Hollywood Babble-On 14

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin sell out... sell out the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City Walk, that is!"
Runtime: 1:19:01
Recorded Fri, 26th Nov. 2010
Released Mon, 29th Nov. 2010

0:00 Commercial for HBO at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club.
1:40 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
2:00 New show at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City Walk.
4:05 Kevin met Jon Lovitz for the first time. Jon wanted to talk about death. Kevin couldn't differentiate between Jon and his character in Casino Jack.
6:00 **first appearance** Ralph as Jon Lovitz. Quote: "You're probably going to die ..."
7:20 Email Bag: Kevin and Ralph are the last 2 people to use AOL.
8:00 Someone on Twitter asks for a Truman Capote impression. Upon hearing Kevin says it's Jerry Lewis.
8:56 Bob Zimmerman on Facebook congratulates Ralph and Kevin on the move.
9:25 Kevin ruins a Holiday classic for everyone.
10:52 Hollywood Helper: Kevin Smith: Jersey Girl inspires Jeff from Myrtle Beach, Cali.
12:15 Quote: "Don't bring up Jersey Girl here, man!"
12:30 Email from cancer victim (not really dying of cancer). Impression roulette wheel.
14:15 Kevin does a Jesus impression.
15:05 New movies:
#1 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. #2 Tangled. #3 Burlesque. #4 MegaMind. #5 Love and other Drugs.
18:30 Ralph has a Cher impression at the ready. Kevin calls him on it. 
20:18 Quote: "The sound of eating mashed potatoes."
22:01 Tinseltown Stiffs: Ingrid Pitt.
23:00 Quote: "Look at her cans!"
23:20 Quote: "The Wish Book! ... I wish I could fuck her!"
24:24 Showbiz news: New Superman casting news. Dark Knight Rises casting news.
26:10 Kevin loved 17 Again, and cried. Big props to Leslie Mann.
27:55 Kevin waxes lyrical on Liam Neeson's cock.
29:00 Christian Bale speaks with a Brooklyn accent. (Can't locate video right now).
30:51 Hit Somebody Casting News: Ralph Garman and Nicolas Braun as Buddy McCracken.
32:40 Kevin prefers to release his own movie news via Hollywood Babble-On, rather than other media.
33:30 George Lopez' wife files for divorce.
35:40 Emma Stone News: backed out of 21 Jump Street.
40:29 Kevin has found things at home to give away as prizes.
42:00 Stallone talks cast of The Expendables 2: Jean-Claude Van Damme and Ryan Seacrest (?).
43:03 Quote: "You tell Seacrest he can suck a nut!"
44:05 Ralph went for a physical, Kevin should get one. Kevin talks of his anal fissure.
49:22 Quote: "Batman's bathroom ..."
49:55 Stallone was getting a physical, too.
51:30 Talentless Cunt Update: Chelsea Handler had Dane Cook on her show. Cook went on Leno with Taylor Swift. Video. 
56:58 Quote: "You're like an emo-kid!"
56:20 Coke Whore News: Lindsay Lohan has lost her last remaining film-role. Michael Lohan says it was Lindsay's decision.
58:45 Amy Winhouse would like to bring a spider-monkey back to the UK, but has request denied.
1:00:00 Hoarders needs homes for 1,000's of rats.
1:03:15 Ralph wonders if American Indians celebrate thanksgiving.
1:04:10 Charlie Sheen had thanksgiving with Denise Richards. Capri Anderson on Good Morning America. Video.
1:07:35 Quote: "Some woman is going to die at his hands."
1:08:00 Heidi Fleiss not hurt in house fire. Kevin saw her once; had met her father (Doctor Fleiss).
1:10:45 Quote: "Bobby Brown is snortin' Draino."
1:11:00 Kim Kardashian is the spokesperson for Enjoy the Go.
1:14:30 Sylvester Stallone The Italian Stallion's rights and negatives auctioned on eBay.