Hollywood Babble-On 16

Episode: Link.
Comments: "R.I.P. Blake Edwards. He WILL be missed."
Runtime: 1:15:21
Recorded Fri, 17th Dec. 2010
Released Mon, 20th Dec. 2010

0:00 Commercial for HBO New Years Eve Celebration at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, with Kevin Smith.

4:26 Intro by Kyle Hebert. 
4:55 Quote: "Damn you, Sharktopus!"
5:38 Quote: "Fat guy hair," and explanation.
7:40 Teaser poster of Ralph 'Caleb' Garman released via auction, for Red State. Pussy Eating Club bid, too.
11:45 Quote: "I'm quite the pussy-eater!"
12:30 Quote: "Let's get started with the show!"
13:45 Kevin's favorite Holiday program is Nestor the Long-Eared Donkey.
14:20 Favorite Christmas specials.
15:45 Email bag: Jen drew Ralph and Kevin in The Grinch.
16:55 Kevin suggests a page for the images. Fajad created a poster.
17:45 Navid suggests Chelsea Handler looks like an emu. 
20:00 James says: The anus should be referred to "The Dumper."
20:40 Kevin explains the origin of "pegging."
22:55 Follow up to the Tilukum story. Kevin no longer likes to be drawn.
24:39 Someone drove from Phoenix, AZ. Someone else came from Vancouver.
25:30 Quote: "Wel-come to A-mer-ic-a!"
25:49 Ken and wife. Ken gets laid, also, best blowjob ever. Ken possibly imagines Ralph and Kevin.
26:55 **first appearance** "Screaming Eagle."
27:25 Quote: "Let's start the show!"
27:50 New Releases: The Fighter, Casino Jack, Rabbit HoleHow Do You Know? Yogi Bear, Tron Legacy. True Grit.
28:00 Kevin enjoyed Christian Bale's performance in The Fighter, as he was akin to Mewes.
31:00 How Do You Know? was very expensive to make.
32:30 Yogi Bear alternate ending. Also; the audio to this eventual clip.
33:15 Ralph has seen Tron Legacy already. (He didn't pay).
35:45 Hollywood Helper: Chris Rock helps lady in labor at New Jersey mall.
38:35 Tinseltown Stiffs: Blake Edwards and various Julie Andrews banter.
41:30 **first appearance** Quote: "Huuuge cauldron of win!" 
41:40 Kevin tells how Blake Edwards gave him the use of the title 'Cop Out.'
45:30 New segment: "Zombie Hollywood Helper!"
45:40 Ralph tells the story about how Blake Edwards and Julie Andrews met.
48:15 **first appearance** Edelweiss.
50:10 Miley Cyrus follow-up. Kevin plays the audio again. The fans send death threats to Anna Oliver. Ralph reads some of the tweets.
53:55 Melissa Gilbert doesn't believe it was salvia. She says it was marijuana. Kevin gets PISSED!
55:55 Quote: "Fuck you, Half-Pint!"
56:35 Dane Cook will play Dane-O on something or other. Don Cheadle to be cast as Miles Davis. Larry Hagman will NOT make an appearance on the reboot of Dallas (he will).
58:00 Neve Campbell dating the Old Spice Guy.
58:50 Larry King retired from CNN. He announced he is entering stand-up comedy club. Piers Morgan is taking over his show. He bans Madonna from his shows.
1:01:20 Yoga impressions.
1:01:40 Kelsey Grammer divorcing.
1:02:40 Michael C. Hall divorcing
1:03:48 Scarlett Johanssen and Ryan Reynolds divorcing.
1:04:18 Liz Hurley divorcing. Austin Powers impressions and chat.
1:06:50 Gary Busey wants to donate his brain to scientific research
1:07:55 Ralph does an awesome Mel Gibson impression.
1:08:18 Jon Favreau won't direct Iron Man 3.
1:09:15 Superhero hardcore parodies: Batman XXX. Justice League XXX.