Hollywood Babble-On 15

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Kevin and Ralph rage against the darkness at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club."
Runtime: 1:24:20
Recorded Fri, 10th Dec. 2010
Released Mon, 13th Dec. 2010

0:00 Commercial for HBO and Jay and Silent Bob Get Old at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes.
4:35 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

5:15 Email bag: Gary says Ralph and Kevin are on urbandictionary.com.
6:25 Rob from the UK tells that Ralph used to work on Sexetera, and that Ralph possibly had sex on the show. 
8:42 In May, SMorgy will be recorded in The Palms in Vegas. 
11:45 iTunes announced that HBO was one of the best podcasts of 2010.
12:30 Amy would like to hear Ralph's Adam West impression.
12:50 Doug Smith sent in a song based on the 60's Batman theme.
13:50 Vince wants Kevin and Ralph to be his Hollywood Helpers. **first appearance** Ralph as Casey Kasem, wishing happy birthday to Trish Bliss.
15:25 Quote: "This ain't her first time at the rodeo! Saddle up!"
16:00 Movies: #1 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. #2 Tangled. #3 Burlesque. #4 Love and Other Drugs. #5 Unstoppable. New movies: The Tourist, The Fighter and The Tempest.
16:55 Quotes: "Sphincterus Relaxus!" "Rusty Trombonicus!" "Airtighticus!"
18:22 Cher shoots herself in the face.
21:05 Red State is accepted into the Sundance film festival.
21:45 Kevin knows the entire career of Julie Taymore.
22:40 Tinseltown Stiffs: John Leslie.
23:13 Ralph dated Ginger Lynn. Ralph is like an onion.
24:50 Tinseltown Stiff: Leslie Nielsen. He was in a movie about Curling.
27:26 Round of applause for Leslie Nielsen.
28:28 Tinseltown Stiff: Irvin Kershner.
29:10 George Lucas boos his own movies. Kevin suggests Paulie Shore should be inserted into the Star Wars saga.
30:45 Kevin is partial to scatological humor.
32:35 Quote: "Say 'action!' now, fucker!"
33:15 Quote: "Let me taste shit again?"
33:47 **first appearance** Miley Cyrus on salvia. Kevin is amazed.
38:55 Quote: "She's gonna be airtight for a bar tab in about 3 years!"
38:25 David Hasselhoff's reality show cancelled.
39:38 There is a competition in the Lohan household to see who will win an Oscar first ... (!)
40:45 Josh Duhamel kicked off a plane.
43:43 Wesley Snipes is in jail for tax evasion
44:40 Glee divides the audience. Dianna Agron would like to get Christopher Walken onto Glee.
45:44 **first appearance** Ralph as Christopher Walken.
46:09 Christina Aguilera annoyed by hacked photos
48:09 Quote: "Cock-wounds."
49:00 Ten highest paid reality stars.
50:55 Quote: "She's a CUNT from New York!"
53:03 Quote: "I just take a roll of hundreds and stick 'em in my twat!"
54:05 Kardashians reveal that they slather their vaginas with mayonnaise.
56:55 Amber Heard came out on the red carpet at a GLAAD event.
59:00 Kevin thinks Ellen DeGeneres is attractive. Ralph does not.
1:00:10 Quote: "Don't fuck with Nemo!"
1:01:00 George Lucas is buying film rights to dead actors, and plans to put them all in a movie together.
1:01:50 American Psycho will be a Broadway musical. Duncan Sheik will make the music.
1:03:20 Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark News: third person injured. Injury history.
1:06:08 Quote: "$65 million just to mount it ... just like Kim Kardashian!"
1:07:10 Emma Stone News: she's blonde.
1:08:40 Ghostbusters III a go.
1:09:20 Talentless Cunt Update: attacks Angelina Jolie. Ralph makes a stat sheet on both.
1:12:00 The River Gypsies send a song to Ralph blasting Chelsea Handler.
1:14:15 Willie Nelson arrested for marijuana possession. Snoop Dogg is pissed.
1:17:40 Ralph's favorite story of the week: Tommy Lee and PETA are upset because of how Tilikum is bled of his sperm.
1:20:25 Quote: "MoooOOOooo! MOOOoooOOO!"