a hospital orderly. Jon screams "Vatheline!!"
11:00 Alexis celebrates 28th birthday. Jon does his birthday cake bit.
12:30 Quote: "You're not wearing a Batman t-shirt ... just some huge cans!"
13:25 Nathan brings someone who is similar to Emma Stone. Wants to tear into Taryn,
14:15 Freddie Cortéz and Susie celebrate 12th anniversary. 20's Ralph and Eddie Spimozo pop in.
16:35 Daniel and friend pop their respective Babble-On cherries. Harvey Levin brought up again, and Ginger Lynn. Shout out for Paul as Ed Wynn.
18:05 Email bag: Jon is @RealJonLovitz. James needs to remind Ralph about the email theme.
19:00 McDonalds Fries Girl repremands an ex. Fan-art.
19:52 Sue works in the Antarctic.
21:00 Ginelle made a shirt.
21:40 Jon says "Retarded." and following discussion. Jon discusses Sarah Palin's son.
23:10 Tinseltown Stiffs: Hubert Schlafly.
23:45 **first appearance** Jon is in FRONT of the camera!
24:20 Tinseltown Stiff: Phoebe SnowPoetry Man. Jon dedicates a poem, First Time, to Phoebe.
26:45 Tinseltown Stiff: Polly StyreneVideo.
28:15 Tinseltown Stiff: Elmer Hauldren.
28:00 Hollywood Helper: Jon Lovitz. Reporter with stroke. Donnie Wahlberg and BubbetteKidney.
30:03 Quote: "Whatever you do, don't order the Chicken Wings."
32:24 New Releases: Dylan Dog: Dead of NightHoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. EvilProm and Fast Five.
32:55 Who I Know: Glenn Close, Joan Cussack, Vin Diesel (disputed), Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Rob Schneider, The Jacksons, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Liam Neeson.
33:55 A Sampling of Master Thespian.
35:40 Jon mentions working on Southland Tales with Dwayne Johnson.
36:00 Chuck Lorre is to rework 2.5 Men. Charlie writes a letter in response. (PDF)
37:50 Quote: "Asshole pussy loser."
40:05 Lindsay Lohan on Jay Leno.
43:00 Quote: "She's airtight every night of the week."
43:45 Rob Schneider got married. Jay Cuttler and Krinstin Cavaleri got engaged. Jon laughs at Ralph joke.
44:35 Mariah Carey had twins today. Jon has a twin sister.
45:28 Paul Reiser's new show cancelled after 2 episodesVideo on NBC.
46:15 The Voice news. (Fuck this noise).
49:00 Jackson Family news: (Jon quizzes Ralph on his father), Alejandra Jackson has been asked to move out of the Jackson Compound. The audio for Jon Lovitz at Neverland Ranch was taken from here. There are plans to recreate the ranch in Las Vegas. Jon defends. Ralph attacks.
57:18 Jon saw Red State and Ralph scared the shit out of him.
58:10 Casting news: Ray Romano returning for Ice Age 4. Javier Bardem in the Dark Tower series. Mark Wahlberg wants to make a street basketball movie with Justin Bieber. Three Stooges Movie in the works.
1:00:00 Jon jinxes Ralph. Twice.
1:00:30 Hilary Clinton / Sarah Palin.
1:01:30 Legal news: Antoine Dodson arrested.
1:03:00 Katie Holmes sues Star Magazine.
1:04:15 Katy Perry sues tabloidFriday. Jon shows a picture of Brad Pitt on his cellphone. Brad Pitt history.
1:06:55 Asian guy loses it.
1:08:55 Geek News: Arnie Hammer will be the Lone Ranger. Jon recounts an SNL story.
1:09:55 Quote: "It stinks!"
1:11:00 Alex Pettyfer hates L.A. Jon Lovitz is amazing.
1:13:45 Superman renounces his US citizenship. 1 and 2. Jon rails against nerds.
1:13:25 Quote: "That's why Batman's better!"
1:16:30 How big is Liam Neeson's cock? Jon on Mexicans.