Hollywood Babble-On 17

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin ring in 2011 with the Hollywood Babble-On New Year's Eve Fiasco, at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal Citywalk."
Runtime: 2:25:19
Recorded Fri, 31st Dec. 2010
Released Mon, 3rd Jan. 2011

 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

1:05 Kevin is pleased to see the back of 2010.
2:00 Stroke Dick Clark. Drinking game starts. Ralph promised to count dawn at midnight as Dick Clark.
2:48 Quote: Stroke Clark's New Year's Teabaggin' Eve!"
3:50 Kevin says to bring their respective wives up for midnight.
4:50 The Drinking Game Rules.
7:50 Quotes: "This is the last year ever of bitter Ralph." "Fuck, no!"
8:40 Legal disclaimer. Read by: Ralph Garman (Richard Dawson).
10:46 Email bag: Corey Berman of Chatanooga, TN says Kevin pronounces 'Lovitz' wrong.
11:10 Mucky Dick loved the salvia clip, and slowed the clip down.
12:13 Jessie and wife go go HBO for honeymoon.
12:45 David from Edmonton, Alberta comments on Kevin's penis size.
14:00 Jack from Vancouver puked after seeing Chelsea Handler on TV.
14:30 Guy made images of Ralph and Kevin in 8-bits and HBO video game.
16:04 Jon Lovitz meets Kevin Smith.
16:24 Kevin Smith Memorial stall has been taken over by Patrick Stewart.
17:15 Justin Proper thanks Kevin for Clerks and Clerks II while in hospital.
18:50 English teacher in Japan listens to HBO. Plays for students.
19:43 Someone created a HBO t-shirt. Ralph shows the picture, but refuses to say the website.
21:15 Matt from New Hampshire liked Ralph's Edelweiss. Would like Kevin to perform "Greased Lightning."
24:03 Kevin sings 2 1/2 words.
25:00 Hollywood Helpers: James Gandolfini helps a guy trapped in the snow.
26:55 Tinseltown Stiffs: Steve Landesberg.
27:55 Tinseltown Stiff: Fred Foy
29:20 Tinseltown Stiff: Teena MarieLovergirl video.
30:45 Ralph asks Kevin to sing more Greased Lightning.
31:10 Ralph does the fuck out of Harold Hill in Music Man.
31:45 Quote: (audience) "Gaaay!"
32:15 Celebrity Sick Bay: Tracy Morgan. Ralph does impression.
34:15 Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson were the subject of internet death hoaxes. As was Adam Sandler.
35:10 Hollywood Relationships. Joe Francis and new wife divorcing.
36:10 John Mellencamp divorcing.
37:05 Shania Twin engaged. "Key party."
39:00 Ralph and Kevin both make Joe Pesci impressions.
39:52 Hugh Hefner is engaged.
43:20 Ben proposed to Katie on the Jaws ride, after Mallrats.
44:03 Hollywood Helper: Kevin Smith.
44:45 Natalie Portman engaged and pregnant.
46:03 Quote: "Ballerino."
46:32 Quote: "Ballerinos."
47:45 Elton John pregnant.
49:15 Alanis Morrisette had a baby.
50:00 Lindsay Lohan refused breath test at Betty Ford Clinic. Police looking into it.
53:10 Miley Cyrus bong for sale, and leaked pictures.
55:45 Google most searched celebrities, musicians and films of 2010.
58:30 Top 10 most illegally downloaded films of 2010.
1:01:00 **first appearance** Liam Neeson's cock jokes.
1:02:40 Kevin and Ralph announce their Top 3 movies of 2010.
1:04:45 Kevin thinks SpiderMan: Turn Off the Dark was built on an ancient Indian burial ground.
1:07:45 Driving Miss Daisy has made it's money back.
1:09:00 PeeWee Herman has a lot of success.
1:10:45 An hour and a half in, gameshow coming, and Mr. Penis and Ms. Sandwich, the HBO couple of the year.
1:11:25 Wonder Woman will be a TV show. Christina Hendricks would like to play Wonder Woman.
1:13:50 We're missing Snooki inside a plastic ball. Doc Brown impression.
1:15:40 DJ Pauly D is to get his own show.
1:16:40 Jason Hope party details. Kevin equates it to prostitution.
1:19:40 A Christmas Carol in Klingon.
1:21:21 Michael Jackson's family pleased over the cancellation of Michael Jackson autopsy.
1:23:00 Quote: "A fourfer!"
1:23:50 Michael Jackson slept with photo of Fatty Arbuckle.
1:25:50 Stanley Kubrick almost made the Lord of the Rings with The Beatles. Ralph does all 4 voices. And Pete Best.
1:28:00 Forbes Highest earning men and women 2010.
1:29:00 Kevin is none-too-partial to Judge Judy.
1:32:55 Quote: "Jersey Robot."
1:33:20 Tyler Perry is discussed at length.
1:36:50 50 Cent; The Snow-shoveller.
1:38:30 Last story of 2010: Justin Bieber on Celeb Jihad
1:40:50 Kevin's Closet! With V/O by Kyle Hebert.
1:43:40 Sarah plays for a Bean 'n Gone t-shirt and Season 1 of The L Word. Makes out with wife to win.
1:45:45 Ashley plays for all 8 seasons of the Cosby Show. Wins potato chips. 
1:46:44 **first appearance** Ralph as Bill Cosby.
1:47:45 Quote: "Is that your ... relative?"
1:48:30 Eric plays for XXXXXXL Zack and Miri t-shirt. Kevin wins the prize for him.
1:51:40 Scott plays for XXXXXXL Star Whores t-shirt. Scott wins!
1:53:00 Mike Trujillo plays for Jersey Devils t-shirt, and an NHL Live hat. Ralph owns him and in turn gets owned. Mike wins!
1:54:00 Quote: "How smoothe you were sir!"
1:54:30 Derek from Virginia plays for the John Hughes tin box. Kisses Ralph to win.
1:56:53 Damon plays for the Kevin Smith Over the Hill action figure from Clerks and 3 Bill Maher DVD's. Wins potato chips after Ralph Garman impression.
1:59:47 **first appearance** James chimes in.
2:00:00 Stacy plays for a Clerks II boxset and an Edmonton Oilers jersey. Moonwalks to win!
2:02:00 Mike plays for Cosby Show Season 1. Mike wins!
2:03:30 Greg plays for a Clerks II t-shirt and DVDs from the Warner Archives. Greg wins!
2:06:50 Danny play for Star Trek on blu-ray. Take a figure after controversy.
2:08:55 Tony plays for The Great Escape and Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Tony loses ...
2:10:30 Janice the Mouthy Broad plays for Devils hockey shirt, Cop Out on blu-ray, and a Kevin Smith Green Hornet hardcover. Offers Kevin a blowjob. Janice sings The Wind Beneath My Wings to win.
2:12:30 Quote: "Kevin, what's the dare?!"
2:14.00 Kevin's closet is over. Kevin whips potato chips out to the crowd.
2:14:50 Hollywood Babble-On Resolutions.
2:15:40 Wives on-stage, with Jason Mewes, and Jordan.
2:16:00 Kevin grills Ralph's wife on Ralph's dick, how they met and their wedding.
2:18:25 Mewes New Year wishes, and sober days.
2:19:24 Mr. Penis and Ms. Sandwich of 2011 to Jessie and his wife.
2:20:30 Ralph thanks everyone, and Kevin for HBO and Red State.
2:21:24 Pacino wishes Happy New Year.
2:21:55 Dick Clark Countdown.