Hollywood Babble-On 13.

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin say g'bye to SModcastle."
Runtime: 1:08:29
Recorded Sat, 20th Nov. 2010
Released Mon, 22nd Nov. 2010 

Note: This is the last Hollywood Babble-On recorded at the SModCastle. Unless stated otherwise, all following episodes were recorded at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City Walk.

0:00 Commercial for Jon Lovitz Comedy Club.
1:39 Intro from Kyle Hebert.
2:53 New websites available. Kevin doesn't like the addresses.
3:20 Email Bag: Kyle Hebert gives thanks for use of his voiceover, and sends a new one for City Walk.
5:00 Irish listener suggests different names for Chelsea Handler other than the previously-accepted metaphors.
6:20 Barry from Ireland played the HBO drinking game driving to work.
7:00 Doug Smith edited audio from one episode to make "Ralph Fucks Kevin."
8:50 New movies. Ralph doesn't like Harry Potter. His scar really irks Ralph. Kevin liked it. 
#1 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1. #2 Unstoppable. #3 Megamind. #4 Due Date, #5 The Next Three Days.
13:48 Quote: "And a Muggle is a ... Black person?"
15:40 Quote: "Oh honey, let's not fight ... we're moving to a new house!"
16:45 Quote: "You sir ... you look kind of swarthy!"
17:15 Harrison Ford defends his latest movie (Morning Glory) tanking at the Box Office.
19:00 See the video from Conan here.
21:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: Carroll Pratt.
22:35 Tinseltown Stiff: William Self.
25:10 **first appearances** Ralph's Batman Collection. Ralph as Adam West.
27:00 Celebrity Sick-bay: Bill Nye in hospital.
28:45 Celebrity Sick-bay: Justin Bieber busted knees.
29:15 Robert Pattinson Vs. Jason Statham.
30:45 Bronson Pelletier headbutted in Birmingham.
33:00 Kevin mentions his bathroom at the Prince Charles theatre in London.
34:43 Talentless Cunt Update: Chelsea Handler buys new property. Dane Cook to star in Fat Pig. Angelina - I'm hot.
37:20 Quote: "First of all Ice cream? Hot? No, fuck you!"
37:45 Public apology: Ralph to Willow Smith, after listening to that song.
38:40 Geek news: Guillermo Del Toro to run The Hulk TV series.
40:00 Once Christopher Nolan is done with batman, Warners will make a dark Batman TV series.
42:45 Warners are looking for a Karl Urban-type to play Batman.
43:25 Green Lantern chat.
45:00 Quote: "Let's stop shouting out fat superheroes!"
46.25 Quote: "My magic comes out of a little ring!"
46:50 Warners may lose the rights to Superman, with brief Superman history
49:20 Brad Pitt wants to direct a movie based on the story of the Chilean miners.
49:45 Bill Clinton will play himself in The Hangover 2.
50:00 Daniel Day-Lewis will play Abraham Lincoln.
51:00 Lindsay Lohan has lost the role of Linda Lovelace as she is uninsurable. Still in the running for 'Airtight.'
52:00 Ralph berates Kevin over his over-optimism of Tron. Tron-chat.
53:20 Britney Spears will have a new reality TV show.
54:00 Ryan Reynolds is the sexiest man alive. Star Magazine Sexiest Men Alive 2010. Random man-sex chat until end.